Is CBD Safe for Pregnant Dogs?

CBD, a non-psychoactive hemp compound, is medicinal. It functions as a painkiller, treats mood disorders, reduces inflammation, and fights nausea. All of these can be symptoms of pregnancy. CBD has been found to be very beneficial for both humans and dogs when it comes to relieving pain and nausea; it’s even considered to be a perfectly natural alternative to synthetic drugs. However, is it safe to take CBD supplements or oil, if the person or animal who’s consuming them is pregnant?

While generally, it is safe, not enough research has been conducted to confirm this. The safest way to ingest CBD during pregnancy is through a supplement or oil made from 100% hemp extract. These products are perfectly legal, and many people say that they are an ideal organic solution to relieve the physical and mental strain of pregnancy. So, what do you need to know?

Cannabis and Pregnancy

Many mothers have turned to hemp or cannabis products during pregnancy in order to control nausea, stress, and other unpleasant symptoms that hemp is known to help with. While CBD definitely alleviates these symptoms, does it impact the development of the baby? Research has found that there is no significant risk, but keep in mind that we are just beginning to study CBD and its affects.

CBD vs. Regular Cannabis or THC

There are certain cannabinoids that can impact a fetus’s brain development, through interference in the endocannabinoid system. One of these cannabinoids is THC, a psychoactive chemical compound found in the hemp plant. THC interrupts the formation of neural networks, and can also negatively impact a baby’s birth rate. Healthcare providers advise against using THC while pregnant, due to these risks.  

CBD, however, is a completely different compound that has not been found to have the same risk factors as THC. In a 1995 study on mice, THC, but not CBD, stopped the development of embryos that were less than eight cells. If you do use hemp during pregnancy, it’s recommended that you take care to use CBD, not THC.

What You Should Know

Today, using CBD while pregnant is a controversial topic. While there have been studies on the effects of cannabis on pregnancy, results have been contradictive, and further study is needed. Overall, research has found no developmental problems with the babies of mothers who used cannabis. Since we’re only within the first stages of cannabis research, however, the safety of marijuana-derived products can’t be ensured. What is known for sure is that CBD use and accessibility is growing rapidly and that more and more women are choosing to experience pregnancy with a little help from hemp.

Cannabinoids have been consumed by many pregnant women over the years. Compounds of the hemp plant, such as CBD, can relieve uncomfortable symptoms that come with pregnancy, such as nausea. It’s important to use only CBD during pregnancy. CBD offers many benefits and relief, and you can take advantage of this for yourself or your dog, at your own risk. Avoid anything that may have even trace amounts of THC. Always speak with your doctor, and use CBD under the advice of a medical or health professional.

Is CBD Safe for Pregnant Dogs?
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