CBD Oil for Beagles – How Cannabis Hemp Tincture Can Help

Snoopy was a beagle. Lyndon B. Johnson had three of them- Him, Her and Edgar. The 8th most popular dog breed in the entire world, who doesn’t love a beagle?

Picture those eyes looking up at you, asking for a bite of your cookie or to go for a walk or to just pet her for the love of life, just pet me! How are you going to say no?

If those are beagle eyes, you can’t. It’s a fact of life. You cannot say no to a beagle no matter what the request.

How Did We Get Hare?

In the southern parts of the US way back in the day they were running dogs they called “beagles” to hunt rabbits but there was something lacking. Eventually, the standard breed was brought over from England and the true beagles that we know today were born. A much smaller version of the American Foxhound, beagles can come in a miniature or toy size as well as a standard size. They are small but stocky dogs and act much bigger than their actual size would suggest.

Beagles come in a huge range of colors including the most common the tricolor with his typical markings of brown, black and white. Combos of lemon and white, white and chocolate, orange and white, white and chestnut and red and white are also acceptable in the breed.

Great and playful dogs filled with a natural curiosity about everything around them, they are great with kids and make gentle playmates. They have a high prey drive and may need to be monitored around cats and other pets until they get used to them.

Beagles have short hair and tend to shed all of the time. A good brushing will gather the loose hairs but won’t stop the shedding.

For all of their good points, there are some drawbacks to the beagle. They tend to be completely stubborn especially if they are working on a task they feel they need to finish or are hunting. They can be amazingly vocal and a beagle may sing you the song of her people for no reason at all. Creatures of habit, don’t be shocked if you aren’t getting serenaded to remind you it is time for walks or food.

Sadly, these comical little heartbreakers are also prone to a number of very serious, even life threatening illnesses, some unique to the breed.

But wait….

What if I told you that there is something you can do for your beagle to keep them feeling their best for as long as possible? What if I told that this something was all-natural and plant based? Would you be interested in learning more? Read on, my friend.

The Beagle Health Concerns

The Beagle Health Concerns

Two conditions are unique to beagles. These are: Beagle Pain Syndrome and Musladin-Lueke Syndrome.

Beagle Pain Syndrome

Found in dogs that are still pretty young, Beagle Pain Syndrome creates a misfire in the immune system. In response, the immune system starts attacking normal nerves and blood vessels near the brain and other organs in the body. It can cause pain, nausea and vomiting and can even lead to death.

Musladin-Lueke Syndrome

This is a hereditary syndrome which can cause serious malformations of the bones, muscles, skin and even the heart. Dogs with this syndrome can have severe pain, vision loss, paralysis and other immobility issues and may be at risk for heart attacks and sudden death.

There are other, more common issues that can face your beagle as well.

Wouldn’t you do anything you could for your beagle’s health?

My Sadie is a sweet girl but vocal, stubborn and a little judgmental. She sings me the song of her people every day at the same time because it is time to feed the doggies. Does not matter in the slightest what I am doing at that time. Same time. Time to feed the dogs. Period.

I would still do anything in the world for that dog.

Why it Might be CBD Oil to the Rescue

From cancer to epilepsy to Beagle Pain Syndrome, there are so many things that can go wrong with our beagles. Things that can cause them to feel weak and run down. Things that can make them vomit. Things that can make them hurt. Things that can kill them.

Sadly, some of the medications that we get from the vet can have a startling number of side effects. In fact, there are some medications where the side effects can sound worse than the illness they are treating. And why oh why are seizures listed as a side effect on a medication used to treat epilepsy?

It can be maddening.

You pay money to take your beloved beagle to the vet. You pay more money to get medications for him and then you find out that the medicine is making him feel worse.

What is a Beagle Owner To Do?

Listen, let me tell you about Sadie the singing beagle and a problem she had with chronic itchy skin.

Most dogs get an itch here or there. Even under the most vigilant eyes, the nefarious flea can make it to your dog and set up camp. And then there is Sadie. If you put her in a sterile room, she would find something to make her itchy. First, it was fleas and oh boy did I have fun trying to get rid of those. Everyone else responded to the flea treatments. Sadie went around and gathered up everyone’s cast offs and ended up with more than she started with. Finally, we are free of fleas but she would still obsessively chew and gnaw on herself, sometimes chewing her hair right off of her back. I was going nuts trying to keep her from chewing.

A little bit of CBD spray and Sadie was better. She stopped chewing on herself. Her hair grew back. I will fill you in on that more in a moment.  First I want you to hear from these other people and their doggos.

I’m Chuck and I raise beagles for rabbit hunters all over the southern part of the United States. My dogs are champions and they tend do be excellent as both a hunting dog and a family pet. I have three of them myself- Champers, Doogie and Minnie. Minnie was hit by a car and had to have her front leg amputated. Amazingly, she will still get out there and hunt with the boys. Nothing would keep her from tracking rabbits. Champers is going on 13 years old and can’t get out there anymore. He would like to but he tires easily and is pretty well blind. Doogie is fine but tends to get so overly excited sometimes that he loses control of his bladder.

All three of these dogs started using CBD oil recently for their various problems. Champers seems to be getting around better and his appetite is back to normal now. Doogie has calmed way down and Minnie seems to be even faster now on 3 legs. I will continue giving this oil to these dogs and they will continue making me very happy.

Everyone say hello to Shirley. Shirley is a purebred beagle who is not only the best friend of a 5 year old girl named Lucy but a champion show dog. Shirley has never hunted a rabbit in her entire life but she would probably be great at it if she tried just one time. She is just that special of a dog. Although she has awards and medals and spends her nights tucked in bed beside Lucy, Shirley can be kind of miserable sometimes. She has a serious condition that makes the discs in her back bulge and press on her nerves. The pain can be unbearable. There are even times when she cannot walk without almost falling down. Her family found about CBD oil and after some careful reading and a discussion with Shirley’s veterinarian, they gave it to her. On the days when the condition flares up they give her a little extra. On regular days they give her the normal amount. Shirley is having far fewer bad days and most of the time her and Lucy are having adorable adventures in the back yard.

This is Snoopy. (You can’t have a beagle without considering the name.)  He is a black and white beagle just like the animated fellow. And like Charlie Brown’s faithful friend, he is super smart. So smart that he managed to slip out of a travel trailer while the family was on vacation and get himself lost. He walked an estimated 200 miles over the course of several days all in a quest to get back to his family. His paws were a bloody wreck when they found him. He was dehydrated and in need of a good bath. IV fluids, a visit to the groomer and Snoopy was on his way to being better. But, his paws were still tender and raw. His family gave him CBD balm and he was pain free and walking in no time.

But, I don’t want a high dog!

First, CBD oil will not make your dog “high”. Derived from the hemp plant which is part of the cannabis family, CBD is one of the over 80 cannaboids in the plants. It is not one of the ones that makes the high sensation. Perfectly safe to virtually every dog, CBD has no known side effects, no upper limit (no overdoing it!) and has been study proven as safe for a wide variety of conditions and illnesses. The benefits are huge. The risks are small. What more could you want?

Seriously, there are dozens of studies that have proven how effective these oils are and not a single one of those studies have ever shown any side effects or other risks. Trust me. There are lots of people who would love to find something, anything negative they can say about CBD oil.

Hey, Maybe You’d Like a Recommendation on CBD Oil for Beagles!

I told you about Sadie and her non-stop chewing. Her vet looked her over and said it was more of a mental thing and that I should distract her or something. I asked about using CBD oils for dogs to treat the places where she had chewed off most of her hair and he agreed that it was worth a try. I found a spray that sounded good and gave it a try. It is the very same product that I am about to give you a recommendation for.

It comes from a company called King Kanine and it is called King Kalm Soothe. It is designed to treat hot spots and itchy areas from flea and other insect bites, allergies and more. Just a spray on the affected spot and pretty soon the itching and biting will stop. It contains CBD oil, aloe and other all-natural, non-toxic ingredients including chamomile, tea tree oil and hemp seed oil. Tea tree oil is not only an antiseptic it is an all natural insect repellent and will work on repelling several different types of insect including mosquitoes, biting lice, fleas and others.

I also highly recommend the other products in the King Kanine line including the CBD oil itself, the spray I just mentioned and edibles. The oil comes in different concentrations and can be selected based on the dog’s size and his condition. Because it is suspended in red krill oil it it highly nutritious and can be mixed right in with your dog’s food. The edible treats are created in the King Kanine lab with only the finest, organic and all-natural ingredients. There are no dyes, artificial flavors or preservatives of any kind in any of the treats or other King Kanine products.

Although CBD oil is safe for virtually every dog, it is important that you speak to your vet especially if there are serious conditions that need to be treated. Never stop using any medications for those conditions without discussing it with your vet first.

CBD Oil for Beagles
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