CBD Oil for French Bulldogs – How Cannabis Hemp Tincture Can Help

Even if you never wanted to draw a crowd, sorry about your shyness. As the owner of a French Bulldog, you are going to have to get over that and quick. Everyone loves them and that’s a fact.

Him? He was born to love you and that’s pretty much his whole career right there. Small only in size, Frenchies are sworn to cuddle and adore their family and will forget their entire lack of stature if any threat (real or perceived) should come near that family. Loyal to a fault, these guys.

He would die for you and you would probably do just about the same for him, right? In fact, you have probably started reading this for the sole purpose of making your very good boy feel better. I don’t blame you a bit. My dogs get the best from me, from the best toys to the best care. Since I know that you are dog lover too, I’m going to share a little health tip with you.

It’s an all-natural health supplement and there may be no limits to what it can do for your pet. Trust me.

He is as contrary as he is adorable and it started clear back in his original history. Most people assume he was a French creation but that is not the case. The breed started in England but became one of the most popular of all dogs in France after the Industrial Revolution. His small size and loyal nature made him a winning combination for all manner of situations in his new country.

No doubt about it, he is a cutie but did you know that the French Bulldog is prone to some pretty serious health issues?

Before you get worried, remember I still need to tell you about the all-natural supplement and how it can help you with your favorite wiggly tail and his general health.

French Bulldogs are brachycephalic which is a fancy way to say they have short snouts and narrow nostrils. Because of that, the most common problems for Frenchies are breathing related and can include:

  • Constant congestion or constant runny nose
  • Allergies
  • Shortness of breath
  • Snoring and/or sleep apnea

They are also highly prone to cleft palate which is where the palate (upper part of the mouth) fails to close fully before birth. Depending on the amount of the opening, he may need corrective surgery or he will not be able to eat or drink safely.

A small to medium sized dog, the French Bulldog can quickly become obese especially if his food intake is not monitored and tempered with light to moderate exercise. It is important to make sure that he is not overly exerted during exercise and that he not be allowed to get over heated in the process. French Bulldogs are very sensitive to heat and can quickly become overwhelmed.

Of all of his conditions though, there are two that are likely to cause the most concern. Those are epilepsy and separation anxiety.

Dog epilepsy affects a great deal of dogs of all breeds and sizes. As with humans, the condition causes seizures that can last from a few seconds to several minutes. It can be frightening to witness and often leaves the dog exhausted and confused afterward. If your Frenchie has epilepsy it is important that you learn how to keep him and your family safe during seizure activity especially the most important rule: don’t put your hands near his face or mouth during a seizure!

Separation anxiety can be very difficult for a French Bulldog. All dogs love their owners. Many dogs have a clear favorite person in their house. Most dogs are unhappy when they are left at home alone but tend to get over it fairly quickly. Some dogs,  are so attached to their family that they just cannot bare it when they are gone. For those dogs the moment the door closes is the worst thing ever and they just go haywire in response.

Some of them will potty in the house every time they are left behind.

Some of them will vomit.

Some of them will do their best to destroy the very house they are trapped in, one small piece of furniture at a time.

No matter what they do, separation anxiety is more than just the average “oh woe, my family is gone, I am all alone.” It is a real condition which affects dogs and sometimes even cats no matter what the family tries to do for them.

This is where I race in to help! Well, not literally. This is where I start to tell you about this supplement I’ve been hinting at.

French Bulldogs.

First, let me tell you about Penelope. I rescued Penelope from a hoarder situation. She was terrified of everything. I took a leave of absence and I worked with this poor girl to get her back to better health and to start feeling safe and secure once again. She was coming out of her shell and then I had to go back to work.

The first day I was closing the front door and I heard a sound that chilled me to my soul. It started as a whimper but built to a full-out wail which progressed to the sound of a tortured scream. I raced inside to find her standing in a puddle of her urine, frozen in place. She was trembling, hysterical. I took her outside for a few minutes and then cleaned her up. I was talking to her the whole time I was mopping that spot on the floor letting her know that she was fine, she was safe. Penelope was not buying a word of it.

Every day was the same nightmare. I tried to crate her but she would have a panic attack whenever she spotted it.

I honestly believed that she settled down shortly after I had left until a neighbor stopped by and let me know that this poor dog, once living in a house with 22 other dogs, 18 cats, 2 rabbits and what could only be described as a “maybe” groundhog, was screaming the entire 8 hours I was gone.


I couldn’t leave my job. I couldn’t give Penelope away because who was going to be able to dedicate their whole existence to her?

That’s where this supplement comes in and saves our day. On the advice of a dear friend who happens to be a vet in another state I gave her CBD oil in the morning just before getting ready to leave the door. I brushed her soft fur and told her that I loved her. I put her in her doggy bed and walked to the door. I looked back and that morning she wagged her tail and then started to chew on her dog bone.

Could it be?

It became a routine and we never had any of the problems again. Penelope gets her oil, brushed and then a doggy bone or a squeaky toy and I go to work. I come home and she is thrilled to see me, all wagging tail and doggy smiles. There are no messes to clean up and best of all, a purely happy and healthy dog at long last.

I bet you are thinking I’m not going to give you brand names, aren’t you? What kind of person would that make me? My whole goal here is helping dogs and their owners. I want you to have the best for your pet. The same CBD Hemp Oil for Dogs I give to my own Penelope and my other dogs as well.

Before I give that recommendation I have a few more testimonials that I think you should hear first.

Hello, I’m Tammy and this little girl is Vivian. She is four years old and a purebred French Bulldog. When I picked her out the litter I knew there was something extra special about her. She has been a real doll- housebreaking took 1 week if that and she has learned some cute tricks as well. Sadly, like other little dogs, Viv tends to get hot spots especially on her lower back and on her hind legs. I tried a few different remedies including one that the vet told me to get. Not only was it super expensive but poor Vivian was allergic to it! She spent the night at the emergency vet after puking herself dehydrated so now on top of the expensive skin cream I have an emergency vet bill and a miserable pupper to deal with.

I brought her home and the first thing I did was some research for other, better hot spot treatments. I’ve got to say that the CBD balm was the exact thing I was looking for and I honestly wish it would have been the first suggestion. Hot spots are healed fast and easy and Vivian is comfortable once again. No vomiting. No obnoxious chewing for hours on end just a happy dog and a happy dog mom.

Meet George. George is a French Bulldog, Boston terrier mix. His owner is David Trucker and the two are huge fans of early morning walks around the neighborhood. David was told that he was diabetic and that he need to lose weight or else.  He found George at the shelter and decided that he would have a walking companion. George, as it turns out, needed to lose some weight himself. So, the two of them get up and wander around the block a few times before it gets hot. Both George and David have arthritis because they are both older. David was giving George medicine from the vet but they left him woozy and he would sometimes stumble during their walks.

That’s when David found about CBD oil for arthritis pain. After three or four days, George started beating David to the front door for his walk. He rarely limps anymore and most of the time he acts like a dog half his age.

I don’t know about you, but if I could make my dog feel half her age again, I would. No matter what it took. I would give it to her.

CBD oil is safe, easy to give and has been proven effective in several studies. Since it is still an evolving concept of giving this kind of stuff to dogs, more studies are being designed and started all of the time. What we do know so far is that CBD oil can help your dog feel younger, happier, healthier and have less pain and does it all without the harmful side effects that other medications can cause.

You wanted recommendations and I promised to give them. So, here we are. My top pick is King Kanine’s King Kalm CBD oil. Available in three different strengths (75 mg, 150 mg and 300 mg), it is one of the highest qualities of organic CBD oil on the market. Mixed with red krill oil for added nutrition, it helps with a wide variety of illnesses, conditions and can also help relieve pain caused by injuries as well.

Also available in a hot spot spray (King Kalm Soothe) the line has CBD treats for dogs that will avoid the oil for whatever reason.

It is important that you still see a vet for any major health concerns and make sure that your dog is current on all vaccinations especially against rabies.

Most dogs tolerate CBD oil very well and there is no risk of overdoing it in any way.  How you give it is up to you. You can use the dropper and give it directly to the dog by mouth. You can also mix the oil in with their food if they would do better that way. Some dogs may not get full benefits of this supplement. Allergic reactions and adverse reactions are extremely rare. Always monitor your dog when giving him anything new.


CBD Oil for French Bulldogs
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