Best CBD Dog Treats – Top Rated Cannabis Hemp Edibles for Pups in 2019

You may have already read our CBD Oil for Dogs Guide so let’s talk about one of the more creative ways to improve your dog’s health, as well as reward him or her in a new way.

You may have heard of CBD oil, either for human use or as used to help pets. While it’s effective, you’ll have to have a dog who cooperates with what is usually an oral application or at least doesn’t mind if you mix hemp oil in with their food.

Or, you could try a different method to ensure that your dog gets the help he or she needs. We’re here to help you find the best CBD dog treats. And trust us, there are plenty to choose from.

First, let’s quickly define what CBD is, and why what some may consider to be “weed dog treats” or “marijuana dog treats” are usually effective and a solid choice for dog owners.

Top 5 CBD Dog Treats

HolistaPet CBD Dog Treats-TOP PICK
King Kalm Crunch Dog CBD Treats
Honest Paws CBD Pet Treats
Canna-Pet CBD Dog Biscuits
Treatibles CBD Treats for Dogs
Innovet Cannabis Treats for Dogs
Pet ReLeaf Weed Dog Treats
RxCBD Cannabis Dog Treats
Pharma Hemp Dog Edibles
Austin and Kat’s Marijuana Dog Treats

What is CBD?

CBD, or Cannabidiol, is a compound derived from the cannabis plant. It’s important to note that it is not the same as THC, which is the compound that causes the effect most commonly associated with cannabis: a feeling of “highness”. By and large, you don’t need to worry about cannabis dog treats getting your dog high – although we’ll talk about how important it is that you carefully read labels and do extensive research before committing to a product.

Is CBD a Natural Health Solution?

In short, yes. All mammals have CB receptors that allow them to absorb the CBD compound. While cannabis may have a … reputation, it is the definition of a natural health solution.

Here’s how it works. Dogs (and humans, and cats) have two CBD receptors, aptly named CB1 and CB2. While CB1 assists largely in coordination, pain, cognitive function, and so on, CB2 deals with the immune, nervous, and gastrointestinal systems.

What are the Benefits of CBD Dog Treats?

There are myriad benefits that CBD pet treats and other products can provide. They range from general pain relief (arthritis, chronic pain and inflammation) to issues such as anxiety and stress disorders. These are all issues that dogs and cats, as well as humans, face frequently and have had their effects be reduced through the use of CBD products.

For instance, dogs – and especially senior dogs – struggle with inflammation in their joints quite often, and hemp dog treats and CBD treats for dogs could go a long way to helping ease their pain and get man’s best friend on the road to recovery.

And one last thing before we move on to the dog cannabis treats themselves: there are obviously a variety of ways that CBD can be ingested. As mentioned, drops are a common way to administer CBD for dogs, whether orally or in the ears, as well as capsules that can be swallowed or sprinkled on food. Today, we’re going to talk specifically about edibles for dogs.

So, without further ado, let’s’ jump into some CBD dog treat reviews!

① HolistaPet Hemp Dog Treats

hemp dog treats

HolistaPet offers tons of options when it comes to hemp for dogs, including oil tinctures, as well as the hemp dog biscuits we’ll look at today.

HolistaPet is proud of using 100 percent natural ingredients. Everything about their products is organic and vegan, as well as non-GMO with no gluten and no dairy present. The CBD edibles for dogs come in two flavors, Yummy Blueberry and Sweet Potato, and include plenty of other active ingredients that work to improve your dog’s health and enhance his quality of life.

Other active ingredients (depending on which variety you purchase) could include flaxseed (boosts immune system and promotes healthy skin and coat), hemp seed powder (provides omega fatty acids and protein), and, of course, CBD oil, or Cannabidiol, which is the compound that provides the myriad of health benefits already discussed.

The cannabis dog treats can be purchased in three different varieties: Heart & Immune Care, Joint & Mobility Care, and Stress & Anxiety Relief. Each version of HolistaPet’s edibles for dogs could come with slight differences in active ingredients, but there isn’t a bad choice in the bunch.  See our HolistaPet Coupons here.

    • 100 percent natural ingredients, organic, non-GMO
    • Two flavors to choose from
  • Three different products, each with a different emphasis

  • Product only comes in one size, with 30 treats to a package

② King Kalm Crunch Dog CBD Treats

cbd dog biscuits

King Kalm is part of the King Kanine line of pet wellness products. The King Kalm Crunch is an all-natural calming cookie for dogs that is completely gluten-free and includes completely organic ingredients while being pesticide and solvent-free. It has a focus on performing as an anti-inflammatory and anti-anxiety product

The product is promoted as being Phytocannabinoid-rich – termed the PCR Cookie. It is formulated by King Kalm’s own licensed holistic physician and nutritionist, and each cookie includes Omega-3 and is a great source for nutrients as well as antioxidant benefits.

The King Kalm Crunch product can be purchased in Apple Cinnamon, Blueberry, or Honey Oats but is only available in one size.  Be sure to check out our King Kanine Coupon page.

    • All-natural, gluten-free product that has not been exposed to pesticides or solvents
    • Phytocannabinoid-rich, formulated by an in-house, licensed holistic physician and nutritionist
  • Three flavors to choose from

    • Not noted as including full spectrum CBD oil
  • Packaged in just one size

③ Honest Paws CBD Pet Treats

dog cbd treats

Honest Paws has three different products with three different areas of emphasis: Calming, Relief, and Restore. They all include CBD oil, of course, and are made with 100 percent pure hemp oil and all-natural ingredients.

The product entitled Calming is one of the few CBD dog treats for anxiety that we found that had “calming” as a specific and stated goal. Among the issues that it claims to help most with are nervous licking, travel stress (flying or road trips), and getting a better night’s sleep. Calming comes in a peanut butter flavor.

Relief is flavored with peanut butter and turmeric, and assists with general pain, including inflammation in joints and muscles, as well as mobility and digestive issues. Restore includes Omega-6 and fatty acids to help with dry, irritated and itchy skin. In addition to 100 percent pure hemp oil, Relief also has coconut oil on the ingredient list.  Check out our Honest Paws Review here.

    • 100 percent pure hemp oil and all-natural ingredients
  • Three goal-specific options to target what your pet needs most

    • Only one size package available in each flavor
  • Not noted as full spectrum CBD oil

④ Canna-Pet CBD Dog Biscuits

cbd treats for dogs

Canna-Pet offers cannabis dog biscuits in three different flavors. All their offerings are organic and vegan, formulated and baked in the United States with non-GMO ingredients.

The hemp dog biscuits come in three different flavors: PG&A (Peanut, Banana & Apple), Turkey Dinner, and Maple Bacon, the latter of which offers the most hemp and active ingredients in general. Canna-Pet’s proprietary processes deliver the maximum number of terpenes and flavonoids.

They also ensure that the formula uses industrial hemp and is non-psychoactive. The boxes of biscuits include 37 to 40 biscuits, with each biscuit containing 80mgs.  Make sure to also check out our Canna Pet Coupon Code page.

    • Organic, vegan, non-GMO ingredients
    • Three flavors to choose from
  • Proprietary process and maximum amount of beneficial ingredients

    • Not as much information on sourcing as some of the other products
  • Not promoted as including full spectrum hemp oil

⑤ Treatibles CBD Treats for Dogs

cannabis dog treats

Treatibles are a safe and non-toxic product that includes “at least 180mg” full spectrum hemp oil. The chews are grain-free and include between 45 and 47 chews per bag – one of the most cost-effective options we found.

As a company, Treatibles shines a light on their third-party lab testing, all the way from raw materials to finished product. All their ingredients are sourced in the United States and are combined with full spectrum hemp oil to create products that support animals with a broad spectrum of conditions.

    • Safe, non-toxic, and grain-free product with U.S.-sourced ingredients
    • Chews include full spectrum hemp oil
  • Several flavors to choose from

  • Relatively small amount of information related to extraction and formulation process

 Innovet Cannabis Treats for Dogs

cannabis treats for dogs

Innovet Hemp Dog Treats are completely natural and organic and are made with human-grade ingredients while remaining grain-free, gluten-free, and preservative-free. The treats are PCR-rich and are created with a proprietary blend of extracts from organic hemp.

The treats aim to improve your dog’s digestion, appetite, and overall mood, and can be used to treat specific symptoms, or as a preventative supplement aimed at improving overall health. There are many flavors to choose from, including Steak & Cheese, Maple Bacon & Berries, and Salmon & Sweet Potato.

    • All-natural, organic product made with human-grade ingredients
    • PCR-rich treats created with proprietary blend of extracts from organic hemp
  • Three flavors available

  • Only one size package available

⑦ Pet ReLeaf Weed Dog Treats

marijuana dog treats

The cleverly-named Pet ReLeaf includes two different flavors of “edibites” for dogs: Peanut Butter Banana and Blueberry Cranberry. They also offer each flavor in edibites for large breed dogs, too.

The edibites are organic and include full spectrum cannabinoids, including CBD. Pet ReLeaf terms their hemp treats for dogs as a “superfood smoothie” option, providing an immune system boost without any fillers or chemical preservatives. The product is also wheat, corn, dairy, and soy-free.

The hemp included in the full spectrum CBD hemp oil used by Pet ReLeaf is grown at the largest USDA certified organic hemp farm in the U.S. Additionally, they use a propriety strain that is specialized for utilization in pet supplements such as their edibites. The CO2 extraction method is used to pull only the best of the organic CBD compound from the hemp plant, and Pet ReLeaf utilizes third-party testing labs to ensure that their product remains potent and effective.

    • Non-GMO, organic product includes full spectrum CBD
    • Production utilizes CO2 extraction method
  • Two flavors and large breed options available

  • None


 RxCBD Cannabis Dog Treats

dog edibles

RxCBD is a company that produces several variations of CBD products for dogs, cats, and people. When it comes to dogs, you’ll want to focus on their Big Dog Treats or the Sampler Pack for Dogs, if you’re interested in something beyond edibles for dogs.

The Big Dog Treats are specially formulated with a higher CBD content per treat than RxCBD’s original recipe, meaning that the serving size for your dog is less. Ingredients include turmeric and ginger that aid and enhance the anti-inflammatory properties of the Cannabidiol.

All the ingredients are premium, human-grade ingredients that include the all-important full spectrum hemp oil. Other ingredients include organic flax seed, cage-free eggs, coconut and sunflower oil, among others.

The chews come in three different sizes: small (approximately 14 treats), medium (30 treats), and large (60 treats). If you’re interested in trying something a bit different the Sampler Pack for Dogs includes 20 of the original dog treats, plus a tincture with CBD oil for dogs.

    • New, enhanced formula includes turmeric and ginger.
    • Includes full spectrum hemp oil
  • All ingredients are premium and human-grade

  • No additional flavor options

 Pharma Hemp Dog Edibles

weed dog treats

Pharma Hemp offers four different takes on CBD pet treats, including a pair of variations of cannabis dog biscuits. The company assures consumers that the THC levels are “nonexistent” in all of its products.

All Pharma Hemp products are created under the supervision of a pet nutritionist with only 100 percent food grade ingredients. All hemp used by Pharma Hemp is completely non-GMO and is not exposed to herbicides, pesticides, or chemical fertilizers. The Peanut Butter Dog Biscuits and Bacon Dog Biscuits contain full spectrum hemp oil that includes the CBD, CBG, CBN, and CBDA compounds.

Pharma Hemp also offers freeze-dried salmon pet treats and freeze-dried chicken pet treats, which can be given to both dogs and cats.

    • Treats created with pet nutritionist, 100 percent food grade ingredients
    • Non-GMO and not exposed to herbicides or pesticides
  • Multiple flavors of treats to choose from, including some that can be given to dogs or cats

  • Package only comes in one size

⑩ Austin and Kat’s Marijuana Dog Treats

cbd pet treats

CBD-infused dog biscuits from Austin and Kat are gluten-free, vegan, and preservative-free. Additionally, they are small batch baked to ensure quality through and through.

The CBD dog biscuits include naturally-occurring CBD from the seed and stalk of the hemp plant, as well as coconut oil, turmeric, and other natural additions. The CBD oil that is used in Austin and Kat’s products is derived from the world’s leading producer of CBD products, and only high-strain CBD makes it into hemp dog biscuits from Austin and Kat.

Austin and Kat also assure their customers that there is less than 0.3 percent of the THC compound in all their products and have an awesome story behind the creation of their company and production of their product.

    • Gluten-free, preservative-free, vegan dog biscuits
    • Basked in small batches to ensure quality
  • CBD oil in biscuits is acquired from leading CBD producer, oil derived from stem and stalk of the plant

  • Only one variety and one flavor to choose from, although there are two sizes of bags available

What Should I Consider Before Buying CBD Dog Treats Or Other CBD Products?

As with any decision that could affect your pet’s health and lifestyle, there are plenty of questions to consider before purchasing any CBD cannabis products, including dog treats.

First, make sure that the product that you’re considering is naturally-grown and, ideally, you’re able to find out the source of the original hemp plant. We’ve intentionally gathered a list of products that have largely been open about their plants not being exposed to pesticides and other unhealthy and potentially dangerous atmospheres, but that doesn’t mean that every product out there will follow that script.

It’s also best to seek out all-natural, organic, completely non-GMO products. All the products on this list have virtually their entire ingredient list noted online, and you’d be best served to read through them in detail before buying.

Also, pay attention to extraction method. Most products worth their salt will have been created via CO2 extraction, although cold press is also an acceptable method of extraction.

While virtually every product we reviewed was clear about not including THC (remember, that’s the compound that creates a feeling of “highness”), that doesn’t mean that they all will.

Flavor is a bit of a wild card, unless you already have a fairly good idea of what flavors your pet does and does not enjoy. This list includes some products with one (or zero, if the treats are flavorless) flavor options and some with three or more, so do your research and if you must do a bit of trial and error, so be it.

Finally, when it comes to what you should look out for: does the product contain full spectrum CBD oil? Many on this list do – it’s important in that those products will derive nutrients from the hemp plant as a whole instead of just one area and will include a variety of compounds – but not all of them are full spectrum. There’s a reason why some of our recommendations were ranked just a bit higher than the others.

What Conditions CBD Treats for Dogs Will Help With

There are a variety of conditions and illnesses that afflict dogs that CBD treats can help with.

First and foremost, canine anxiety is a condition that is dealt with by many dog owners. The condition is demonstrated through behaviors such as howling, barking, aggression, and accidents. CBD treats for dogs should assist in helping with a calmer pet and can do so without requiring the use of pharmaceutical solutions – keeping unnecessary chemicals away from your pet, and helping your pocketbook, too.

Seizures in dogs are another condition that CBD can assist with managing, including tremors and muscle spasms – basically any involuntary or uncontrollable contraction of the muscles. As mentioned at the start of this article, cannabidiol can interact with the CB1 and CB2 receptors and help dogs with nausea and vomiting, reducing electrical impulses that travel towards the stomach and gastrointestinal system.

Other conditions that CBD treats work to improve include general pain and inflammation, which is key when it comes to mobility – and especially in elderly dogs. This will help dogs exercise and, in turn, improve their appetite. It all starts with activity, and CBD treats can go a long way when it comes to helping your dog get back on his or her feet.

Of course, the dog’s overall immune system should improve with consistent use of CBD products, as these treats can and should be used as a preventative and supplementary diet option instead of simply as a reactive solution. CBD dog treats will also assist in protecting the nervous system and promoting well-balanced metabolism.

There is even some research to suggest that CBD can help dogs with certain types of cancer, whether it’s the initial growth and development or the spread of cancer cells throughout the body, although the concentration of CBD in many of the cannabis dog treats listed here may be a bit lower than what has been (potentially) shown to help with cancer deterrence and treatment.

Final Thoughts on the Best CBD Dog Treats

The benefits of CBD edibles for dogs — and other CBD products including oils and capsules — are becoming more well-known. The idea of using cannabis products for dogs is rapidly becoming more of a mainstream idea, and massive progress is being made when it comes to destigmatizing cannabis as a legitimate medicinal solution.

Don’t forget that CBD works in dogs in a similar way to how it works in humans and other mammals. While the side effects for human use of CBD products are still relatively limited, there are a few potential side effects that are known in dogs, including drowsiness and dry mouth. But keep in mind all the reasons that you’re considering putting your dog on CBD treats in the first place. This short list of potential side effects likely pales in comparison to the issues that you’re trying to solve.

Best CBD Dog Treats in 2019
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