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Here at Simply Pets, we are a fam group of friends united in our passion for our pets, their happiness, comfort, health, and play time. We are always checking out the best-of-the-best in pet care. Since we love reading about cats, dogs, and every other type of footed, furry, flying or fishy friends to humankind, we decided that after 19 years of being on the Web as a one-stop-source for all things amazing for pets, to give our blog a new aesthetic. So the Simply Pets staff bloggers and occasional guest bloggers will be sharing our stories, our GOAT pet pics, our TD-for pet products, and whatever is on our v high key love list of the moment!


I’m Dr. Janelle Broxton, Veterinarian, Writer and Activist. I’m thrilled to be sharing what I have learned here with all of you. I hope that I can bring a little bit of clarity in to every possible issue that pet owners face. I’ll try to keep the boring stuff to a minimum because I want everyone to really get useful information, good entertainment and maybe a laugh or two at the same time.

A Little About My Background

I have lived in the Midwest most of my life. I took a gap year trip to do some backpacking in Europe and fell in love with Tuscany. I was back in the US for about a week when a dog was hit by a car in front of me. I raced over to help him and suddenly it was like a light turned on for me. I knew what I was meant to do. I enrolled in the Agriculture and Life Studies Program at Cornell University and headed Ithaca, New York. After graduating top in my class I was accepted in to the Purdue University College of Veterinary Medicine. Being back in the Midwest filled me with such joy and helped me really focus on doing well in the program.

As a vet, I have found myself drawn to small animals. I love being able to help a family pet get back to good health after an illness or injury. I also love to give tips on how to keep your pet as happy and healthy as possible well into his golden years.

My Hobbies

I have 2 dogs of my own. I just lost my beloved Rottweiler so I know the agony of knowing that a pet is not going to make it. I enjoy swimming and lifting weights to stay fit, yoga to stay balanced and meditation to stay centered. On my days off you will find me napping in my pool or my hammock in the back yard, often with a book on my chest so that I can pretend to be reading if anyone asks.

As a Writer

I have been writing since I was young and hope that I can balance good information with charming anecdotes for articles and posts that you not only want to read but want to share with others. I look forward to hearing comments and questions from all of you as well.

Dan the man and his macho mutt

Dan and his multi-breed canine friend, Tucker “the trucker,” love to ditch work for the day and head out to the lake or to hike a mountain, (any mountain will do). When they are not sharing the latest catch of trout or playing catch with a Frisbee, you’ll find Tucker napping nearby as Dan updates the website with the latest product reviews of all-things-pets, tweaks the search engines, keeps us all moving forward, and writes his blog.

Zoe and his majesty, Grady the First

Simply Pets Cat blogger Zoe and her pet cat GradyWe met Zoe in Phoenix at the BlogPaws Conference in 2016 where she was lobbying for a last-minute ticket to the blog fest. Her Russian Blue, Grady, was a shelter kitty that she received as a Christmas gift from her mom when recovering for some months after being rear-ended at a stoplight in downtown Atlanta. Five years later Grady has grown from being a playful prince to his fat royal majesty, Grady the 1st, King of the Couch and Bedchamber.Russian Blue cat, Grady, with rescue tabby cat, Nemo A few years later, Zoe adopted another shelter cat, Nemo, who is a great companion and playmate for Grady. Zoe is a cat-sitter and much to Grady’s disdain, a dog-walker to fund their daily needs while finishing a Master’s degree. When she is not attending to the cat-king’s needs for tummy scratches and paw rubs, she is blogging about cats.


Sheri and Jerry on the California Coast

Simply Pets Dog blogger Sheri and her pet dog JerryYou gotta love “The Sheri and Jerry Show” playing nightly after a long day’s work at the language institute where she teaches. Sheri is also our editor who loves those loooong summer days when the sun won’t go down till nearly 9:00, giving her time to go on neighborhood walks and have playtime in the baseball park with Jerry, her 8-year-old Dalmatian who quivers and dances with excitement at softest whisper of the word “walk.” Jerry is a special dog from the Dalmatian Heritage Project in Hayward CA,Sheri, a dog lover, blogs about her Dalmatian, Jerry who breed healthy genes into award-winning line s of Dalmatians to eliminate urinary stones and deafness common to the breed. Jerry was the last of the 10th “J” litter adopted when he was 5 months old because of his non-traditional brown spots. When Sheri isn’t mothering the rest of us with advice, she’s buying all manner of merch and specialty dogfood for Jerry’s health and to delight his finicky gastronomic tastes.

Simply Pets – Welcome to Our Blog!
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