Buy Klippo flannel dog pajamas in bright red with the classic design of penguins and snowflakes.

Klippo Pet Dog Penguins & Snowflake Flannel Pajamas Review 2018

These flannel dog pajamas by Klippo are so adorable and comfy! The Klippo Pet Dog Penguins & Snowflake Flannel Pajamas makes an inspired gift for your dog this Christmas or for any time the weather is cold. It also makes a terrific holiday gift for your pet owner friends. The flannel dog pajamas fit dogs up to 16 inches long, and are so snuggly, cute and stylish to keep your dog warm during the cold winter months and to reduce shedding on your furniture and clothing.

Bright red, white and black classic flannel pajamas sport a penguin and snowflake pattern that can be tossed in the washer and dryer to clean regularly. Imagine snuggling your pet and even wearing matching pjs on a chilly winter night. You could probably search the Internet for pajamas for people that match these flannel dog pajamas.

Simply Pets Review and Recommendation for Klippo Doggie Sleepwear

Here at Simply Pets, we are always on the lookout for the very best pet supplies and products for your lovable dogs, cats and other pets. Made with cute details on the neck an legs, these flannel dog pajamas are soft yet durable clothing for your pets, so easy to wash and dry. You might want to buy two sets so when one is in the wash, your dog will be cozy in the other.

Reasons to Buy the Klippo Flannel Dog Pajamas

These flannel dog pajamas come with a snap button closure. While some dogs might have the patience to stay still while dressed, others might struggle when you dress them, so the quick snap closures make getting your dog ready for bed — well, a snap! The pajamas also come with two cute pockets just like people pajamas.  And what would flannel dog pajamas be without an ID tag? — Yes, they even come with the Klippo ID tag that can be attached to the collar.

Simply Pets Review of flannel dog pajamas to make your Christmas gift-giving a snap to all your friends who are dog owners.

The pajamas open up in just the right place so your dog can go outside or to a litter box to do its business without soiling the pajamas even a bit. Designed to fit dogs between 14 and 16 inches, the flannel dog pajamas will keep your dog cosy, clean and comfortable all winter. What a great idea for holiday gift-giving to all your friends and family with small dogs! Lightweight and easy to ship or wrap and carry. They are great attention-getters and everyone will want to hold your dog with no worries about getting dog hair on their clothes. Over the holidays, your dog will stand out in style to your friends and guests and will certainly become one of the main photo attractions. Made from easy to wash fabric Klippo Penguins and Snowflakes Flannel Dog Pajamas will always be a hit wherever your dog wears them.

Dog Pajamas keep your pet cozy and warm at Christmas and all year in these flannel pet pajamas.
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Flannel Dog Pajamas with Penguins & Snowflakes by Klippo
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