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Release the inner beast of your kitty!

Buy an Adorable Lion Mane Costume for Cats

Don’t wait for Halloween to dress your cat or small dog in this lion mane costume for cats. Wearing costumes for parties or any special occasion is always going to be a showstopper. Just like playing dress-up with your kids, it’s just as fun to dress up your kitty or puppy to look adorably fierce as a miniature lion or tiger. These cute lion mane costumes are easy to put on and comfortable for most pets, and they’ll love all the petting and attention they will attract from everyone.

Cat Costumes for Holidays and Parties

Halloween Pet Costume for Cats are good for parties and special occasions, too.
The Lion Mane Costume for Cats & Dogs

Transform your pet into a lion in seconds with this fun, easy-to-wear costume. Simply Pets recommends this as the easiest-to-use pet costume around. The Lion Mane Costume for Cats is very popular and has several great features that will make your pet the center of attention and love. If full-body costumes are uncomfortable for your small pet, try this head-piece that adds a fluffy mane to dress up your cat or small dog in a simply way that doesn’t interfere with its body movement.

Reasons to Buy this Pet Costume

  1. The Lion Mane Costume for Cats is quite realistic and made with high quality materials. It also comes with attached ears, which completes the look of the costume.
  2. This outfit is designed in such a way that it fits most cats and small-sized dogs. It also makes them feel very comfortable while wearing the costume.
  3. The circumference of the neck is 35cm, which is large enough for any cat and small dogs. It will allow your pet to eat and move its neck comfortably.
  4. The Lion Mane Costume for Cat is made of cotton and polyester, which easily blends with your pet’s fur.

Pros of the Lion Mane Costume

Shop for the Lion Mane costume for cats and dogs reviewed by for 2018
This is a hand-washable cat costume
  • It is quite comfortable for cats and small sized dogs.
  • Fits very nicely and the neck circumference is 35cm which is big enough for small animals.
  • Blends very well with the natural animal fur of your cat or dog.
  • It’s a small costume for that fits easily around the head and neck, but doesn’t restrict your pets’ movements.

Cons to Consider

  • Some cats or dogs may feel uncomfortable with the extra hair.

This costume is light-weight and washable by hand, and will last for a long time. 

Lion Mane Costume for Cats | Simply Pets Review 2019
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