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Horses are one of the most popular household pets, and they have been utilized for centuries around the world. Many people love horses for how big yet gentle they are, and the animal is great for recreation as well as working.

Because they are very active animals, horses can suffer from a wide variety of health problems, including many of the conditions that tend to impact other household pets such as cats and dogs. These include anxiety, inflammation, and arthritis. There are also conditions that impact horses especially, such as desmitis and colic. It can be worrisome if your big, loving horse becomes affected by any of these conditions.

Luckily, you have the option to look beyond traditional methods of treatment; there is a viable solution available to treat your horse besides medication and surgery with CBD Oil for horses. CBD is a safe and natural supplement that is made from cannabis and hemp, and it can help treat many of the health problems that commonly affect horses. CBD is renowned for its health benefits and is the subject of many studies across the world. It can soothe pain, while also helping your pet with their anxiety and stress. This explains how giving your horse cannabis oil can keep them happy and healthy, and will explore the best product that is currently available.

What is CBD?

CBD is a compound that is found in cannabis hemp plants. To be clear, this specific compound will not get your pet “buzzed” or “high.” Those psychoactive properties are located within THC, which is an entirely different compound. CBD concentrate for horses is non psychoactive and non toxic. You will not have to worry about accidentally giving your horse an overdose, either; CBD is not the recreational drug known as marijuana. It is entirely safe for both humans and animals and does not produce any side effects.

While giving your horse cannabis in the form of either oils or capsules may seem a little bizarre, it isn’t. Humans have a system called the endocannabinoid system (ECS), which mitigates the effects of cannabis, and this same physiological system is found in many mammals, including horses. The ECS is comprised of a variety of receptors and neurological pathways.

Scientists still aren’t entirely sure how the ECS works. However, recent research has shown that CBD has a wide range of medical potential that helps both humans and animals deal with a broad spectrum of symptoms. The endocannabinoid system, which mitigates CBD, is also involved in managing a variety of bodily processes, including pain, inflammation, stress, emotion, mood, metabolism, and appetite.

The endocannabinoid system actually produces two compounds, anandamide and 2-AG, which structurally are very similar to CBD and other compounds from cannabis. Hence, when you yourself or your pet consume CBD, the compound mimics the effects of chemicals your body produces naturally. This is how CBD may help either you or your pet. CBD helps give your system a boost and can restore balance to the body on top of offering relief from a wide variety of symptoms and conditions.

How Can CBD Oil Help My Horse?

Horses can suffer from a wide variety of health conditions. Many of the conditions that tend to impact horses specifically are characterized by either inflammation or pain. These can be very crippling symptoms and can affect your horse’s temperament and gait for their entire life. Luckily, they are also two symptoms that CBD helps with especially, and that CBD is well known for. CBD oil and horses in fact pair well together.

Some of the most common health problems that affect horses include:


Horses are very active animals, and as they get older, it’s very common for them to begin to experience degeneration of their joints. Arthritis especially hits the fetlock and knees. Watch out for subtle changes in the way your horse moves and behaves; they may shorten their stride or suddenly be unable to raise their head as high. They may suddenly develop an unwillingness to perform tasks that came very easily in the past. Your horse will also show stiffness as they get to their feet or run, and the stiffness goes away as they warm up. A specific joint will also have puffiness and warmth to it.

Gastric Ulcers

Gastric ulcers are very painful. They affect a horse’s appetite, appearance, and nature. This condition is unfortunately very common in horses and foals, and is most closely associated with horses that are involved in performance disciplines. Foals are also at significant risk for developing gastric ulcers, because their gastric mucosa is not developed to full thickness at birth. Although spontaneous healing has been noted with ulcers, they are unlikely to health without medical intervention, and can cause your horse intense pain if left untreated.


This condition is characterized by the inflammation of a ligament, usually the suspensory, and the collateral ligaments in the legs and coffin joint. The most common symptom of desmitis is lameness; if your horse has been affected by this condition, they will experience a sudden onset of lameness. Luckily the lameness can be remarkably temporary and usually resolves within 24 hours unless the horse is overworked. However, if you notice your horse goes back and forth between being fine and having lameness, take them to the vet.


Colic causes severe pain in the abdomen. This pain is intense and often fluctuates, and it is caused by intestinal gas, or obstruction in the intestines. It is suffered especially by foals, or by young horses. Colic can also be caused by a change of diet or by the presence of parasites. If your horse is showing signs, take them to the vet so they can determine the cause. Luckily, symptoms tend to be mild, and horses often respond well to medications for this condition, and for pain relief in general.


This condition is characterized by the chronic inflammation of the laminae, which is a small soft tissue structure that is located in the horse’s hoof. This soft tissue structure is located between your horse’s hoof wall and their coffin bone. Laminitis, unfortunately, causes severe pain. Alert your vet as soon as possible if you detect a hoof that’s hot for hours, a distorted hoof shape or unusual rings upon the hoof, an increased heart rate, or a shortened stride. Horses will also tend to lift the foot that is infected. Since this condition can be very painful, you will want to have it treated as soon as possible.

Like some other cannabinoids, CBD has been shown to suppress pain signals, which offers temporary yet fast relief from all types of pain. For inflammation, CBD is able to boost activity of the endocannabinoid system, which kick-starts a wide variety of bodily processes, including ones that help to reduce inflammation and swelling.

With these benefits, it’s easy to see why CBD has become an increasingly popular medication for both humans and animals, whether they deal with arthritis, inflammation, or pain. Since pain and inflammation can affect your horse’s temperament, CBD may help them get back to the playful and loving pet that you know and love, which is very important for owners. It can also help your horse achieve an easier life and a more balanced wellness regimen.

How to Choose the Right CBD Product for Your Horse

When it comes to deciding on the right cannabis product for your horse, there are several things you should keep in mind. You’ll need to consider what exact conditions or symptoms your horse is experiencing. If your horse suffers from colic, you’ll need a product that’s ingested, but not intrusive, so it doesn’t give your pet an upset stomach. If your horse has chronic inflammation in a joint, you may want to look into topical solutions such as CBD sprays or balms.

One of the easiest solutions for many of the conditions that impact horses, and a solution that will not upset their stomachs and deliver fast relief, is CBD oil. Oils are easy to administer, as you merely put drops directly into your horse’s mouth, and relief occurs within an hour. Most oils come with droppers, which makes administering the dose very easy. You can either drop oil directly onto your horse’s tongue, or drop it into their food, and they won’t know the difference.

Since horses are obviously larger and hundreds of pounds heavier than cats or dogs, another thing that you’ll want to keep in mind as you choose a CBD product is to find a CBD supplement that is either specifically designed to be used for horses or one that is at least formulated for large animals. You’ll also want products that come from a well respected and well-known brand, to ensure that you’re getting a safe, quality product that will work.

Canna Pet’s Advanced Liquid MaxHemp CBD Oil for Horses

As CBD is becoming an increasingly popular niche, and the benefits of administering it for pets has become more well-known, there are a number of CBD pet brands that are on the market. If you don’t have the typical cat or dog, where is there to buy CBD oil for horses?
Some of these CBD companies do offer CBD for horses. Canna-Pet has a full line of quality and well-reviewed CBD products, including topical and oral solutions, and has CBD oil that is made specifically for horses. Canna Pet has a very informational website about dosing and other important topics that help owners stay informed about how to administer CBD to their pets. Most importantly, Canna Pet is one of the few CBD pet companies that offers CBD products for horses that are specifically designed with the animal in mind.

These products contain a specifically formulated extract that is made from whole hemp plants, and they are available in large bottles up to 120mL—which means that the bottles were made for bigger animals and larger sets of doses. Because of their size, horses will require much more medication than a dog or a cat, and Canna Pet’s CBD Oil offering will last your horse for a while; the 120mL bottle should last a few months, and there are smaller bottles available that can last up to seven days. It is the best cannabis oil for horses that is on the market.

The #1 Recommended CBD Oil for Horses: Canna Pet Advanced MaxHemp Liquid

Canna Pet’s Advanced MaxHemp Liquid is the best CBD oil for horses. Canna Pet’s products are 100% organic and made from whole-plant hemp oil. They contain no alcohol or carrier oils, and are designed for direct absorption in the mouth. Canna Pet’s MaxHemp products offer fifteen times the effective hemp to your horse, because of its unique formulation and delivery. This makes MaxHemp liquid the perfect product for horses, since they are of a larger size and require more medication. MaxHemp is highly concentrated, and you only need a few drops for your horse. Each 120mL bottle contains roughly 3,600 drops.

So, how do you feed a horse cannabis tincture? For horses, it is recommended to start with 15 drops, or 0.5mL, at a time three times per day. Take note of how your horse reacts after the first day and during the first several weeks. For the best effect, it is ideal to put drops directly into your horse’s mouth, under the tongue. Anywhere in the cheeks or on the gums is fine as well. The liquid will absorb right through the lining of the mouth. The MaxHemp liquid’s color varies from dark green or brown to golden in color, so you will be able to see the drops.

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As a liquid product, Advanced MaxHemp liquid will have a more rapid effect on your horse. It is a great cannabis oil for horses. The oil drops are metabolized rapidly; this is why they should be administered at least three times a day. Each 120mL bottle contains 3,600 drops, which should be sufficient for eighty days with horses.

As a MaxHemp liquid product, this CBD Oil is highly concentrated, yet still palatable. Only a few drops are required. It also contains Canna Pet’s advanced formula, which offers significantly more concentrated hemp and terpene content than Canna Pet’s original products. The advanced formula also contains more bioavailability. It can deliver more of what has made Canna Pet very popular so far with pet owners and veterinarians.

Whether your horse has arthritis, inflammation, anxiety, or issues with digestion, MaxHemp liquid can help them achieve their best life. The oil may also help improve coat shine and mane/tail growth. Keep in mind that dosage depends on the weight of your pet, so horses will require a lot more product than a dog or a cat. CBD Oil is perhaps the best way to administer hemp CBD for horses, as it provides a slow and steady release of CBD and longer-lasting relief.

How Canna Pet is Different from Other CBD Oils for Horses

Canna Pet is a company that packs experience, research, and all-organic ingredients into each of their natural and nutritional pet products. Canna Pet claims that it invented hemp nutrition for pets. After thirty years of careful research, the company has developed capsules, biscuits or treats, oils, and supplements that are used for millions of pets in more than forty countries.

Canna Pet has worked hard to present its products as not “pot for pets.” Every one of their products are non psychoactive and are completely legal without a prescription. Each product contains proprietary formulas that have been developed in U.S. laboratories and feature an acute awareness of the benefits of whole plant extracts. These extracts include more than two dozen different hemp terpenes and flavonoids. Each extract has been rigorously and routinely tested to ensure maximum quality and consistency.

Again, you don’t have to worry about getting your pet “high.” The most you may notice with your horse is an extra appreciation and enthusiasm for life, following regular usage of Canna Pet’s Advanced MaxHemp Liquid Oil. What this CBD Oil does provide is the widest possible array of phytochemicals, especially with a formula such as MaxHemp, which gives your pet the therapeutic benefits of whole plant extracts.

One of the overall benefits of Canna Pet for pet owners is that its CBD products are often covered by insurance. Popular pet insurers such as Petplan and Trupanion do cover Canna Pet products, provided that you also have a veterinarian recommendation, and carry the proper policy for herbal therapies. You can contact your pet insurance carrier for specific details.

How to Use Canna Pet – CBD Tincture for Horses

It is recommended that you try Canna Pet products for one month and observe the results with your horse. Like humans, different animals will react differently to medication, no matter what it is or how it is administered. Always wait and take note of how your pet reacts before you give them more CBD Oil. You may also contact your veterinarian, and discuss with them how best to administer CBD for your pet and how often. Canna Pet is confident both you and your pet will be happy with the results, so they offer a 100% satisfaction money back guarantee.

Keep in mind that Canna-Pet is not a pharmaceutical; it is a benign, all-organic hemp product that you can feed to your pet easily and confidently. You do not need to make any adjustments to your pet’s current medication or supplement schedule. CBD Oil is just another supplement to help your pet achieve their optimum wellness and a balanced lifestyle, and a supplement to aid in certain health conditions. Simply add it to your existing regimen, and your horse will start feeling the benefits soon.

People who use Canna Pet utilize the supplements, treats, and oils that the company offers to help their pets have a healthier lifestyle. CannaPet can also be used to aid conditions that tend to impact animals. These conditions include joint and mobility issues, inflammation, seizures, cancer, digestive issues, allergies, anxiety, and arthritis.

You can hide Canna Pet capsule in treats, or sprinkle them on your pet’s food, or drip CBD Oil right onto their tongue. The taste is mild and usually goes unnoticed. Once the CBD Oil is in your animal’s body, it goes to work immediately and begins to make an effect within just forty-five minutes. For intermittent issues, you may notice benefits begin within the first hour. For persistent issues such as arthritis, inflammation, or chronic pain, you will have to allow a few days for the benefits to take effect. The full scale of the benefits that CBD products achieve are seen over a longer period of time.

Best CBD Oil for Horses Conclusion

Horses have been beloved pets and work animals for centuries. As animals that are used for riding and working, horses are not immune to many of the health conditions that tend to impact animals that are moving and expending energy all day. While health conditions such as arthritis, anxiety, and inflammation are very concerning when they impact your horse, there are ways to help them heal and ease their suffering, which go beyond traditional medication and surgery. One of these options is Horse CBD Oil. Cannabis for horses is a great way for you to help your beloved pet.

Canna Pet is a popular business that specializes in CBD products for pets. They do offer CBD hemp oil for horses. Canna Pet’s Advanced MaxHemp Liquid CBD Oil, specially formulated for larger animals, is an organic, whole-plant product that is developed specifically for pets and is perfectly safe to use alongside any supplements, special diets, or medications. It provides hemp nutrition for your horse that is non-GMO, free of animal products, vegan, and free of animal preservatives. As the first of its kind, Canna Pet’s business is veterinarian recommended and has been the subject of thirty years of research. With ten to fifteen times the absorption and fifteen times the effectiveness of hemp reaching the endocannabinoid system, your horse is practically guaranteed to feel better with Canna Pet Advanced MaxHemp Liquid. It is the most recommended CBD oil for horses.

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