A recipe for home made fish food, perfect for large cichlids, catfish, etc.


  • 2 lbs Flat fish (haddock, sole, flounder, hake)
  • 2 Cans Tiny whole shrimp packed in water, not oil
  • 2 Cans Minced crabmeat 16 oz.
    Fresh spinach or peas


Blanch spinach/peas, drain well, and set aside. Drain shrimp and crab well. Cut fish into 1″ cubes, and combine with all other ingredients. If using a blender or food
processor, chop fish into a coarse paste, then add other ingredients. Using a meat grinder, process all ingredients using a fine die. Pack mixture into resealable sandwich bags, and pack down to about 1/4″ thickness.

When feeding fish, use a very sharp knife (a pumpkin carving knife is perfect) and shave strips into tank. For smaller fish you can grate food into the aquarium.

Feed no more than once each day, and use care not to overfeed. Zucchini or romaine lettuce would be fair substitutes for spinach, but we like spinach, so there. When adding any of your own ingredients be careful: you don’t want to be left with over 2 pounds of useless
food. Always choose a non-oily fish if substituting. We always buy flat fish, whatever is on sale at the time. When feeding large fish, this food will outlast commercial
foods by 3:1 or more, and costs about 25% of store-bought foods. We still feed our fish Doro Min daily to assure a balanced diet. With feeder fish, and earthworms gathered from the yard in the rain, our fish food bill has stayed reasonable.

Homemade Fish Delight
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