CBD Oil for Labrador Retrievers – How Cannabis Hemp Tincture Can Help Labs

If you have ever asked who chewed on the stairway carpeting; you might have a Labrador. If you have ever slipped on a shoe only to find that it was filled with drool; you might have a Lab. If you spend your day laughing and shaking your head at the antics of a giant goofus of a dog, you definitely have a Labrador Retriever.

Bet you wouldn’t trade him for a million bucks would you?

The Labrador Retriever was born to be your best friend. He doesn’t care if you are doing hard work. He thrives on it. Wet, marshy duck blinds in the early morning lights? Count him in! Chasing balls that don’t even belong to him? Oh yeah, baby. That’s the kind of stuff he is done for.

The entire breed from the chocolate to the black to the yellow all seem to have one goal in mind: having fun.

Perfect for active families, the Labrador Retriever is not the best dog choice for everyone.

Couch potato? Pass him by.

Not a fan of drooly kisses and getting knocked flat by a thick rope of a tail that never stops wagging?

Maybe not the dog for you.

Need a loyal companion that will romp in the yard, on the beach or through the woods?

He’s your guy.

Labrador Retrievers: Bred for Love

Heavy, stocky and a bit on the larger size, this is a whole lot of dog with a whole lot of love. Because he is so strong it might be necessary to send him to doggy obedience training because untrained he can be dangerous based on size alone. They tend to be big on jumping up on people. They can knock down toddlers with their tail. They also can be naughty if they aren’t exercised enough. Labrador Retrievers also tend to be pretty bad about chewing on things they are not supposed to especially shoes. Of all of the damage-prone dogs in the world, these guys are right at the top.

For all of their charming good looks, their sleek coat and their bursting with personality, bright eyes Labs do tend to have more than their share of some serious health concerns.

Don’t freak out though! Most of these health conditions can be easily managed with a simple, all-natural supplement.

The Most Common Ailments of the Labrador Retrievers

Already pretty stocky, labs tend to put on pounds more easily than other breeds making them at high risk for obesity and obesity-related illnesses like diabetes and heart failure. Labs may also have other issues including:

  • Bloat. This painful, often fatal condition is common among Labs. The stomach and sometimes parts of the intestine become twisted and swollen leading to a number of health issues. Once a dog has had bloat once he is at a much higher risk for it for the rest of his life.
  • Ear infections. Because of their long, floppy ears the lab may be prone to more ear infections than other breeds. The breed is also a huge fan of swimming and romping in water, mud or whatever looks fun to him. Making sure that his ears are clean and dry as much as possible is one way to keep infections from starting.

They are also highly prone to joint issues like hip, elbow, or shoulder dypslasia and knee problems. These can get worse if the dog is overweight. Finally, labs are prone to a variety of cancers as well as anxiety.

I’m about to reveal the secret supplement that can help your dog live a better, healthier and happier life. You ready?

Every condition listed in the section above should be diagnosed by a vet but…

Did you know that the vet’s best treatment options might not be what is actually best for your pet? Keep reading.

You need to know what is wrong with your dog when he starts acting differently. If your usual bright and bouncy boy is just sighing and flopping down, he might be anxious or he might be sick. If you are noticing that he can’t make it up the stairs in one try or he just skips them altogether now, he might be in pain or he might be afraid of them now.

The truth is, while you can tell there is something wrong with your dog by yourself you can’t determine what that something is. For that, you need a vet.

CBD Oil for Anxiety and Behavioral Issues in Labs

Green Roads King Calm

Did you know that dogs feel anxious sometimes, just like humans? And just like humans, occasional anxiety can become a more and more frequent thing until they are anxious nearly all of the time. Imagine feeling overwhelmed, tense and anxious and not being able to say anything because you are a dog. The frustration alone must be maddening!

Anxiety can cause a number of behavioral issues like wetting where they shouldn’t (the owners bed, random corners) vomiting, random barking spells and more. Any behavior that is out of the ordinary for your dog should be investigated and monitored to see if you can figure out the cause.

Left untreated, the anxiety can become more pronounced and you might see even more troubling behaviors like food guarding, hoarding and aggression. Sadly, at this point growling and even snapping at family members could become an issue.

Even sadder? Some families give up and give their dog away or send her to the pound where she is virtually marked for death as “untrainable” or worse as a bite risk.

Don’t give up on your lab just yet!

You have loved her like a family member up to this point and now when she needs you the absolute most you are going to turn your back on her. Please don’t do that.

Treating Anxiety with CBD Oil and Positive Reinforcement

After a trip to the vet to be assured, there is nothing physically wrong with your dog, you can start looking at ways to help her anxiety. The vet might suggest expensive prescription medications. The side effects on most of those are unreal and actually sound as bad or even worse than the condition they are meant to treat.

One common anti-anxiety med will dope your dog up so much that she will just lay on the floor and slowly wag her tail at you. Does that sound like a Labrador Retriever to you?

On the other hand, CBD oil (CBD Oil for Dogs Reviews) which is not only all-natural but has no known side effects may help you get your dog back to the bright and happy girl she was before. I’m going to tell you about my Charlotte but before I do, let’s hear from these folks and their lovely doggos.

Testimonials of CBD Oil Use With Labradors

This is Lexie. Isn’t she the prettiest girl? She is a yellow lab, 7 years old. She used to jump in my truck so happy that she was going that she rocked the thing. Lately ol’ Lex is slowing down and the last fishing trip she didn’t really make it to the lake very well. Seemed to take her a day or two to get rested up after that one too. She has arthritis in both legs and her right, front leg so it hurts her and she never even let on that it was happening to her. If I hadn’t caught her limping one day, I might have never known. I started giving her CBD oil because my sister takes it for her own pain and the change has been unreal. Ol’ Lexie is back to jumping around and stealing water guns from the little boy next door. Nothing makes me happier than seeing them boys chasing this giant yellow ray of sunshine and her wagging tail.

-Dave Smith

Hi. I’m Noel and this is Jesse James. I call him by a bunch of different names and he answers to pretty much all of them. On a walk about a month ago I noticed that Jesse stepped down strangely and then he just stood there, his eyes wide. He couldn’t move his back leg. I looked and there was a weird swelling that appeared all of a sudden. He took a slow step and the swelling was gone and he limped on home. I took him to the vet and the xrays showed that he had a condition called patellar luxation where the knee slips in and out of the place it belongs. The swelling was actually his knee cap! The vet said it was pretty painful so they gave him some pain pills. The nearly choked on the first one and then threw it up when he finally managed to swallow it. Two days later this poor dog is just nuts. I drive him back to the vet and they said he was probably allergic to the meds and suggested another one. This time I came home and ordered CBD oil instead. I don’t know much about dog kneecaps but I do know my dog. Jesse James can walk for miles now without a single yelp or a single limp.


Convinced yet? Maybe you should hear about me and my Charlotte.

My girl was one of 4 pups getting ready to be carted off to the pound. She barked and then ran toward me to greet me, tripped over her oversized feet and fell right on over. She was back up and racing without missing a beat and that tail? That tail of hers never stopped moving not once.

I had my fair share of problems with this dog. Loved to eat plastic- water bottles, peanut butter jars, you name it. You couldn’t put stuff high enough for this gigantic dog to not reach it. I bought special trash cans and she figured them out within days. Dog gates? Hopped right over them. This was a smart dog. Sadly she ended up with a bad case of stomach upset. I figured it was just her plastic eating catching up to her and took her to the vet.


When someone tells you that your dog has cancer it takes the very light out of your soul. Since it was pretty well advanced and not really a treatable cancer I brought her home and decided that she would live her best life right up to the end. To help combat pain and to help her keep her appetite up I gave her CBD oil. She liked the edibles better because no cancer was ever going to keep Miss Charlotte from a cookie.

I wish I could say it healed her and that she lived to be 100 years old. Even the best of the good girls end up having to cross the Rainbow Bridge at some point but until she did, until she sighed and then sank in to my arms, heavy and still warm she was as happy as she could be and we owe that to the CBD oil.

You Want a Recommendation? Here’s one to try:

Everyone is talking about CBD oil but one thing you won’t be hearing about is side effects. Very rarely will you find a dog that is sensitive or allergic to it and very rarely will you find one that is not helped by this all-natural, organic oil.

And since everyone is talking you are probably going to hear a lot of different brand names and fancy terms. Don’t get weighed down by information overload. The brand that I am recommending today is King Kanine for a lot of reasons.

  • Only high quality, hemp derived CBD oil is used in all of their products from the oil to the edibles.
  • The edibles are created by professionals to deliver quality CBD oil plus the maximum nutritional value possible.
  • All oils are available in a number of sizes and strengths. It’s super simple to find the right one for your dog based on needs and size.
  • Easy to give oils can be dropped into your dog’s mouth or mixed with his food.

I trusted Charlotte with my heart. She trusted me with her health. I trusted King Kanine to help her when she needed it.

Hemp For Labrador

CBD Oil for Labrador Retrievers
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