How to Choose the Best Plastic Dog Crate

When you`re looking for the best plastic dog crate you might realize that there are many different models to choose from. This can easily lead to confused feelings. Which type do you choose? What features are most important? These are all question you should try to answer if you want to buy the best plastic dog crate for your pet.

Why choose a plastic dog crate?

There are many dog crates you can choose from. Some are made from metal or plastic while other are made from wood. So why would you choose plastic?

The top reasons include weight, portability and cleanliness. You can buy a plastic dog crate because it comes with reduced weight. This means you will have plenty of opportunities to travel and keep your dog safe. You can take the crate in your car or on the plane. Most designs also come with a handle which makes transport easier.

Portability is among the top reasons to choose a plastic crate. If you have a smaller dog you will know that you can take the crate everywhere with you. Of course, this doesn`t mean you have to abandon the dog in the car with the crate, but you can offer your pet its own space and comfort while traveling.

Top features in a plastic dog crate

Since you will be looking to choose from a few appealing designs, it might be worth considering some features which make a significant difference for an average plastic dog crate.


Size is the most important characteristic of a dog crate. If you have a small dog you can choose to buy a compact design which is perfect for your pet. A larger dog will need a spacious crate which allows it to be in a comfortable position.

But size can be tricky if you don`t adapt it to the needs of your dog. For example, a large crate may be a hazard for a small dog as it has the space to move and hit the walls, especially when in a car situation. This is why it is best to buy a size which can offer some room for comfort but not too much room as you want to avoid any accidents.

Of course, a bigger crate also means it can come with more accessories like side handles or top handles. But this should only be a marginal concern as the first thing to keep in mind is that you have to keep your dog safe.


Weight gets so little credit that it makes life difficult for so many pet owners. If you want a comfortable experience with a crate you will need to find the best product. This means a product needs to have the lowest weight possible while offering the best protection for both you and the dog.

Wight can be largely influenced by the types of plastic, floor padding and other accessories. A good way to estimate the impact of the weight is to compare different products. This will mean you`ll have to take into consideration the weight of the dog as well.

With so many options to choose from, you want a light design which is sturdy enough even for transportation. If you only plan to use the plastic crate indoors, then you can go for a bulkier design which doesn`t need to be as light.

Locking mechanism

To lock the door of the dog crate you will need to use a locking mechanism. Although the system is simple, every manufacturer has its own design. The best design is one which allows you to easily unlock the door while it prevents the dog from unlocking it from within.

With so many designs to choose from, you might be wondering if there is any difference and if it is worth spending any time comparing these features. Of course, in most situations, this doesn`t have any significant difference. But it is emergency situations where this has a huge impact. For example, if you have a car accident and need to take the dog out you will need a quick-release system, just as with the car seatbelt. This is why it is worth considering the manufacturers which offer a simple and effect locking mechanism for your dog`s safety.

Airline regulations

If you plan to take your dog on the plane, then you will need to look for special plastic dog crates. Every flying operator has its own rules when it comes to dog crates. This is why you need to check the website of the company or call a customer support number to find out what types of crates are allowed on the aircraft. Most companies will have a size limit on the crates and it is important for you to consider this before purchasing any model. This can save you money by not needing to buy additional crates to suit the regulations of the airline.

When you look for the best plastic dog crate you will need to choose from a few manufacturers which might seem to have similar designs. In reality, all crates are different as every manufacturer makes personal adjustments. This is why dog crates can have different weights and designs and you need to ensure you understand how they affect the safety and the comfort of your pet.

Since so many dog crates offer plenty of safety features, it is worth considering some additional design features which might improve the comfort of your pet. One of these features comes with side vents which will ensure proper lateral ventilation, especially on hot summer days. Since there are so many designs with this feature, the ones with metal vents seem to be more durable. They might also come with reinforced walls for extra protection. With so many comfortable and safe plastic dog crates on the market, it will be up to you to decide which works the best for your dog and your requirements. And if you find similar features and still can`t decide, you can always take the best-looking option into account.

How to Choose the Best Plastic Dog Crat
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