CBD Oil for German Shepherds – How Cannabis Hemp Tincture Can Help 

Has there ever been a more majestic animal than the noble German Shepherd?

Look at him. He is just sleek and glossy and intimidating. This is a grade A badass dog and he knows it. Just look at that strut.

Of course, you know that when you get him home and slip his leash back off this dog is going to go full on maniac and tear through the house, hit a throw rug and then slide in to the wall where he will turn and look at you, one ear up, one ear down and you will crack up. Majestic. Your foot, right?

Bred to herd sheep and other animals, this working breed is not one to just sit around. In fact, his high energy levels and intelligence make him a challenge to even the most experienced dog owner.

Pretty solidly built, males tend to be heavier and bulkier than females. Thankfully they do not tend to pick up weight unless they are really being underworked and overfed but there are other issues to watch for.

German Shepherds have long held a place in the military and police forces because they are easily trained to whatever task they are asked to do.

Loyal, almost to a fault these are not dogs that like to be left alone especially if they have little kids to guard. You let a German Shepherd fall in love with his hairless puppy brother or sister and it is all over. They will follow that child and fiercely protect him from anything and anybody. That means you, awful big brother, so watch it.

Their large size and insatiable curiosity coupled with intelligence and limitless energy makes them a poor choice for apartments or for less than active households. These are not the kind of dogs that do well tied up on a porch and forgotten, either. Their whole purpose in life is to be near their family and if they can’t do that they are going to be miserable potentially aggressive dogs.

For everything that we know and love about this super popular breed there are a few things we wish weren’t true. Shepherds are prone to a number of life-threatening conditions especially painful ones that affect their spines. They are also prone to serious behavioral issues especially when they are not given enough to do or enough attention.

Don’t panic. There is something super easy and better yet, all-natural that you can give your canine friend to help him to be and feel his best. More about this simple supplement in just a moment.

Shepherd Spines and More

CBD Oil for German Shepherd

Like all dog breeds, German Shepherds are at a risk for a number of conditions. For this breed, the spine seems to be the weak link with conditions including degenerative myelopathy and spondylosis deformans being two of the serious health risks this otherwise easy-care dog breed may face.

Degenerative myelopathy is a degenerative disease which means that it continues to get worse over time. Nerves along the spinal column are damaged and cannot communicate with the brain meaning that many functions can be affected from mobility to urinary continence and even sensation. Your dog can be in great pain or can be nearly numb and at risk for injuries that could lead to serious infection because he no longer feels it.

Spondylosis Deformans is a condition where small to large bony growths form along the spine. This can lead to compression of the spinal cord and may lead to mobility issues, pain and more.

Shepherds are also at risk for digestive issues including Irritable Bowel Disease. Like in humans, he may have diarrhea one day and then be constipated the next.

Your Dog Does Not Have to Suffer

Like most dog owners, you would do anything for your dog, right? Of course, you would.

But, what if the first thing that is suggested to you makes your dog feel even worse? Would you keep giving it even though you’re not improving your dog’s life just because the vet said so?

Or, would you look for an alternative?

I’m sure that you would look for whatever is the best solution for your dog. Once your vet has found the cause of the pain that your dog is feeling the next step will be to relieve that pain. Most vets will suggest prescription pain medication which when it works is fine but there are problems.

Some dogs do not respond to pain meds. Some dogs will be lethargic and miserable. Others will vomit and be miserable. No one sounds like they are having relief here, do they?

How about something all-natural? How about a supplement that has been shown to not only be super effective but to have no side effects at all? Wouldn’t you much prefer that option?

That option has helped thousands of dogs some with painful and long-term conditions and some with chronic behavior issues. Others are just getting over injuries. It doesn’t matter the how or the why. What does matter is that they are getting help and your dog can get help too.

CBD Oil for German Shepherds is Not Magic But…

Green Roads King Calm

For centuries people have used the hemp plant for dozens and dozens of things. Like its cousin, marijuana, hemp was found to have medicinal qualities for countless ailments but especially things like pain control. People started giving the oil to their dogs as an answer to the expensive and sometimes dangerous prescription drugs and they were shocked by what happened next.

(Scary Music. Gasp! What happened next?)

What happened next is simple: dogs starting feeling better, younger and healthier. They started playing like puppies again. They chased invisible bunnies in their sleep and went on adventures with the hairless puppy siblings again.

Don’t you want that for your dog too?

Before I tell you more, let’s hear from these folks.

I’m Doug Bronson and my German Shepherd is Skipper. He has a long, fancy name that came on his papers but to me he is just Skipper. Him and I were on the police force together. Yep, Skipper was a cop. We were brought in to sniff a suspicious vehicle and he was working his way around the car when the driver started acting a little antsy. The other units were on the way but what we didn’t know is that the wife of one of the guys had alerted his friends. Two men in a van came up and shot twice. All I remember was being shoved down hard. I opened my eyes convinced that I had been shot. It wasn’t me. Skipper had jumped in front of and the impact was his body pushing me backwards. He takes a bullet and I get a concussion out of the deal.  While he was recovering, I gave Skipper CBD oil and he was able to move around with less pain and he seemed to be up and about faster than I would have thought.

Without Skipper there I might have never come home to my wife and our new little boy. I will give him whatever he needs to be happy.

-Doug Bronson

Elsa is the best dog in the world but she started having some real problems whenever I went to work. I had a dog walker come in twice a day, bought her puzzle boxes to hide treats in and did everything I could think of doing but she was still having separation anxiety. I read an article about CBD oil for dogs and I knew that people were taking it for seizures and other issues for themselves. The article said that it helped relieve some anxiety and could help dogs cope with being left alone by helping them feel calmer. I tried it and my Elsa didn’t seem to be as upset when I left in the morning. The dog walker said that on the first few days there was no change but by day three Elsa was mellow and relaxed when she came in and seemed to be just a more normal dog.

-Elsa’s mom

From a Former Cop to a Nervous Wreck and Look at the Results…

German Sheperd CBD Oil

Look, prescription medicines are good at some things but most are designed to treat one condition and one condition alone. The side effects are frightening and can cause long term issues like liver and kidney failure and more. That’s not to mention the price tag you get with these meds. I mean, it’s like they don’t really want you to give them to your dog at all.

The benefits of CBD oil in dogs cannot be overstated. Whether your dog has cancer, a genetic disease or has been injured in some way, CBD oil can help.

Side effects? You won’t find them here. In fact, in all of the studies that have been done, are being done and will be done there has not been any cases of side effects at all. None. That alone is amazing.

It’s not the only amazing thing though.

Did you know that CBD oil is one of the few things in the world that makes tumors shrink? It can also help prevent cancer from starting or from spreading from one place to another.

Even in a perfectly healthy dog, CBD oil has its benefits.

With all of that being said, don’t you want to do everything you can for your dog? Think of the things he has done for you. Isn’t he completely worth it?

Recommendations on the Best CBD Oil for German Shepherds

Before I get to the recommendations let me give you a few warnings.

Don’t ignore warning signs and symptoms of potentially serious illnesses even if you know you are going to give CBD oil. If you see something wrong with your dog, take him to a vet and find out what it is. Sometimes CBD oil is enough. Sometimes you need the vet’s care plus the benefits of this supplement.

That’s why they call it a supplement.

Always look for organic CBD oil because otherwise, the risk of getting inferior products with additives is pretty high.

Look at the label to see how much THC is listed and if it lists what type. There are many different types of THC which is the compound in marijuana that makes you feel high. Actually, it is only one of the compounds that get you high. The rest does not. Still, it is best to look for hemp derived CBD oil with a very low THC count.

Look for a brand that is established for dogs rather than one that “branched” out from selling to humans to also selling to dogs.

Dosing charts should be clear and easy to read in whatever brand you are looking at. While it is impossible to overdose your dog on CBD oil, you want to give him the right amount for his size and the main condition you are working to treat.

Finally, look for a brand that gives you options for giving the oil to your dog. Some are champion medicine takers while others will fight and will refuse anything that might remotely help them out of sheer spite.

My choice for my dogs and my recommendation for yours:

King Kanine.

Available in a number of different strengths, the King Kanine CBD oil is only the highest quality, hemp derived oil suspended in red krill oil. Rich in Omega 3 fatty acids, red krill oil is an extra layer of good nutrition for your dog’s overall health.

In addition to the oil King Kanine has a number of other CBD products including edibles, a paw balm that soothes as it heals and a spray that can be used to treat skin conditions like hot spots and more. If your dog is chewing and gnawing at one spot until he is bald and the skin is inflamed he will need medication to keep from getting an infection. The benefit of this product is that it relieves pain while it helps to heal.

Give your dog the best for his health and happiness. Start today.

Hemp For German Shepherds

CBD Oil for German Shepherds
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