How Much CBD Oil Should I Give My Cat

It’s no secret that CBD oil is a safe wonder supplement. Not only for humans, but for cats too, and it carries lots of benefits.

Well, the question that you are now wondering is… How much should you give your pet? Okay, first let’s clear out some myth about CBD oil that some have and get back to the answer.

What’s CBD Oil?

It’s a question most people ask. The short answer is, CBD belongs to cannabidiol compound, a member of cannabis. And cannabis comes from hemp and marijuana plant.

Your body or your pet’s body needs CBD to react with cannabidiol receptors. When that reaction happens, you or any pet experience therapeutic benefits to the conditions they face.

A lot of people are getting confused between CBD and THC. Both of this belongs to cannabidiol compound and are present in both hemp and marijuana.

THC is a substance that makes you feel high while CBD is the one having therapeutic benefits. So, you need to choose Hemp CBD because it has a low level of THC, approximately 0.03% or less.

And if you are giving your cat CBD oil for the first time, here are some benefits:

Reduces anxiety

Anxiety is so common in animals, especially dogs and cats. Your cat hears a thunderstorm and the next minute you find it under your bed. Actually, CBD oil can calm your cat’s anxiety

Fight cancer and reduce inflammation

Inflammation is good because it helps the body fight diseases, but what about if it is uncontrollable? Here is where you’ll need to give your cat anti-inflammatory drugs.

You and I know that it doesn’t always turn out well when we use anti-inflammatory because of serious side effects. How about cancer cells?

Cancer is so dreadful to the cats. The good news is, CBD oil can heal your cat against inflammation and fight cancer cells.  Never let your cat suffer so much when there’s a remedy and lots of studies are there to prove this.

How Much CBD oil Should My Cat Take

Seriously, how much should give your cat? Or, better when is enough, enough

Like most supplements, you need to start with a low dose of CBD oil. It can be a drop or half a capsule; all this depends on your pet’s preference.

You are starting with a slow dose so that you can monitor their condition in the next few days. If you don’t see any changes you can increase with time.

Second, you’ll notice that different cats react to CBD differently. If you see any negative effects over the coming few days, you may have overdosed it. Start with little dose and adjust it with time as you monitor the situation.

How Often

Start with two doses per day, this is the recommended dosage for any supplement. Depending on the conditions your cat is having, it may take time for you to see improvement.

This is common especially with any supplement product so take heart and have faith. Your cat is going to be fine in the next coming days, it is just a matter of time before the drugs settle into the body.

How Much CBD Oil Should I Give My Cat
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