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Dog Training Remote E-Collar 900 foot Range with Shock, Vibration, Tone, and Memory

Pet owners try their best to be patient with their dogs. They tolerate barking, passive disobedience, unruly behavior inside and outside the house, and sometimes even aggression. Sadly, pet owners know others won’t be so tolerant.

Behavior training for dogs becomes even more important if you’re living in a city or a busy neighborhood. The good news is that dogs can be trained and their behavior corrected and you don’t need to hire a professional. The Petronics Remote Dog Shock Training Collar is your personal training tool. Today, we’ll discuss the product and its features in detail.

Description of The Petronics Dog Training E-Collar

Are you troubled by your dog’s excessive barking? Does your dog pull the leash to hard? Does your dog bite the sofa, bed, shoes, and other things in the house? Does it act aggressively at strangers when you’re taking it for a walk? Does it run away often? If the answer to any of the questions is yes, then it’s time to get the Petronics Dog Training Collar.

Although the product is quite safe, we want you to use the static shock stimulation method as the last resort to correct your dog’s behavior. You’ll find significant improvement in your dog’s behavior within 2-3 weeks.

The entire e-collar system comprises of just a few components that are truly portable. The transmitter is smaller than a mobile phone. There are only a handful of buttons, 6 to be exact (4 on the face of the transmitter and 2 on the side).

On the front of this dog training collar, there is the launch button, the mode button, channel button, and the LED light button. The LED light is situated on top of the transmitter, near the antenna. Above the four buttons there is a backlit display screen that shows the correction intensity level, the channels, low battery indicator, and the four modes. The LED indicator light is above the display screen. Finally, on the side of the transmitter, there is the increase/decrease (up/down) buttons.

Reasons to Buy the Petronics Remote Dog Shock Training Collar for Dog Training at Home

  • The electronic training collar package contains only one collar, but an extra collar (bought separately) can be added to the unit.
  • The dog training collar has a maximum range of 900 yards.
  • Both the transmitter and receiver collar contain rechargeable Li-ion batteries.
  • The Petronics Remote Dog Shock Training Collar is water resistant.
  • The remote e-collar can be used on dogs that weigh from 10 to 100lbs and having neck size from 14 to 23 inches.
  • Memory and automatic standby function help save power.
  • The light mode helps pet owners detect the whereabouts of their dog in low light surroundings.
  • Training Methods: 1 standard tone, 100 vibration levels, and 100 static shock levels.
  • The auto-protect mode makes the Petronics Remote Dog Shock Training Collar easy to use and effective.
  • This dog training unit comes with 5-year replacement and full refund warranty.

Specs and Features of the Petronics Remote Dog Shock Training Collar

This Petronics E-Collar package contents include:

– 1 x Transmitter
– 1 x Receiver
– 1 x Nylon Collar
– 1 x Charging Cable
– 1 x Charger
– 1 x Test Bulb
– 3 Metal Contact Probes

Simply Pets Review — Dog Training Remote Collar Pros and Cons



Safe, easy, and effective behavior correction tool

Accommodates only 2 collars

1 standard tone, 100 vibration and static shock levels

Light mode to detect the dog in the dark

Weight: 10 – 100lbs, Neck size: 14 – 23 inches

Maximum range of 330 yards

5-year warranty and full refund


The Petronics Remote Dog Shock Training Collar Review 2018
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