A Healthy Breakfast – A yummy large breakfast meal
Amanda`s HomeMade Dog Food – An easy-to-make meal. Made to help you save money, and to make your dog happy.
Amber’s breakfast recipe for dogs – A great recipe for your best friend on any given morning.
A Simple Doggy Biscuts – For a happy but healthy dog or puppy.
Barking Breakfast – A yummy breakfast for your pup.
Beagle Buffet – imple dinner for any dog. It adds a nice sheen to the coat and makes for healthy eyes and heart.
Birthday Cake – A cake for you dog
Biscuits-n-Gravy – A nice addition to dry kibble.
Breakfast Bowl – Great for breakfast or dinner.
Breakfast Delight – A Bacon and Egg Delight sure to have all tails wagging
Budget Recipe
Chicken and Vegetables – Dinner for a week
Chicken Dinner – Bones and raw food diet. This is a raw, healthy, delicious chicken dinner for dogs.
Cinnamon Apple Snaps – A fabulous fall treat!
Collie Diet – Good for health & coat
Deer and Rice – Rice and venison, ground veggies, (carrots, turnups, potatoes, green beans)
Dog Chow – It is a great for an every day meal, or just once in a while!
Doggie Burger – Feed once in a while, when you feel Rover needs a very special treat.
Doggie Takeout Sandwich – A simple sandwich for your pooch.
Doggy Stew – A healthy stew for doggys (that their owners can enjoy too).
Duke & Echos’ Daily Delight – This recipe feeds a 65 lb. pittbull & 16lb. dachsund for 4 days.
Ellies Caldo Delicioso – A delicious Mexican chicken stew I regularly share with my owner.
German Shepherd Casserole – A casserole with meat potatoes, and veggies.
Lamb dinner – This is a delicious recipe your dog is sure to love; and it’s healthy too 🙂
Low Fat Dog Food – This dog food was given to me by my Veterinarian for my 7 lb 6 oz dog to lose weight.
Low Fat Rice & Egg Pie – This is an easy, low fat pie that can be cut up into portions and frozen. Excellent for smaller dogs.
Meghan’s Dog Chow – A healthy food for your loving friend
Riley’s Real Food – Versatile meal for you pups.
Very Yummy Meal – A healthy recipe that your dogs will really like!!!
Yumbo – A health food for dogs
Yummy lamb lunch – A tasty, healthy meal that any dog is sure to love!!

Homemade Puppy & Dog Food Recipe
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