Buy Christmas Dog Cookies by Caudia's Santa Paws as a special holiday treat or pet stocking stuffer
Your dog and your dog owner friends will flip this holiday over Canine Treats by Claudia with this bright box of Christmas Dog Cookies!

Claudia’s Christmas Dog Cookies Review by Simply Pets

Claudia’s Canine Cuisine Santa Paws Christmas Dog Cookies represent one of the quality treats you can choose for your dog. Made with human-grade ingredients, the treats will prove to be among the recommended options when it comes to a taste which is hard to match. Each pack will come with 50 gourmet treats and it can thus represent a good option for special occasions such as Christmas.

Reasons to Buy Santa Paws Christmas Dog Cookies

Each pack of Claudia’s Canine Cuisine Santa Paws Classic Dog Cookies thus comes with 50 delicious treats for your dog. The total weight of these treats is 283g and this means that they can work for multiple servings as well.

The treats come in the different cookie shapes and this can add a degree of identity which is not common on this market. The baked goods are made in the USA to a high standard. Thus, they are baked with human-grade ingredients to ensure the best nutrition for your pet. A box of treats thus represents a good option when you look for a Christmas gift for a dog owner. Even more, they will be among the best options in terms of variation both in terms of taste and in terms of looks.

The treats will represent a great solution when you are actually training your dog. Even when you rehearse simple tricks, they can represent a solid option as a reward. There are some characteristics you need to know though. Since the treats are healthy, they don’t come with added preservatives. This means that you will be able to use them for a short period and that once you open the pack, you would have to store them as regular food not as dry food. The best bet is to simply feed them to the dog.

As a gift, Simply Pets is always searching for the best holiday pet supplies and products on the market. These Christmas dog cookies and treats can represent an interesting option for the Christmas time. If you are visiting family or friends with dogs, it might be one of the top ideas when it comes to finding the best gift. With a small number of delicious treats which also look good, you will be able to find the best solution as a Christmas gift that dogs will love.

Claudia’s Canine Cuisine Santa Paws Classic Dog Cookies are one of the most inspiring healthy Christmas treats. With various shapes and sizes, the treats are made with human-grade ingredients and they can represent a good option for any dog. The pack will contain 50 treats with a total weight of 283 grams which will mean they will not last too long. The good news is that they should not last too long once the pack is opened. This is due to the fact that the treats come with no preservatives and this will place them among the healthiest options on the market. Furthermore, they can represent one of the best options when it comes to treating your dog with a special reward over the holidays.

Claudia’s Santa Paws Christmas Dog Cookies Review
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