Rubies Robin Dog Costume Review

The Rubies Robin Dog Costume represents one of the fun options to decorate your pets. If you are looking for a DV licensed costume, you can now have the opportunity to decorate your dog with a costume that comes with a body, cape and even a black eye mask. Thus, your dog will be ready to stand out in any occasion such as the holidays, birthday parties or other events.

The costume will prove to be a good option for larger dogs such as the Doberman, Golden Retriever or the German Shepherd. The ideal dimensions of the dog would fit the 38 inches from neck to tail and 35 inches around the chest. To see if your dog can fit into the costume, you can measure it at home from head to tail and around the chest. Usually, larger breed dogs such as the ones mentioned above will prove to be very well suited for the costume.

How to prepare your dog?

Since the costume is complex, your dog might need some adjustment time. This will, of course, vary from dog to dog. But the good news is that you can do this yourself by dressing up the dog a couple of times before the actual occasion such as a photo shoot. This is why it can be important to take your time and let the dog adjust to the costume first. When your dog is fully comfortable with the costume, you can dress it up with the black eye mask. This might not be as easy to accept for some dogs and this is why you want to make sure the dog is fully comfortable with the mask before the actual occasion. This means that if you plan to dress up the dog for Christmas or Halloween, you should take the opportunity and let your pet adjust with the costume in advance.

Whole this the recommended approach, you want to ensure there is no dirt in the area where your dog is playing before the occasion as to keep the costume as clean as possible, especially for photo shoots. Even more, the good news is that the costume can be washed as regular clothing and this can mean it will be a good costume for multiple occasions.

The Rubies Robin Dog Costume is a fully DC licensed costume. It will prove to be one of the recommended options when you try to dress up your dog with the costume that comes with a cape and with the black eye mask. It will be one of the solutions that can be used for Halloween, Christmas, children’s parties, weekends or other types of events. Your dog will definitely stand out from the crowd with the costume and it will be one of the main photo attractions of the event. With so many costumes on the market, having an official alternative which even comes with the eye mask, can be one of the best options for the ultimate photos.

Rubies Robin Dog Costume Review
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