How Can CBD Oil Help Common Conditions in Dogs

It makes you cringe, right?

It’s the same experience I had when someone told me to try CBD oil with my dog. Like most people, I was super skeptical given the amount of information I know about cannabis.

Like any savvy customers, I decided to find out more information and read lots of research. Surprise! Surprise! Then it hit me to realize cannabis can be used to cure most conditions dogs have.

If after you are reading this, you don’t believe, do yourself a big favor and read any information and scientific research on the internet.

But if you are looking for a quick overview, this article will help you learn more about the CBD Oil and Dogs.

Cannabidiol For Dogs

CBD oil is a supplement coming from the cannabis plant. And hemp is different from marijuana.

Which means the amount of THC in the supplement varies? THC is a compound that’s responsible for mental high. The level of THC will vary. For instance, Hemp has a low level of THC compared to CBD.

In fact, it’s THC level is 0.03 or less. That means, if you are buying CBD for your dog, you need to check the level of THC in the content. The hemp plant is high in CBD. CBD is the compound that brings a healing effect to your dog.

How Does It Work?

Your body has two receptors:

CB1 receptors

CB2 receptors

The main role of CBD in the body is to work with these receptors and restore balance in your body when things go out of control.

And that explains, why this compound can heal so many dog ailments. Here are some of the conditions you can heal your dog using CBD oil:

Relieving Pain and Inflammation

Let’s face it

Inflammation and pain is common with dogs. And this pain can result from different ailments, your dog may be experiencing.

Fortunately, scientific studies show that using CBD suppress and heal the pain symptoms of your dog.

In other words, the product can cure both acute and chronic pain in dogs as well as help with anxiety. Most importantly, it reduces inflammation or swelling your dogs may be having. Pain relief and inflammation are not the only thing CBD can cure. Here is a list of conditions:




How to  Find a Good CBD Product

While they are so many companies selling CBD on the market, there’s bad news:

You need to exercise caution on the kind of product you choose. Here are three things you need to keep in mind:

Lab report and tests-Before buying any CBD oil on the market, you need to know the tests and lab results of the product. You need to find the level of THC, extraction method, and whether it is CBD from hemp or marijuana. There’s a huge difference between those two.

Organic. The supplement you are buying needs to be 100% organic. It should not contain any trace of chemicals that may harm the dog


Thanks for reading until the end, I hope this information was helpful enough

How Can CBD Oil Help Common Conditions in Dogs
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