Natural Organic Dog Food: All You Need to Know

Natural organic dog food has been slowly making its way onto the market. As a dog owner, you know how important the health of your pet is. This is why it is always recommendable to inform yourself on the best food sources for healthy pets. It’s not just about the quality of the food but it also a good way of ensuring you keep your dog away from the doctor as much as possible. Since there might be all kinds of animal foods on the market, it’s worth considering some healthier alternatives like the Best Organic Dog Food.

What is organic dog food?

Organic food for humans has been available for a few years. But what is organic dog food as is it any better than other options? Organic dog food must be free of antibiotics. So many modern and especially canned foods can come with all types of antibiotics which may play an important role in the immune system of the pet.

Organic dog food also needs to be free of synthetic hormones. These hormones have can be added to aid the growth of animals which end up in the dog food. Many of these hormones can cause irreversible results in the health of the pet, especially in the long term.

Toxic pesticides are also not allowed in organic dog food. For a food to be labeled as organic it has to pass a quality assurance level which doesn`t allow pesticides. So for example, if the food is made from plants, those plants should be very carefully grown as natural as possible without pesticides. The same goes for meat sources which have to be feed with organic food sources.

Organic dog food has to be free of preservatives. With so many foods which last for months and even years, preservatives are increasingly the only solution for this type of long-term food conservation. Since there are many types of canned foods that come with preservatives you can always look for organic sources to limit the impact it has on the health of your dog.

Genetically engineered approaches are not allowed in organic dog food. Since the number of genetically engineered foods is always increasing to offer the perfect results pet owners might want other natural alternatives which work for a better life.

Is natural organic food better?

This question brings a long debate with it. Many people think the straight answer is the natural food is truly better, but in reality, things are much more complex and may depend on the type of food you are after. For example, some natural foods are only marginally better than standard options from the supermarket.

Natural organic food needs to be sourced from plants, animals or mined sources. You see there are no chemical or other synthetic alternatives with natural organic foods. One of the huge debates with organic food goes further from the sourcing and into the manufacturing process. This is where the foods need to be processed for the final product. And this involves strictly regulated processes which don`t change the nature of the foods. So what type of processing is allowed with natural organic foods? First of all, not all organic food is processed. It can also come in a natural state and can be sold straight away.

One type of allowed processing comes with heat treatment. This type of processing has been used since the invention of fire with the human civilization. It is one of the most natural ways of preparing ingredients and it can be applied to a vast number of foods and ingredients.

Purification is also allowed with natural organic foods. This type of processing is necessary for certain types of foods. It can have the role of separating the foods from any bacteria and preparing it for the consumer.

Hydrolysis is another form of processing that is allowed with organic foods. This means that water molecules are added in order to separate some ingredients. One of the most popular foods which are processed with this technique are powdered foods and they can be seen in supplements for dogs.

Should you buy organic or human-grade food?

Human-grade foods have been marketed by some dog food manufacturers. This might give you the idea that the good can be consumed by humans as well. But in reality, the term does not have an official definition. In other words, it is a marketing technique as nobody knows what the limit is where dog food can become human food.

So if you see these types of labels don`t think that the food is necessarily natural or free of chemicals. It is actually one of the marketing techniques used by a small number of manufacturers which may still be great foods, but this doesn`t mean they have any real connection or differentiation between humans and animals.

The only term which should bring an element of trust is organic. Since organic has a clear definition as it follows the rules stated above, it may be the only real method of controlling the quality of the food you feed your dog with. While there seems to be a trend to dismiss organic foods lately, the regulations are still pretty rigorous in the US and extremely rigorous in the EU.

If you`re looking for the best natural organic dog food you need to know that you will most likely have to pay more for it. This is not because the companies want to charge more necessarily, but the manufacturing process is much more rigorous and requires fewer chemicals or synthetics in the growing and processing stages. But in the end, it might be the right solution if you value long-term results and want to improve the overall health of your dog.

With so many foods to choose from, there is little space of arguing with organic foods. Since the foods need to meet FDA regulation, the manufacturers have to offer the best solution to really stand out on what already is a very crowded market.

Best Organic Dog Food: All Natural
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