7 Tips on How To Keep Dogs From Peeing On Carpet – How to Stop Them

It can be frustrating when you’re dealing with a dog who pees on the carpet. A dog peeing anywhere in the house that’s not supposed to be for pee is bad, but on the carpet is even more of a pain. You have to get the carpet cleaned, might have to spend money if you don’t have the proper tools already, and you have to hope it won’t happen again.

There are some things you can do about this problem though. The most important and obvious thing to do is taking the time to potty train your dog, but we’ll be looking at some other things you can do to lessen or eliminate the pee problem as well.

Repellents From Your Local Store or Online

Some of you might actually want something that says it’s a repellent and some of you probably don’t care as long as whatever you use gets rid of the problem. For those of you who don’t really feel like you need to know about repellents and/or want to keep reading about the household methods, skip this part.

I’m going to say you’ll be spending somewhere between $5-$20 for repellent at your local store. There are many options and this isn’t the type of product you can really go wrong with when it comes to which brand to use, but some obvious advice I can give is to look at the back of the bottles at the details. It’s always good to see why the same product, but a different brand is priced higher than another.

After you get the repellent, the directions on the back will walk you through what you need to do. You’ll probably need to spray it in the area your dog is peeing in and reapply it over a certain period of time.

Our favorite product is called Keep Off! and you can find more information on it by clicking the button below.

Puppy Pads

This is not like the other options on this page. A puppy pad is layers of material in the shape of a rectangle or square that soaks up your dog’s pee and neutralizes the odor. This option will take time, patience, and consistency from both you and your pet though. This is not something you get that your dog will immediately gravitate towards. You also need to consider if you want your dog to get used to a puppy pad being around the house. It could be the greatest option ever for you or a not so good one, but it is an option.

The pads we use for our dogs are made by Frisco.


Rubbing Alcohol

The smell of rubbing alcohol is not something your dog likes. As you know, it’s main purpose is to disinfect so it should be good to know you’d be using something that cleans while trying to stop your dog from peeing on the carpet. What you do with the alcohol is very simple and quick. You spray the rubbing alcohol in the spot your dog is using to pee and you repeat this process as needed. You could spray it every week or each time your carpet gets cleaned. How much you need to spray and how often depends on your individual problem.


I think everyone reading this imagined the scent of ammonia as soon as you seen the word. Ammonia is a very strong cleaning fluid as most or all of us know and the smell is very strong. You can use it with or without water for this issue, but diluting it with water is suggested. Ammonia is tough on noses and eyes for both humans and animals. Make sure to use it safely and consider the fact that you will have to reapply it if this is the option you go with. The better news is that ammonia is really cheap and you get a lot of it. You can a 64 oz for a $1 or $2.

White Vinegar

White Vinegar is a great thing all around for the pee problem you have. It’s good for cleaning carpet, getting rid of the odor, and is a repellent. You can spray the vinegar in the area(s) your dog is peeing in, but it can also be used in other ways. If you have a steam cleaning machine, the vinegar can be used instead of what you usually use. You can also use vinegar with a towel to clean or deodorize. The smell of vinegar is pretty strong too, but it’ll be gone after the carpet is dry. Vinegar is also a cheap option and you most likely have some sitting in your cabinet already.

Lemon Juice

Finally, we get to a method that actually smells good. If you don’t like the smell of lemon then you’re probably out of luck, but hopefully that’s not the case. Dogs don’t like the smell though, which is part of the reason why this option is on this list. You combine lemon juice and water then spray it in the area your dog is peeing in. You will reapply as needed or every week or so, similar to some of the other methods. This solution is also good for cleaning up the stains from your dog’s mess. This is probably something you already have around the house as well, but it’s cheap to go purchase if you don’t have any. It’s not as cheap as vinegar and ammonia, but it’s not all that expensive either.

Potty Training

Potty training is the main thing as I stated in the beginning. The goal is to move your dog away from the spots you don’t want them to pee in. Once they pick a spot, that’s their spot unless something prevents them from going to that spot. You have to be the one to get your dog used to peeing where they should be peeing. There are tons of full guides out there of how to do this that includes keeping track of your dog’s bathroom times, introducing them to a new spot, giving them treats for doing a good job, and much more.

Conclusion for How To Keep Dogs From Peeing On Carpet

There you have it, folks. You now have a list of options that consist of a variety of things to stop your dog from peeing on the carpet. Choose and use wisely. I hope your dog stops peeing on your carpet and I hope they get lots of treats for

How To Keep Dogs From Peeing On Carpet
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