Raw Paws Pet Food Reviews & Coupon Code 2018

Just as it says in the name, Raw Paws Pet Food is all about serving your pets the best in nutrition – including real, raw meats.

Raw Paws has existed since 2014 with a mission to make their products “practical, affordable, and accessible”. Quality nutrition is the quickest and best way to having healthy and happy pets, and Raw Paws can help you start down that path if you haven’t already.

Raw Paws Pet Food only sources from responsible and ethical farms, ensuring the highest-quality products that are made with the freshest ingredients. They offer money-back guarantees for any unsatisfied new customers, too, and have a solid reputation for attentive and thorough customer service.

According to Raw Paws, the benefits of a raw meat diet for your dog can include reduced skin and food allergies, improved teeth and breath, reduced arthritis, improved bladder control, and overall maintenance of weight and an improved immune system, among other things. As for owners, well, their pet gets to live longer and happier life with a reduced chance of disease, and their dog will have a better coat, less vet and dentist trips, and more.

Raw Paws Pet Food and Treats

The food offered by Raw Paws Pet Food comes in a variety of flavors: beef, chicken, duck or tripe. It’s all freeze-dried in order to preserve the nutrients in the meat, and the meat was all pasture-fed, grain-free, antibiotic-free, and gluten-free with no hormones added, either.

The freeze-dried beef is sourced from USDA free-range cows and includes beneficial nutrients such as vitamin B6, vitamin B12, Omega-3s, zinc, and selenium, which provide a variety of benefits that can include skin and coat improvement.

Raw Paws also offers freeze-dried beef treats, which follow virtually the same guidelines as the food.

But that’s not all. Raw Paws has offerings that are simply beefy marrow bones designed to bring maximum nutrients to your dog, almost as a natural toothbrush.

They are sourced from cows raised in the United States and have tons of nutrients packed into them beyond protein, including glucosamine, chondroitin, collagen, and even a bit of calcium. There are several bone marrow options to choose from on the Raw Paws website, so there shouldn’t be any issues for folks looking to give their dogs something healthy to chew on.

Raw Paws Pet Food has several chews available, broken out into small, medium and large. There’s the Green Beef Tripe Twist Treats, or the Green Lamb Tripe Sticks, to three-to-four inch of Beef Trachea Chews for dogs. There are also grain-free dental dog chews that will help with bad teeth and bad breath.

There are also solutions such as toppers and supplements, which can be added into your dog’s existing food or treats, as well as Green Tripe, which is, in fact, a green hamburger patty.

Green Tripe is an outstanding solution for families with pets that might suffer from kidney problems due to low phosphorus levels and palatability. Tripe is a superfood, which means that it can be served as patties as its own complete meal or can be added nutrition to an existing meal. Plus, there is a gut-boosting probiotic included, too!

Raw Paws Pet Food offers a massive list of products, and each category – food, freeze-dried, treats, and chews – has what initially seems like endless options within those categories. It can certainly be intimidating, but that’s why the website is so exhaustive and offers plenty of direction along the way.

Raw Paws Pet Food Coupons & Deals

Raw Dog also has free shipping nationwide, so don’t worry about that added cost depending on where you live. Plus, there are plenty of deals right on their website, from 10 percent off during the summer to a Buy 10, Get 10 Percent Off deal, and bundle deals with discounts up to 33 percent off.

In fact, Raw Dog has an entire “Sales” page on their website which highlights various limited-time deals on their foods. And with many of them freeze-dried, one likely wouldn’t be forced to eat everything purchased quickly when they can just be thrown into the variety of chews, treats and powders that could keep just find for a short amount of time.

The best mix that you’ll find of food and treat and soft chew variety both in style and in flavor, combined with expertise and effectiveness as well as the all-important question of value is Raw Dog. All too often, these all-natural, raw diets are priced out of the range of folks that really want to take care of their pets. But not any longer, as Raw Paws is extending its mission as far as possible.

Raw Paws Pet Food Coupon Code

Here are some of the best Raw Paws Pet Food coupons available today:

  • 10% Coupon Code (Entire Order) – RAWTAKE10 (Activate)
  • $25 Off Chews Orders of $100 or more – RAWCHEW25 (Activate)
  • $50 Off Orders of $449 or more – RAWTODAY50 (Activate)
  • $40 Off Orders of $339 or more – RAWTODAY50 (Activate)

Final Thoughts on Raw Paws Pet Food

If you’re looking for one single place to go for all your information about dogs and the latest trends and breakthroughs in the pet world, and to find all the actual products you need, look no further than Raw Paws. It is absolutely a one-stop shop when it comes to pet food and treats, and this isn’t something you should overthink.

Of course, before starting any new food or treats, it’s a good idea to contact your veterinarian and find out what their thoughts are. While there are tons of options from Raw Paws, there could be a better way to find out what he or she prefers without playing an enormous game of trial-and-error.

Plenty of dogs that have been on commercial dog foods have essentially been eating fast food for their entire lives, and it may be necessary for you to wean him or her off of their old food instead of just switching and starting a new food cold turkey (pun intended). Make sure that your conversation with your vet includes that question, and that you have enough of their old food to complete said transition.

At any rate, Raw Paws almost certainly has the solution for your dog’s nagging ailments, or even just to proactively improve their all-around quality of life. The sheer diversity of foods, treats, and chews and the authenticity and therefore the effectiveness of the freeze-dried food and meaty bones and marrow is enough to solve any problems that they may be having.

Don’t delay any longer. Find the product that will match you and yours the best and get to ordering from Raw Paws Pet Food.

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Raw Paws Pet Food Review & Coupon Code
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