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The Petnet SmartFeeder and phone App

2018 Review of the Petnet Smartfeeder for Cats and Dogs

One of the best investments you’ll ever make as a pet owner is the Petnet Smartfeeder for Cats and Dogs. You feed your cat or dog in the morning before taking off for work and expect to be home by 6:00 or 7:00. The first thing you do is greet your pet as they dance around your legs waiting for dinner. But wait, something came up and your boss asked you to work overtime. It’s 10 pm and you’re driving home, knowing your dog or cat is nervous and hungry, and you’re tired and stressed. As a pet owner, you may have to leave your pet alone for extended periods of time, and when things happen and you find yourself getting home late, you don’t need to worry about your pet if you have the Petnet Smartfeeder measuring and serving meals to your cat or dog right on schedule. For those of you who live alone with your pets, it’s especially comforting to know your pet is well fed. You can control the feeder with the Smartfeeder app right from your phone, and it sends you updates and notifications so you always know your pet is fed.

Simply Pets Recommends the PetNet SmartFeeder 

After trying out the PetNet Smartfeeder for Dogs and Cats, Simply Pets can’t say enough good about this high tech product and app for pet owners. It works perfectly for both dogs and cats. Owning a pet, especially one confined to a house or room is a responsibility, especially if there is no one else at home to care for the pet. The SmartFeeder for Cats and Dogs is a valuable way to care for your pet when circumstances keep you away for the day or even longer than you planned.

Features of This Automatic Pet Feeder

Feed your cat or dog on time with the Petnet Smartfeeder recommended by Simply Pets
Never be late again with your pet’s meal.
  1. The best part about the PetNet SmartFeeder for Cats and Dogs is that it can easily be controlled by your smartphone. Even if you are miles away from your pets, you can use your phone to allow the machine to slide out the feeding tray in order to let your cats or dogs feed off the tray.
  2. The PetNet SmartFeeder for Cats and Dogs has a system which can measure the right portion of food as per the weight, level of activity, and age of your pet. This will ensure that your pet remains well-nourished with proper quantity of food.
  3. Every time the PetNet SmartFeeder for Cats and Dogs serves your pets with proper meals, when the amount of food is low in the machine, and during several other situations you will get notifications on your smartphone to keep you informed.
  4. You can also preset the feeding times for your pets so that the machine can automatically do the needful even if you get too busy with official work.
  5. Even if you find it tough to decide what food to give your pet, this product can help you decide by providing an ideal food recipe.

Reasons to Buy the Petnet SmartFeeder

This electric pet feeder and app keep pet owners notified that their pets are getting fed on time.
The Petnet Smartfeeder measures pet food 
  • The PetNet SmartFeeder for Cats and Dogs can be easily controlled by your smartphone even if you are a great distance away from home.
  • Set timings for the machine to feed your pets properly.
  • Helps you concentrate on your work without worrying about feeding your pets.

What Else to Consider

  • The feeding tray could jam if the food falls into the tray improperly, but the app will alert you.

The Petnet Smartfeeder for Cats and Dogs 2018 Review
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