CBD Oil for English Bulldogs – How Can Cannabis Hemp Tincture Help Your Bully.

Wherever you go your English Bulldog gets the smiles and head pats, doesn’t he? It’s just a quick walk you are intending but it ends up feeling like a meet and greet for the local politician and you start to wonder what office your dog is actually running for. Everyone wants to meet him. He wants to meet everyone too!

That’s just one of the wonderful things about this short-snouted, snorty, slobbery breed. They can’t help themselves.

Sure, every now and then you run into someone is afraid of your bulldog and you have to keep from laughing. He is a big guy, after all, built something like a little tank with legs. With only a few exceptions the breed is known for being the ultimate marshmallow dog- quick to puddle into kissy, cuddly wrecks with just the tiniest bit of affection. They will walk their stump of a tail and worm their way right to your very soul and live there forever.

If only they could REALLY live forever…

English Bulldogs make wonderful family pets but before you race out to get one, make sure that you know the things that aren’t so great about the breed first. The things that lead to him being sick, sad and miserable. The things that could end up costing thousands in vet bills.

Here’s a secret: you CAN help your bulldog live a longer, happier life with a simple supplement that will not only help him physically but mentally and emotionally as well.

The supplement is CBD oil and it really isn’t much of a secret these days. In fact, as CBD Drops for Dogs become more and more mainstream even the vets are suggesting it for dog owners just like you!

English Bulldogs: Why We Love Them So Much

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We love our English Bulldogs because they love us so much. Usually pretty calm, especially in the house, these are good family pets with a pleasing temperament and the ability to get along with just about everyone, even strangers. No. The bulldog is not your best bet if you need a guard dog. Sorry, they just don’t work that way.

Build strong and low they tend to put on too much weight especially if they are allowed to just lay around. A fiend for food as much for love, they are quick to learn the fine art of begging for more food and the pounds will just pile on.

This is the kind of dog that is happy wherever he is so he can go from farm to apartment and suburban house without batting an eye. But as much as the English bulldog is a little love bug, he is prone to some pretty serious health conditions. In fact, the bulldog is more prone to several health conditions far more than other breeds.

Common Health Issues with the English Bulldog

Like other short-snouted dog breeds, the English Bulldog is prone to a condition called “brachycephalic complex”. Other breeds like pugs and the Pekinese are prone to this condition but the English Bulldog has the highest risk of this as all.  This scary sounding condition is related to the way his nose works and can result in breathing issues especially when the weather is hot, the air quality is poor or when the dog is overexerted. It is important to keep walks short and time them for the coolest parts of the day.

Another major concern with the English bulldog is a condition called hip dysplasia. This condition is related to how the head of the leg bone fits into the hip socket. In Bulldogs, the legs are set wider apart than other breeds making them more susceptible to this condition. In fact, nearly 70% of English bulldogs end up with some level of hip dysplasia. It is a genetic condition but it can be exacerbated by allowing your dog to get overweight, allowing him to be sedentary or allowing him to jump up and down from furniture. It can lead to arthritis and immobility and is very painful.

Spina bifida, a birth defect of the spine affects bulldogs at a higher rate than any other dog breed. Dogs born with spina bifida may not be able to walk very well or may be completely paralyzed. Others may not be able to control their bladder and bowels. Some dogs may be overly clumsy and prone to injuries.

Wow! That’s some scary stuff, right?

No one wants their dog to ever feel even a little bit of pain. They will do anything to help their dog. Now, the vet may be helpful in some cases but did you know that in some cases the vet is going to make these worse?

Prescription medications can be harmful to your dog!

From stomach upset to vomiting and diarrhea to more serious problems like liver and kidney damage many of the drugs that are given to you by the vet can be more dangerous to your dog and can make him feel even more miserable than he was before.

This is where CBD oil for Dogs Comes to the Rescue!

Green Roads King Calm

Imagine a simple and all natural supplement that you can give to your faithful companion to give him the relief that he needs without all of the dangerous side effects that you and he could do without. Imagine giving your dog back his youth and letting him feel like a puppy once again! Without pain. Without misery. Without nausea and without lethargy. It’s not magic but the results are pretty magical.

How CBD Oil Helps with Hip Dysplasia in English Bulldogs

While CBD Oil can help with all of the major health concerns you have for your dog, let’s look at some specifics so that you get an idea of how well this will work for you.

As described, hip dysplasia causes great amounts of pain. As it progresses, the small pads that protect the head of the leg bone wear away and eventually it is bone on bone grinding. Every time your dog stands, walks or even moves his legs the bones grind in to one another. The pain has to be nearly unreal and it is happening to him all of the time. Every single day. Your poor dog has to be in living torment.

You may notice that he is reluctant to go for walks. He may even refuse to get up for food and water. Your sweet, loving dog who would never even hurt a fly may start growling as the pain makes him more and more miserable.

Hopefully, before you get to this stage you have taken your dog to the vet to confirm that it is hip dysplasia. Now, before you start him on the powerful pain relievers that the vet has prescribed it is time to think hard about the side effects.

This is a dog with serious mobility limitations at this moment.

One of the side effects is possible diarrhea.

You are going to make a dog who has been housebroken for many years take a medicine that is going to force him to either make a painful journey outside or break his training and make him feel guilty because he was a “bad” boy.

Every time you give him the drug it will take time to kick in. Every time he gets up to go outside because of the side effects he is probably setting the relief back by quite a bit.

It is completely unfair.

Powerful Pain Relief, No Side Effects – CBD and English Bulldogs


Studies are still being conducted by the dozens but so far, there have been none that have turned up any side effects from the use of CBD oil that compares to the regular prescription drugs. Side effects are incredibly rare for both humans and dogs but the results can be nothing short of miraculous.

If your dog could walk around without pain, wouldn’t you do anything for him?

CBD oil will not actually treat the dysplasia which sometimes needs surgery and in other times only comfort measures can be used. But, it will treat the major symptom which is pain- pain that keeps your dog from doing things he likes to do and pain that keeps him from sleeping at night.

Within a few days of starting CBD oil, your dog should start feeling better, with less pain. He might even start wanting to go on his walks with you again. After all, he is never going to become mayor while laying on the sofa.

CBD Oil for English Bulldogs – Testimonials

Here is Brutus. He loves to eat ice cream and give slobbery kisses to his “mom” Katlyn. But, he has spina bifida and sometimes he falls down and hurts himself. He can walk slowly on flat surfaces but Katlyn carries him on stairs because he is too much of a fall risk and he can’t really manage. Katyln started him on CBD oil and he has been able to manage some of his coordination problems because he seems more focused.


I’m Dave and this is Tank. I’ve had Tank since he was a tiny puppy which seems like such a long time ago. Tank started getting a little more “tanky” so we started going on more walks and I changed his dog food. I noticed that he wasn’t eating very well anymore and thought he was just pouting. One day he came to me and his front leg gave out and he whimpered. I took the old boy to the vet and they said he had elbow dypslasia and that it was pretty common for bulldogs. They gave him medicine but he was a little drooling zombie and he started having accidents in the house.

A friend of mine told me to try CBD oil so I bought some edibles and now Tank is back to normal again. I will never go back

I’m Trish, this is Trixie. She is 4 years old and she has breast cancer. We started chemo but she was so sick all of the time and couldn’t eat anything. I started her on CBD oil on the advice of one of the vet’s assistants and within days she was up and moving around. At the end of the first week, she was eating again. At the end of the first month she was doing well enough to stop chemo altogether. Thank you!

Recommendations on the Best CBD Oil for English Bulldogs

There are dozens of brands of CBD oil out there. Most of them are made especially for dogs and that’s the first thing you want to look for before making a selection. You also want to make sure that the brand you are buying uses only high quality, hemp derived CBD oil and that any THC that it contains is in low amounts and not the kind that makes you “high”.

One that is highly recommended is from King Kanine and it comes in a variety of forms including oil and edibles. The oils come in a range of strengths that you can choose based on your dog’s size and needs. Dosing is also based on needs. You will get a handy chart that will help you decide exactly how much to start your dog on but don’t worry. You can’t make your dog OD on this stuff like you can with prescription medications.

The CBD oil is suspended in red krill oil which has its own benefits including Omega 3 fatty acids so your dog gets even more nutrients. You can either use the dropper to give this oil directly to your dog or you can put it in his food if he is not good with medicines.

If you opt for the edibles, you can be confident that they were designed to be as nutritious as possible.

We know you want to give your dog the very best in everything from the best food to the best doggy bed. Now you can give him the best medicine for any ailment he has and helps him feel like a puppy all over again.

Hemp For English Bulldogs

CBD Oil for English Bulldogs
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