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Rodent and Rabbit Treat Recipes

 Absolutely Amazing Sticky Sticks - Great for hamsters and gerbils.
 A Lovely Bouquet for Rabbits - A nice bouguet for your bunny.
 Banana Mash - This food is good for rats and mice.
 Berry Noodles - A wonderful treat all year round.
 Broccoli Pop - Seeds spread on broccoli.
 Bunny Cookies - This is a great everyday treat for your bunny.
 Cavy Cookie - Cookies for your little friend.
 Creamy Cheese and Fruit Cake - Smooth mix of your rats favorite fruit (baby food is best), a slice of whole wheat bread, and cream cheese!!
 Crunchy Sweet Treat - Great for all rodents (Not rabbits), especially for Gerbils!
 Fruit Gummies - Great tasting snack for any cuddly pet
 Fruit Mix - Your rat would love this.
 Gerbil Cake - Your Gerbil will love this Birthday Cake!:):)
 Gerbil Heaven - Peanut butter, nuts, seeds, and honey.
 Gerbil Surprise - This will blow the taste buds off of your Gerbil!!!
 Hamster Cake - Excellent for drawf hamsters, no baking required.
 Hamster Cake - Your hamster will go crazy over it. At least mine did.
 Healthy mix cookies - A mixture of healthy, yummy foods for your hamster!
 Heatlthy Easy Cheerio Mix - Easy and quick to make.
 Honey Carrot Cake -
 Kikis Boat of Paradise - A yummy snack boat for your favorite rodent.
 Penny Rabbits Fruity Snack -
 Rat Bread - A good bread for rats/
 Spike's Healthy Treat - Every rodents favorite treat.

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