Six (6) Natural Joint Supplements for Dogs

Dogs are prone to issues like arthritis and other conditions that can cause them pain, deformed joints and even premature death. Dogs that are too sore to move around may become obese which causes more pain plus strains the heart. To keep your dog happy, mobile and pain free for as long as possible there are a number of steps that you can take:

  • Keep your dog at his correct weight. Every excess pound increases the pressure and stress on the joints, makes a dog more lethargic and may put him at risk for heart attack.
  • Know your dog’s risk for joint conditions because of his breed. Some, especially the large breeds are more prone to hip dysplasia for instance.
  • Try to keep him as active as possible.
  • Keep him from doing things that could cause him pain. For instance, dachshunds should not be allowed to jump up on the sofa or the bed because it strains their back and could lead to future problems with mobility.
  • Introduce your dog to as many of the natural food supplements that are covered here so that they get the protective benefits and are not forced to start eating a new food when they are in pain and miserable.

Natural Joint Supplements for Dogs

One of the added benefits of using natural supplements especially in the form of foods as listed here, is that you can eat many of the same things that your dog is eating and get the same benefits as well. Of course, you and the dog would need different amounts but for the foods, there is no need to worry about exact dosing. Some of these can serve as the basis for a meal and others should be used mixed with regular food. Others can be used as treats.

You will quickly notice that there is a common theme here. Of all of the foods and many of the supplements, all contain antioxidants which not only help the body to repair damage and restore function but to also prevent that damage from ever happening.

#1. Bone Broth

Bone Broth

Two supplements usually combined in one pill are highly recommended by vets for dog’s joint health. These are glucosamine and chondroitin. Both protect the joints particularly the cartilage and the inner fluid that keeps joints mobile. Both help the body to repair and to rebuild. But, the supplements can be iffy in terms of quality and expensive as well. It is easier, better and less expensive to use bone broth which you can make at home and then give in small amounts with regular food. The most basic recipe for bone broth is to throw bones that are high in marrow in a pot, cover with water and then boil for hours. You can research other recipes as well as ways to make bone broth in your instant pot, pressure cooker or slow cooker.

#2. Sweet Potatoes

A perfect example of a food that you and your dog can eat, the sweet potato is high in vitamins especially beta-carotene which not only fights inflammation and the damage it causes but also helps in rebuilding muscles. As dogs (and people) age their muscles may break down from a lack of nutrients as well as a lack of use. Sweet potatoes combats that and may provide valuable energy that lets both dog and owner get up and off of the sofa.

#3. Fish or Coconut Oil

Both types of oil have fatty acids that are key to joint health. Coconut oil can also provide a good burst of energy. In addition to joint health both oils are good for the health of skin and the hair.

#4. Turmeric

A brightly colored herb, turmeric has been used as medicine for centuries but only lately has gained the attention of Western medicine. It is currently the most researched of all of the herbs and is beating long established medicines in a number of categories. This should not be used by any dog that is prone to overheating. Only organic turmeric should be used for both dogs and people.

#5. CBD Oil

Although it comes from the cannabis plant, Cannabis Hemp Oil for Dogs will not make your dog high or loopy in any way. Used to treat many things including inflammation, chronic pain and the damage caused by degenerative diseases, CBD oil can also be used to treat and manage seizures, can lower feelings of anxiety and may help prevent the development of some types of cancer.

#6. Astaxanthin

While it sounds more like a pharmaceutical concoction, this is actually an antioxidant that is released by a certain type of algae in response to stress. This antioxidant can help to block the chemicals that tell the body to feel pain and may also help to clean the cells of any damage caused by inflammation. It slows the aging process, improves the immune system for overall better health and may also work to improve heart health. Research shows that it may also prevent the start of some cancers and may slow the growth of others.

Conclusion of Natural Joint Supplements for Dogs

You can combine many of these together without adverse effect. All dogs are different and some will not eat all foods. Turmeric is one that may not go over well especially to those who are super picky. Even mixing it in food with a strong smell may not work. Others may cause stomach upset and other issues especially at first. Be careful when introducing fish oil because some dogs may get gassy or worse, end up with diarrhea. Always consult with the vet before starting any type of supplement, natural or not especially if the dog has additional health concerns or is on any type of medications or specialized foods.

There are other natural supplements that you might explore as well. Some vets are perfectly fine suggesting these while others prefer to use “real” medicine. Discuss preferences with your vet and make sure that you are both on the same page when it comes to the health and happiness of your dog.

6 Natural Joint Supplements for Dogs
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