CBD Oil for Loss of Appetite in Dogs – Cannabis Hemp Tincture Can Help Stimulate Hunger

There are dogs that are voracious eaters, willing to stick their snout in the bowl of whatever is in front of them, barely gulping enough air to stay alive and then shoving the licked clean bowl around the entire kitchen in hopes of just one more morsel. There are dogs who will turn their nose up at nearly everything except for the super high priced stuff that you bought out of desperation that one time.

Some dogs alternate between the two so you never know what is going to happen at mealtime. When a dog goes more than a meal or two without eating (or in the case of the garbage pail dog, one meal) it might be time for concern. It is important that you pay attention to your dog’s eating habits and his overall health before it becomes a serious issue.

When your dog walks away from a food bowl after a bite or two or doesn’t eat at all the first question should always be why. If the answer is that he doesn’t like that food, that’s a simple fix. If that is not the answer, it is time to look at other possible reasons.

Before we get into how CBD Oil can stimulate appetite in dogs we should learn a little more about why your dog may not be eating.

Why is This Dog Not Eating?

There can be a lot of minor and major reasons a dog is not eating. Minor reasons:

  • It’s too hot. Hot weather can make some dogs feel a little nauseous. They may also be drinking more water than usual which may make them feel full.
  • They have eaten something else that you don’t know about. Some dogs are champions at finding foods they should not have. They may root through the garbage cans and find some tasty morsels. They may have found the cat’s food or worse, the cat litter which some dogs think is a fine delicacy worthy of Mother’s best china and chintz napkins.
  • They are holding a grudge for that trip to the vet yesterday.
  • They are suspicious and think that you are hiding medicine in the food. While some dogs will gulp down their food and not even care others are going to question why he is suddenly getting this food even if he has had it a hundred times before.

Major reasons for loss of appetite:

  • He has pain in his mouth or throat. Being unable to chew makes even the most delightful foods a little less appealing. Loose or broken teeth, sore gums and sore jaws are only part of what can be going on in a dog’s mouth. An infected tooth can be extremely painful and may be causing more than just loss of appetite.
  • Ear infection. An ear infection can take away a dog’s appetite by making it hurt to chew especially on the side with the infected ear.
  • Stomach pain, nausea. Like humans, the thought of trying to eat while feeling queasy is not a good one. Dogs will refuse to eat and may go outside to eat grass until they vomit to help relieve the feeling.
  • Serious injury. No matter where the dog’s injury might be, his pain may be too much to bear and may take away all of his interest in eating at all.
  • Serious illness. There are a number of serious illnesses that can cause loss of appetite including cancer.
  • Medication side effects. Some medicines can cause loss of appetite in addition to vomiting, diarrhea and stomach pain.

Most of these are serious enough to warrant immediate veterinary attention.

Changes to Make at Home to Stimulate the Appetite

The first step to improving your dog’s appetite is to find out what is wrong and fix that. If there is nothing physically wrong he could be depressed or anxious both of which could negatively affect the appetite. Consider when the last time you changed your dog’s food was. If the change came recently maybe he doesn’t care for the new food or maybe you made the change too quickly. Most brands suggest making a gradual change so that it does not shock the dog’s digestive system. Mix the old and the new about 50/50 and then 60/40 new to old and continue until the food is just the new one. On the other hand, some dogs get bored with the same old dog food so maybe a change is in order. Use the same method to change foods.

Consider using mix ins to entice your dog. A few spoonfuls of broth over regular dry dog can make it more like canned food and may be more interesting to him. Mix dry and canned food together to vary the texture although some dogs will eat the canned food and leave the dry food behind. Weird dogs may eat the dry food and leave the canned food behind.

Make sure that his dog dish is clean. Some people forget that the dishes they use for their dog’s food and water needs to be washed frequently, preferably daily. If not, they can absorb odors, retain germs and may even cause the dog to get sick. Plastic bowls are notorious for holding the odors in and it can get to the point that the dog will just not be interested in anything that is in there. Stainless steel is better because it does not pit and hold in germs and is easier to clean. Water stays colder for longer in a stainless steel bowl and most can be put through the dishwasher to make them even more sanitary.

Time the meals so that the dog expects to get food at a certain time. Taking him for a short walk right before his meal time will stimulate his metabolism and will also help make more room in his system for more food. This will also trigger his appetite because he will associate the walk with time for food. When he goes on his walk he knows that food will be the next thing. His brain will take over from there, sending signals to the stomach that it is time to eat. The stomach, in turn, will churn out some stomach acid and will stimulate the salivary glands. A disruption in the routine can change all of these signals up and may cause the dog to lose his appetite.

Some dogs get so tied up to a routine that they will not eat if their dish is not in the right place or if they were given the wrong bowl. If there is more than one dog in the house, they will have their pick of bowls and will get angry if you feed them from the “wrong” bowl.

Adding CBD Oil to Stimulate the Appetite

Loss of Appetite in Dogs

If you mention cannabis products to most people they will roll their eyes and make stereotyped jokes about the pot smoking stoner who is constantly looking for cookies and chips because he has the munchies. CBD is different in that it does not cause a “high” and does not cause the ravenous hunger that makes a person think a potato chip and bologna sandwich is a good thing. Instead, it is a more gentle appetite stimulant that encourages dogs to eat without making them go hog wild.

CBD is a product of cannabis, a compound that is found in all of the plants in the family. CBD that comes from hemp is not psychoactive- there is no high involved. There are a number of differences between hemp and marijuana even though they are both in the same plant family.

Hemp has been grown and used for many things for hundreds of years. It has been used for making rope and other fibers. It has been used for clothing. Both hemp and marijuana have been used for medicine in the past. But, hemp has never been altered or modified by growers. The plant is pretty much the same as it has always been. Marijuana, on the other hand, has been modified in many, many ways. Growers may breed plants to grow bigger. They may cross breed different strains. The overall goal is to create a plant with the highest concentration of THC. THC is what makes you high.

It is very important and should be repeated time and time again: THC, at any level, is dangerous to dogs and should be avoided at all cost. The CBD is not dangerous. The health benefits are numerous and includes the appetite stimulation described here as well as infection control, immune system support and possibly the prevention and treatment of cancer. More studies are being done to confirm preliminary findings that CBD can shrink tumors and may also make cancer cells die by starving them.

Another way that CBD oil can help with your dog’s appetite comes from the way it helps with his mood. CBD works with something called serotonin in the brain. This helps people and dogs to feel happier and can reduce the symptoms of depression and anxiety.

There are several ways to give CBD Oil (some might call it marijuana oil for dogs) to your dog. Before you start any of them consult with the vet to make sure there are no risk factors. CBD while safe on its own may interact with some medications. You can give the oil directly via dropper. You can also give CBD oil by mixing it in with the dog food. Make sure that your dog does not have any food allergies or that you keep them in mind when choosing a CBD oil. One of the more popular oils that is used is krill oil which while highly nutritious can be a problem with dogs that have seafood or shellfish allergies.

You can also give CBD treats and other edibles. Most dogs will at least take a treat even if they are not feeling 100% like eating at that moment. If you can tempt him to take one of these treats he may start feeling like eating in less than an hour. Make sure that any treat you offer is organic and made with high-quality ingredients. It should also mention that the CBD is derived from hemp somewhere on the label. If not, make sure that it is THC free before feeding it to your dog. To repeat, no THC for dogs, ever.

Too Much of a Good Thing – CBD Oil for Loss of Appetite in Dogs

Once your dog’s appetite is back to normal you will want to watch that he doesn’t swing in the other direction and start eating too much. It is important that you keep his portions to the correct size and not try to overcompensate for all of the meals he “missed”. If has truly lost so much weight that it is concerning the vet will give you tips on how to refeed him without stressing his system, making him sick or making him gain weight too fast. Overfeeding tends to backfire especially for a dog who has had a low appetite for an extended period of time. Since their system has been in shut down mode, they may not have the ability to properly digest this food at all. They may end up throwing it all back up and then they may start refusing to eat again out of fear.

These dogs may also be at higher risk for stomach torsion which is a twisting of the stomach. It is a painful, life threatening condition that kills many dogs. Dogs that tend to eat too quickly are also at risk for this. There are special bowls and devices you can use to slow your dog down if he is a super fast eater.

Once his appetite is stabilized you can slightly lower the dose of CBD and use it to maintain his good health. He will benefit from the compound and you will be protecting him from other health risks at the same time.  Make the CBD part of his daily routine which should include good food, plenty of fresh air and exercise, fresh water and unlimited love.

CBD Oil for Loss of Appetite in Dogs
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