CBD Oil for Golden Retrievers – How Cannabis Hemp Tincture Can Help Goldens

Golden Retrievers are one of the most popular breeds of dogs, and they are often the life of the family. They are loyal, good with children, and sweet; as soon as you walk in the door, your golden retriever is there wagging their tail. However, just like many other pedigree dogs, Golden Retrievers are impacted by a lot of health conditions, and if you have a Golden, at some point you will become concerned about their health.

Luckily, CBD, or cannabidiol, is a natural remedy that can help with many of the conditions that Golden Retrievers experience. CBD is a natural substance that comes from hemp plants, and it promotes wellness without any of the psychoactive or intoxicating affects you may associate with hemp; it is a perfectly safe remedy for your dog. In fact, CBD contains the very molecules that give the cannabis plant its recreational and medical properties.

There are many stories of personal experiences with CBD that have helped family pets, and there are successful CBD pet products that have been developed. These products can especially help with some of the conditions that Golden Retrievers experience throughout their lifetimes. CBD is available in the form of oil or capsules that you can put directly on your dog’s tongue, or add to their food dish during dinner time.

Background of Golden Retrievers


Goldens are often considered to be the perfect family dog and are known for their gentle temper and loving nature. Golden Retrievers were bred in Scotland by a man known as Sir Dudley Courts Marjoribank, who was a businessman and politician as well as a lord. He was also a hunter who, as he was looking for a new hunting companion, purchased the single yellow retriever he encountered out of a litter of black retrievers.

He trained the yellow retriever to be loyal and obedient as they hunted together, and also trained it to be a calm, well-tempered pet for his family. As he continued buying yellow retrievers and breeding them with Tweed Water Spaniels and other kinds of retrievers, the end result because a loyal, playful hunting dog that had a golden, wavy coat. By 2011, Marjoribank’s popular retriever was recognized as the Golden Retriever.

Conditions that Commonly Affect Golden Retrievers

Elbow and Hip Dysplasia

As a large dog breed, Goldens commonly deal with dysplasia of the hip and elbows. Hip dysplasia is caused by a genetic malformation and creates grinding in the hip joint over time (or as the dog gets older), which leads to pain and arthritis, or lameness. Elbow dysplasia occurs when the bones of the elbows grow at different rates, and this too leads to inflammation and pain.


Like many other breeds, Goldens are prone to epilepsy, which causes seizures of varying intensities and severities.

Gastric Dilation-Volvulus (GDV)

This is another condition that impacts many large dog breeds. GDV is caused by a twisting of the stomach that blocks normal blood flow to the heart. Unfortunately, GDV can lead to death.

Ear Infections

Goldens have the combination of a natural love for water and big, floppy ears. While both are lovable aspects of the breed, Goldens are known to regularly deal with ear infections, because those floppy ears retain much of the moisture they encounter while swimming in water.

Obesity and Weight Issues

Goldens are known for their healthy appetites, and given that they’re a family member, there are many opportunities to feed them. However, they require lots of regular and intense exercise, and if they don’t receive it, Goldens have the ability to quickly and easily put on weight and even become obese. This can lead to all kinds of other health problems.

Heart Disease

15% of all Golden Retrievers end up with some aspect of heart disease throughout their lifetimes. These aspects include chronic valve disease, cardiomyopathy, and others, and they are exemplified if the dog is overweight or obese.


This condition affects young dogs who are still growing, and it affects the joints (most commonly the elbows and the shoulders) and is characterized by the failure of cartilage to develop into the bone as the dog grows. As the dog gets older, this can lead to many complications, including lameness, reduced range of motion, and joint effusion.

Subvalvular Aortic Stenosis

This is another heart condition that impacts Goldens, in which a narrow connection occurs between the left ventricle of the dog’s heart and the aorta. The effects of this condition are extreme; it can lead to sudden fainting, and sometimes sudden death.

Progressive Retinal Atrophy (PRA)

This disease impacts dogs in their eyes; it causes the gradual deterioration of the retina, which unfortunately eventually leads to blindness.

Separation Anxiety

Since Goldens were bred to be very loyal and to be a member of the family, they can become very attached to their owners, and to multiple people who are consistently in their lives. When they are separated for a long time from these people, this is a big issue. Common signs of this condition include chewing, digging, constant whining, and barking when left alone.  Read more about CBD Oil and Anxiety.

How Can CBD Oil Help Golden Retrievers?

When families receive the news that their Golden Retriever is affected by one or several of the conditions above, they turn to research to find out if they can help their sweet family dog. Depending on the condition, the situation may be fatal, no big deal, or it might be something that can heal over time. There are several ways that CBD may help with some of the most common conditions that impact Golden Retrievers.

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CBD can help control metabolism and appetite and helps regulate the storage of fat. As Golden Retrievers are prone to having issues with weight, this may help them from becoming obese and from developing arthritis, heart conditions, and other accompanying problems that come with being overweight.

To help relieve the separation anxiety that many Goldens experience, CBD is also believed to help block serotonin in the brain, which is what some anti-anxiety medications do, and it can also help reduce fear, decrease stress, and improve mood. CBD can also promote cell growth in the hippocampus, which is a key part of the brain that has a role in depression and anxiety.

When it comes to arthritis, which is common among Goldens, CBD also has powerful anti-inflammatory and powerful pain-relieving effects. This makes it a viable option for treating arthritis, as well.

CBD Oil for Golden Retrievers with Weight Issues or Obesity

As discussed, obesity is a common problem with Goldens. As a large dog breed that has a healthy appetite yet requires intense and long periods of exercise, it can be hard for both the dog and their family to keep up with the demands.

At its center, obesity is an energy imbalance that also occurs with humans; it is caused by taking in more calories than are burned throughout the day. When calories aren’t burned, they are stored around throughout the body as fat.

When a dog begins to put on more and more weight, they increase their risk for developing a wide variety of problems, including heart conditions, which Goldens are already prone to, Type 2 Diabetes, respiratory conditions, and some kinds of cancer. There is also more stress put on the joints, which can lead to arthritis.

Obviously, the best way to reduce the risk of obesity for dogs is the same as it is for humans: with a healthy diet and copious amounts of exercise. However, new research shows that CBD can help control metabolism and appetite; if your Golden ingests CBD, it may want—and need—to eat less.

Researchers have noted that CBD has three main effects on fat storage within the body: it helps stimulate the proteins and genes that break down fat; it promotes the activity and growth of mitochondria, which are involved in burning energy in a direct way; and it breaks down a specific protein that has a big part in the creation of new fat stores.

While CBD oil or supplements won’t magically help your dog slim down, it can be a positive addition to a healthy diet and exercise plan as it helps your Golden control their appetite and burn fat.

CBD Oil for Golden Retrievers who have Separation Anxiety

Goldens love their family and are very loyal. While they are popular due to their loving nature and companionship, these characteristics can also lead to big behavioral problems, the core of which is separation anxiety. When left alone, Goldens often bark, howl, whine and chew or tear things apart. Upon your return, they can get so excited that they can’t control their bladder or bowel movements. Other signs of separation anxiety include digging, trying to escape from either the house or the yard, and incessant panting.

A lot of research has been conducted to explore the role of CBD as an anxiety treatment, and not just for humans, but for dogs as well. CBD helps promote cell growth in a key part of the brain, the hippocampus, which is a part that has also been studied for its role in depression and anxiety. The compound can help decrease stress, improve mood, and reduce fear in many animals, dogs included. CBD may have a positive impact on your retriever if you give them a supplement before you leave the house.

CBD for Golden Retrievers who Suffer from Arthritis

Canine arthritis is very common; some estimates say that it affects up to 25% of all dogs, and Goldens aren’t exempt. There are many diseases that cause joint degeneration and joint pain. All forms of arthritis, no matter the disease, cause chronic inflammation in the joints. This leads to stiffness and pain in those areas.

The joints that dogs have are susceptible to arthritis. The most common type in dogs is osteoarthritis, which is also known as Degenerative Joint Disease (DJD), which is caused by the degeneration of cartilage in the joint. DJD occurs due to wear and tear, and tends to affect older dogs.

If your Golden has arthritis, you may be able to tell due to these common symptoms: stiffness, slowness in getting up or laying down, reluctance to go on walks, limping or weird walking, excessive panting, reduced mobility, and sleeping more than usual.

Luckily, CBD can be effective at helping dogs who have joint pain or arthritis. Studies have shown that CBD has powerful anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving effects across many different types of animals; this makes it a viable potential solution for treating arthritis symptoms.

Things to Keep in Mind as you Treat Your Dog with CBD

While CBD is a viable solution for many dogs that suffer diseases and conditions, dogs are more sensitive, and require a smaller dosage than humans. CBD is non-toxic and non-psychoactive, so there is no danger of causing an overdose; however, it’s recommended to be careful and to use structure as you assess how your Golden responds. The exact dose will depend on the Golden’s condition, their size, and the strength of the oil or supplement you are using.

If your Golden Retriever suffers from many of the conditions that tend to impact the breed, CBD is a viable solution that you may be able to turn to. To be clear, CBD won’t get your Golden “buzzed”; the compound that causes the psychoactive effects of marijuana is THC, and is a completely different compound. CBD is safe, reliable, and is not psychoactive; CBD interacts with the endocannabinoid system, or ECS, and all mammals naturally have this system in their bodies. Cannaboid receptors are also found throughout the body, not just in the brain.

Much research has been done surrounding CBD and the benefits it may offer. It can be tolerated better than many standard medications, and not only does it reduce stress and fear, but it can also reduce inflammation all throughout the body, including in organs such as the brain, the pancreas, lungs, and joints.

CBD has been widely accepted as a medicine that is safe, well-tolerated, and reliable for both humans and animals. If your dog is suffering, CBD may be a viable option available to you, and there are oils and capsules that are available to you today.

CBD Oil for Golden Retrievers
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