The electric pet heating pad review 2018 by Simply Pets showcases this sturdy, chew-resistant and versatile pet bed for your dog or cat
The FlyMei Electric Heating Pad

FLYMEI Chew-Resistant Electric Pet Heating Pad  Review 2019

The FLYMEI Chew Resistant Electric Pet Heating Pad for Dogs & Cats is an easy solution to keep your dog or cat warm in winter. When it’s cold and raining outside, and overnight the temperature drops and the rain turns to snow, you and can rest assured that your pets are warm and cozy inside, snoozing away in dog dreams and cat naps on their comfy electric pet heating pad that they love. You may be one of those pet owners that allows your dog or cat to snuggle up to you to keep warm at night in your own bed, but if that becomes a problem you’d like to solve, click and buy this economic solution to getting your pet to enjoy sleeping on their very own warm sleeping pad.

Why Simply Pets Recommends the Flymei Electric Pet Heating Pad for Dogs and Cats

This electric pet heating pad is designed to soothe your pet in gentle warming comfort so it feels safe and secure. The heating pad’s temperature can be set between 25 and 55 degrees Celsius, according to the preferences of your pet. The heating pad is never in danger of fire because of the very low voltage, so you can safely keep it plugged in when you are away from your pets. It’s also water-resistant, making it ideal for use in dog houses, porches, garage floors, and barns. The chew Resistant cover is removable with a zipper closure. It’s machine washable, sewn with a water-resistant fabric that is so easy to keep clean and fresh.

The Flymei electric pet heating pad provides warmth, comfort and security and keeps your pets happy and out of your bed.
Suitable for elderly and arthritic pets

Durability and versatility

Simply Pets is always on the lookout for the most durable and versatile pet supplies and products for our readers. The Flymei Electric Heating Pad for Dogs and Cats generates up to 102F comforting heat, with a low and safe voltage, and fits inside most pet beds, or can be simply laid on the floor as a comfy place to sleep. The surface of the bed warms to their natural body temperature when they lie on it. The cord is wrapped in sturdy chew-resistant plastic cord, protecting the heating pad from pets’ chewing.

This versatile electric pet heating pad is also perfect for your senior pets, pets with arthritis, newborn puppies and kittens, pregnant dog and cats, and animals recovering from injuries or illnesses.

1. Before turning on the electric pet heating pad, first, have pet lie down.

2. After 10-15 minutes, the heating pad will warm to the desired temperature.

For the cold months of the winter, the Flymei Electric Pet Heating Pad for Dogs & Cats makes the perfect bed for your pets of all ages.

The FLYMEI Electric Pet Heating Pad Review 2019
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