How to Choose the Best Dog Crate

You might know that your pet needs a dog crate from time to time. When you leave your pet unattended, you may find the furniture destroyed together with the house. This is why a dog crate is like a home within a home. It offers an enclosed space for your dog to sit while you are away. Modern dog crates come with different design and materials.

Why use a dog crate

Dog crates are not necessarily a means to punish your pet. Just imagine having a new friend over and the pet jumping all over them. Sometimes you may even want to spend some time by yourself watching TV or eating. This is why having a crate in your home can be a good option for the safety of your guests, for your own time or even to save the furniture from being destroyed. So what type of dog crate can you buy?

Plastic dog crates

Plastic dog crates have been used for decades for a good reason. They are practical. While space is usually not that large, dogs can have more privacy and a better sleeping environment. The ventilation is also not bad. But one of the major advantages of plastic crates is that they can be easily transported. Thus, they are easily the most popular option for air travel as well.

But since they come in reduced sizes, you could even take them with you in your car on your holidays. Another advantage to their reduced size is that you can easily clean them. But you can also store them easily around the house without worrying about the needed space too much.

Soft-sided dog crates

These types of crates are not so popular but they should be considered due to their versatility. They are very light which makes them perfect for travel. When you go away on holidays you want to keep the luggage as light as possible and this is why these types of crates can represent the simplest solution. Another advantage of the soft-sided construction comes with the cleaning. You can even wash the soft materials in a regular washing machine, making sure the crate is clean and with a fresh smell.

If you travel a lot you will struggle to find the best choice between a plastic dog crate and a soft-sided alternative. The truth is that the perfect choice depends on your own situation. If you have a small dog, a plastic crate might represent a good option. If you have a bigger dog you might not have any alternative but to look for bigger plastic crates which can be safe for air travel. But if you travel by car, a soft-sided crate might be a good option in terms of ventilation and breathability, which will improve the comfort of your pet.

Heavy-duty dog crates

The perfect option for durability and safety comes with heavy-duty dog crates. Although they might look scary, this is what you may need if you have an aggressive dog. Some airline companies will only allow these types of crates since they offer no means of escape for the dog but at the same time, they come with excellent protection, even in the case of impact. Basically, the crate acts as a shield against any force elements.

So who would need such a crate? As said above, people who travel long distance might be required to use such heavy-duty crates. But if you also have an aggressive dog and need a place to lock your pet while having guests over, this might prove to be a versatile solution.

Luxury dog crates

Luxury dog crates or fashion crates are recommended for people who put style above everything else. Since the crates are focused on providing a stylish design first, this doesn`t mean they have to be unreliable or unsafe. Actually, these crates can be very safe because they use the same kind of materials as other types of crates but only focused on looks.

Since you value looks if you are looking for these crates, there are thousands of models to choose from. A simple method of choosing a good crate is to take the space you`re going to use it into consideration. If you`re using the crate at home, you might be tempted to choose a design which suits your environment. If you use the crates for travel, you might want something which is extravagant and which catches the eye.

Bag pet carrier

Since you are considering traveling and fashion, another option comes with a bag pet carrier. These types of bags have been so popular over the past few years that you can find thousands of designs to choose from.

Even more, you can find designs with shoulder straps which can take some of the weight off your hands. Of course, these bags are designed for small dogs or puppies, but they can still provide a safe solution to carry your pet around. For the complete designs, you can even look for pockets where you can store essential dog accessories to have them at your disposal whenever needed.

When you look for the best dog crates you might feel confused on the types and various available designs. This means you`ll have to think hard about where you intend to use the crate. This will dictate the shape and design you need without any other unnecessary accessories.

If you plan to use the dog crates at home, you can find a crate which is suitable for your environment and which doesn`t take too much space. This way you`ll always have it ready should you have friends coming over. If you plan to travel, you need to inform yourself what your airline accepts in terms of safety and size. If you travel by car you need to ensure the crate fits in your trunk because this is the only flat surface you can truly use for storage. If you travel light you may even consider a bag pet carrier which is not only useful but can also be quite stylish.

How to Choose the Best Dog Crate
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