Buy the Prosper pet cat tunnel toy for your cat
Best Cat Tunnel Toy for Your Cat 

The Best Tunnel Toy for Cats | Simply Pets Review 2018

If you are looking for the best tunnel toy for cats to keep your pets active and happy, buy one or more of these pet maze toys. Pets love to play just like kids do. They also have feelings and do not like sit around bored in a room all day. Cats need lots of activity and play to stay trim and healthy. One of the favorite activity toys for cats and even for toy dogs is the Prosper cat tunnel. It is a lightweight but sturdy maze of 3 tunnels large enough to let a cat or a small breed dog to pass through. You can easily collapse and store it, or carry it with you to amuse your cat whenever you take it with you.

Happy Cats are Active Cats with the Prosper Pet Cat Tunnel

When the staff at Simply Pets saw this cat tunnel toy, and tried it out on our own cats, we saw how happy and active they became instantly, hiding, batting the ball, peeking out from the top and ends and dashing in and out of the maze. So we are highly recommending this active cat toy for your cat for a holiday gift, birthday gift or any time at all. When it comes to pet cat tunnels, the Prosper Pet Cat Tunnel is the one we like. It is made with good quality materials that will give your cat active fun for a long time!

Features of the Prosper Tunnel Toy for Cats

One of the best holiday gifts for cats for active pets
Your cat will stay active and healthy 
  1. The Prosper Pet Cat Tunnel has 3 spacious tunnels and also comes with a built-in peephole, crinkle crackle paper, as well as a bell toy. It helps your pet play actively for a long time getting its much-needed exercise while enjoying itself.
  2. The Prosper Pet Cat Tunnel is made up of tear-resistant and ultra-strong polyester which is wrapped around a steel frame. This frame has protective ends to let your pet play without getting injured.
  3. It is easily portable and collapsible due to the presence of an elastic band. This allows you to store it away or carry it with you wherever you take your cat. Each of the tubes are 17 inches deep and 10 inches tall. With around 50 inches of tunnel, your pet will never get bored.
  4. The Prosper Pet Cat Tunnel can also be given to your friends for their pets. It comes in 11 colors to match any room decor.

Pros – Why to Buy the Prosper Cat Tunnel Toy

Portable, foldable, easy to carry cat tunnel toy
Fold and carry this lightweight cat tunnel
  • The Prosper Pet Cat Tunnel has a total of 50 inches of tunnel space which allows your pet to play and seldom feel bored.
  • It comes in many colors
  • The construction is guaranteed not to collapse at any time during play.

Is This Tunnel Toy for Cats Right for Your Pets?

  • Puppies may get stuck in the tunnels, so it mainly works for cats.
  • Excessive clawing may damage the product.

Simply Pets simply loves this portable, safe, and fascinating cat tunnel toy to create a fun and active lifestyle for indoor cats. Buy today for your cat and you will love it and want all your friends with cats to have one, too. Priced right for gifting to all the cats in your life!

Best Cat Activity Toy | The Prosper Pet Cat Tunnel
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