Charlee Bear Grain Free Bear Crunch Treats Review

The Charlee Bear Grain Free Bear Crunch Treats come with three flavor profiles. These include bacon and blueberry, chicken, pumpkin and apple and the turkey and sweet potato cranberry flavor. The treats will prove to be a solid option when it comes to a low-calorie approach. Thus, each treat comes with only 3 calories which means they represent the healthy option. Even more, you will be glad to know that the treats will not leave any stains or smell in your pockets and this comes with many solid advantages.

Characteristics and recommended use

The treats come in packs of 350 pieces. This means that they will come with 1050 total calories and a healthy option for so many alternatives on the market. You can purchase the treats in packs of three or six and this means that you will be able to stock them and use them when needed.

A good time to use them is with basic training. Thus, when you are training your dog you don’t want to constantly reward it with caloric treats. This is why with just 3 calories per treat, they can represent one of the best solutions for long-term training. You can also take them to the park with you and the best news is that they won’t leave any grease or smells in your pockets. Thus, finding the best options in terms of health and low impact on the owner has never been so close. The treats will prove to be a good solution for the busy owners as well. As some days you will not have time to prepare the healthy treats your dog needs, you will have to consider them as a handy option. Since they are dry, they will also last longer in storage.

With 350 delicious treats per bag, you will be able to use them as one of the best solutions when it comes to rewarding your dog on the long term. Since they are made for pockets as they don’t stain or leave smells, they will be best used when away from home. For example, when you go to a park or on a hike, you might want to carry some treats with you to reward the dog for good behavior. The treats can also work as extra motivation when needed. This means that you can use them for either training purposes or simply to keep your dog going on long walks.

The Charlee Bear Grain Free Bear Crunch Treats represent a good option in terms of value and caloric impact. With 350 treats in each bag, your dog will be ready to go in any occasion. When it comes to keeping the calories as low as possible, there are just a few options which can match the 3 calories per treat ratio. This will also mean that your dog will stay healthier for longer with no risk of obesity. Thus, any training routine will become easier with the right healthy treats.

Charlee Bear Grain Free Bear Crunch Treats Review
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