Best CBD Treats for Cats – Top Feline Cannabis Hemp in 2019

When it comes to buying the best CBD treats for cats containing CBD, you want to pay close attention to detail and ensure that you are not giving your cat too much, but you want to also make sure that you’re not giving them too little. If your cat needs CBD treats, then he or she needs to have the right dosage to ensure that their issues are being elevated.

In this article, we picked out a handful of some of the most popular CBD treats for cats that can help your pet. Some of them are targeted towards senior animals, and some art targeted for pets in general.

Top 5 CBD Cat Treats

HolistaPet CBD Treats -TOP PICK
Purity Petibles Hemp Cat Chews
Treatibles Soft Chews
RxCBD Hemp for Cats
Pharma Hemp CBD Pet Treats

Why Would My Cat Need CBD Treats?

Cannabis is derived from hemp plants and contains a vital ingredient called cannabidiol. And lately, there has been a viral trend with CBD oil for cats because of the amazing health and well-being benefits that have been resulting from the use of CBD oil and other forms of CBD treatment.

Many of our pets are susceptible to many of the common ailments that we humans get. Cats can suffer from M.S (multiple sclerosis), pain, anxiety, epilepsy, arthritis, Huntington’s disease (this is a heredity disease that causes progressive dementia by destroying your pet’s brain cells over time), various pain ailments from sores, fleas, and more. Cats can even get Alzheimer’s and cancer. Some cats are finicky and have spurts of anxiety and abandonment issues.

CBD is used to treat all of these ailments by ingesting an amount of the oil or cannabinoid as it travels through our bodies in our endocannabinoid system. This system is actually a chain of cannabinoid receptors throughout our body. This system of receptors is found in the digestive track, our body’s immune system, and almost all of our primary organs (this applies to all animals, not just humans). These receptors are responsible for keeping our central nervous system working properly and healthy. It helps us combat against diseases, and this system is still being researched heavily by doctors in today’s medical practices.

Some animals begin to itch more as they age as well. The common previous treatment was to give them anti-itch oil, shampoos, and even some antihistamines which can be over the counter human medicines (such as Benadryl for example). These are very bad for your pet because they are not natural, and shouldn’t be ingested in excess by anyone. At the same time, these medicines and treatments break down our body’s natural defense against various illness and other medical problems that we may face.

CBD treats are a completely natural resource to this effect and can, in turn, do many of the things that other man-made ingredients can, but without as many harmful side effects, or damage to our bodies. Just about everyone has heard how marijuana and hemp can treat ailments such as glaucoma and cataracts, act as an analgesic pain reliever, and more when used in moderation. Native Americans and other cultures have been cultivating and using cannabinoid for years in various medical methods (and many of them have been known to live more than 100 years by common use of these medical methods in moderation).

That being said, your cat may need CBD to treat whatever is ailing them, but sometimes it can be hard for them to want to ingest it, as CBD is somewhat a flavorless (or has a distinct bland flavor) that your pet may not want to take. And pets can’t take as much as humans can. If you think about this, they are approximately 1/20th of our size, and thus being so, they require only portion of an adult human dosage. But that dosage can make drastic differences in their lives. This is why edible treats have hit the market, so that animals will want or not mind eating them.

This list will be compromised of detailed product information, and then we’ll reach our final conclusion. You want the best CBD treats for your cat. You also want the best CBD treat for the value. Nobody wants to spend an arm and a leg on their cats treats, especially for a limited amount. Some of these treat packs have higher dosages of CBD in every treat, while some have less (This is good, because it can be broken up into smaller pieces accordingly to make them stretch longer and save you money). Some of these treats that offer less amounts of treats are a better value though.

The Best CBD Treats for Cats List

This list has been highly researched and analyzed. Now we’ll get down to our top 5 CBD treats for cats:

Top 5 CBD Cat Treats

HolistaPet CBD Treats -TOP PICK
Purity Petibles Hemp Cat Chews
Treatibles Soft Chews
RxCBD Hemp for Cats
Pharma Hemp CBD Pet Treats

① Holistapet CBD Cat Treats (150mg bag 75 2mg treats)

Holistapet CBD cat treats are promised to be free of grains and only contain natural ingredients. They have a salmon taste that cats love, and they are a good way to help your cat relax at the end of the day. Each treat has approximately 2mg per treat, and there is a total of 75 treats in a bag. They also contain salmon, chicken, potato starch (rather than using grains or corn like most pet foods).
– Recommended Dosage: 1 treat twice daily or you can give your pet one every 8 to twelve hours. (about 4mg per day).

  • Quality ingredients.
  • Multiple flavors
  • Best reviews
  • Does not contain unhealthy ingredients
  • Same price as other treats that give you lower dosages
  • It does not contain THC, gluten, dairy products, harmful GMO’s, and no preservatives or artificial flavors.
  • Can be broken in half to allow more treats at recommended dosages.
  • Cheaper prices for monthly subscription.

  • Price is a little higher than others.
  • Contains potato starch (which pets don’t really need, but it doesn’t hurt them in moderation either).

**Use coupon code 10forpets to save 10% off your purchase

② Purity Petibles Hemp Treats (150mg bag = 30 5mg treats)

These hemp pet treats are made of full spectrum hemp oil and are used to treat numerous ailments that your cat (or dog) are suffering from. They are cheese flavored and promise to be an excellent choice for numerous reasons of treatment. They are soft and moist, rather than being crunchy. Each treat contains 5mg of PRC hemp oil, which is claimed to have proven scientific backup of effectiveness. Purity Petibles offers to be the best treats for cats because they use an 80.2% pure hemp oil, which is a high proof concentration and has more medical benefits. They are able to be used on both cats and dogs equally, with differing doses.

– Recommended Dose:
One-half treat per dose, twice daily (or up to one treat per day if administered whole for pets up to 25lbs. Pets weighing more than 10lb can be fed 1-2 treats daily. (Most guidelines state that 4-5mg is a recommended daily dose for cats, so you would normally want to give them 2 half pieces a day. This would result in approximately 60 2.5mg treats)

  • Contains quality ingredients.
  • High spectrum of oils.
  • Cheap price.
  • Subscription available

  • Plain packaging.
  • Not every treat has the same amount of CBD in it.

③ Treatibles Soft Chews For Cats (100ct tub)

These soft edibles for cats offer to be the best CBD treats for cats. Every soft chew contains 1.5mg full spectrum hemp oil. You can get lab test results by requesting it via e-mail to They state that their treats are targeted towards older cats that would rather have a soft chew than a crunchy treat. They also contain catnip, turmeric, papaya, and pineapple stem. They are seasoned to taste like chicken, but even their natural flavor lists the ingredients they make their flavors out of. They do contain silica (but only in small amounts). They boast that these treats are naturally formulated to increase your pet’s overall health and well-being, and list the benefits on what it can help with on the package.
– Recommended Dose: They recommend that you feed your cat 1 chew per 10 lbs of your cat’s weight every 4-8 hours. If your pet has serious issues (such as arthritis, cancer, etc.), then they state you can double the dose.

  • Resealable plastic tub.
  • You can get lab results from their studies.
  • Great for older cats.

  • Not meant for all cats.
  • Lower than the average dose.
  • Contains Silica
  • Contains catnip.

④ Rx CBD Hemp Treats (2oz container. 50 treats)

Rx CBD hemp treats are a crunchy way to treat your cat. They contain an organic mixture of hemp heart seeds, flax seeds, and you can crumble them up with your cat’s food or feed them to your cat as a treat. They state they’re made of all natural ingredients, and they have multiple flavors to choose from. Each treat contains 0.44mg of CBD. These treats are very small in comparison to other CBD treats for cats, but they claim to be more effective.
– Flavors: Bonita Tuna & Chicken (contains real tuna flakes), Cheesy Chicken (contains, cheddar cheese powder), Original Chicken (contains dehydrated organic chicken soup)
– Recommended Dose: 1 dose per day, or divided in half to be given 2x per day (they suggest this for cats that have epilepsy). For one 6-9lb cat, give 1-2 treats per dose. For 10-14lbs, they recommend 2-3 cat treats. For 15+ cats, they recommend 3-4 treats.

– They claim that since CBD has no reported side effects, then you can slowly increase cat’s doses. They also point out on their site that CBD in higher doses aren’t as effective as they may be at a lower dose (this has been proven even in humans, but it depends on the purpose and what you are treating).

  • Small, can be used for smaller cats.
  • Low dose – can be used with smaller cats.
  • Multiple Flavors with real ingredients.

  • Extremely low dose compared to recommended cat dosage average.
  • Same price as competitors with higher amounts of CBD
    and less treats than others (price efficiency)
  • Not soft.

⑤ Pharma Hemp Complex CBD Pet Treats (3oz = 150MG)

This CBD hemp treat made by Pharma hemp comes in two package varieties, regular or their “trial size” 1oz bags. They claim that their main ingredient is made of freeze-dried Midwestern US free-range chickens. They freeze dry the chicken raw so there are no chemicals, preservatives, or any added ingredients. Each treat contains 4mg of CBD, just like Holistapets treats. The only extra ingredient they have in them is vitamin E, which helps both your cat’s skin and cells, as well as helps as a delivery aid of the CBD oils. A 1oz trial sized bag gives you 50mg of CBD oil, which is about 12 treats. These treats are just one treat they provide for your cats (it’s targeted for both cats and dogs though). Pharma Hemp also makes oils, dog biscuits, and salmon treats
– Recommended Dose: 1 treat per day. May be divided into two doses of one half of a treat given twice daily. (there is no dosage information given, but this is the standard average dosage that most cats would get since they are small animals to avoid taking too much at once).

  • Made of nothing but real freeze-dried meats
  • Available in trial size or 150mg sized bag
  • Multiple flavors and types of treats.
  • Has vitamin E

  • Product is “infused” with CBD, it is not mixed in.
  • Can have traces of “dog” products (since they manufacture for both pets).
  • Made with raw chicken instead of cooked chicken.

Differences in Cat Sizes & Conditions

While it’s common to give the recommended dose in most of these treats, it’s important that you take your cat’s size into consideration. For example, a Maine Coon cat can average up to 18lbs, so you may want to consider a normal dose. In some cases, if your animal is obese, or weighs 25lbs or more (very rare for a cat), you may want to consider giving a higher dose (1 whole treat for the higher doses, or two for the low-dose treats).

Other things you want to consider when trying to buy the best CBD treats for cats, is the condition that is ailing your cat. Depending on the severity of the condition, your cat may need a higher dosage than normal (not to ever exceed twice the daily recommended dose). However, for certain products, such as the low-dose cat treats, you may want to consider even more than that.

Best CBD Cat Treats for Price

As far as price goes, the lowest price winner would be the Holistapet CBD Cat Treats. You can purchase the same amount as the other five contenders for the same price, and have higher quality ingredients. One reason being is that with the recommended doses of the Rx cat treats, you will be giving your cat more usually than what they provide per month. The HolistaPet cat treats come in to close second. This is because they are able to be broken in two, and they are the same price as the other brands ($27.95) Does this mean they are the best? No. In the next section, we’ll explain our conclusion for the best CBD cat treats for the value of the products.

Best CBD Cat Treats for the Value (and Quality)

As far as value goes, the winner is still Holistapet (see HolistaPet Coupons here). The treats are soft and chewy, and cats of all ages can benefit from them (most cats would rather choose something they can chew rather than something crunchy). Given the circumstances, this means that Holistapet definitely comes out on top, and is cheaper. They also have great reviews with a 5 star rating.

The Purity Petibles pet treats come in second, because even though they are about the same price, and they are packed with very minimal organic ingredients that all pets (especially your cat) would love. They have only a few reviews on their products (mainly because they are new), but they currently have nothing but 5 stars on many of them.

Our third place winner is Pharma Hemp cat treats. You may ask why, and this is easy to explain. HolistaPet treats are the same size as the Holistapet 3oz package, is a reasonable price as others on this list, and is made of all organic meats. They offer dosage suggestions on their package, as well as market their product efficiently and while they have a 5 star rating on their reviews, they have less than Purity Petibles products.

RxCBD came in at a lousy fourth place in the list for many reasons. The first, being that their products are so tiny, the dosage is so small (which means it’s not for all cats that may have severe issues).  The only thing they do that stands out is gear directly for cats at smaller doses, have some flashy artwork on their otherwise plain and basic label, and have natural ingredients. They’re the same price as the rest of this list competitors, considering you are getting 75 treats per canister. At the recommended dosage for pets under 25lbs, this means you will give your pet even lower doses, and could inhibit your pet’s ability to get better, and run out well before a month if you purchase these for about 2mg per day. That’s more that you would have to spend per month in order to supply your pet with the normal recommended dosage.  But they do have some good reviews.

Our Take on CBD Oil

Whether CBD oil is for your pet or not is entirely up to you. There are many benefactors that can help your cat, and in this article, we simply try to make sure you are educated before you buy a particular product. Be sure to do extensive research on finding the right CBD treat for your cat, as many things such as dosage, value, ingredients, and more affect the price in some cases, as well as the quality of the product, and the credibility. Pay close attention to reviews, and be sure that most of them are five stars, and don’t look like they’re generated just by the company or someone they may have paid off. This is usually very easy to spot, and can literally make the company lose business, and thus, keep your cat from getting some of the better products and benefits that they need from the CBD oil itself.

When to NOT give your cat CBD Oil

Never start giving your pet CBD oil without discussing things with a veterinarian first. It’s crucial that you know your dog can handle using this oil, or may not have an allergy. Just like people, CBD oil is not for everyone, and it should be treated as such, no matter whether your cat is a part of the family or not. Our animals are our best friends and companions, and we should treat them as such with anything and everything we give them. If your pet does not need CBD oil, then don’t give it to him, otherwise they can possibly develop the negative symptoms and side effects which are extremely rare in pets.

Also keep in mind that CBD oil is not for every cat. If you notice any changes in your cat that don’t appear positive, stop treatment and seek a veterinarian immediately. CBD oil is still being researched, and since it is so, you shouldn’t just resort to that as a cure-all. If there is one thing affecting your pet, there is usually another underlying cause as to what your cat is suffering from. By giving your cat CBD oil, you may just simply be masking the symptoms of an illness that can’t be cured with CBD oil rather than just taking the time to get antibiotics or immunizations (or at worst a surgery) that your cat may need someday.

Best CBD Cat Treats in 2019
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