How to Choose the Best Natural Organic Cat Food

Natural organic cat food is more available than ever before. It centers on offering healthier alternatives for healthier cats. With so many preservatives and genetically-modified foods, it is understandable why you would want to switch to natural alternatives. The problem with synthetic foods is not spotted right away. It is in time that you will see the effect of cat foods which are full of hormones and antibiotics.

What is natural organic cat food?

You might be wondering if natural organic cat food is better than regular food. But what is it? Natural organic cat food has to be made under certain regulation. It has to be grown in a particular non-chemical manner and it also has to be processed without any chemicals.

Natural organic cat food needs to be grown without pesticides. This means that regardless on the food type, manufacturers are not allowed to use pesticides in the growing process. This issue is starting to be increasingly important as evidence shows that some pesticides can have a negative effect on the long term health of animals.

Natural food sources need to be free of preservatives if they want to be categorized as organic. Since there are so many foods on the market, it might be difficult to find a solution which does not contain any preservatives. The simplest way to avoid these foods is to look for organic foods which are strictly regulated and can need to be made without any preservatives. This doesn`t mean your natural food for cats can`t last long, it all depends on the manufacturing process and the types of food.

Another important aspect of natural organic cat food is that it`s not allowed to be genetically modified. With so many manufacturers trying to produce more and more foods while minimizing losses, genetically modified alternatives might be better for them but it is actually bad for your cat in the long term. These types of foods can be responsible for irreversible damage to the body and this is why organic foods don`t allow these sources either as final products or as ingredients.

Cat food which is labeled as organic cannot come with synthetic hormones. These hormones are added to make the food grow faster but they can hurt the pet in the long term. It can cause heart and weight problems plus other immune system issues which are still being studied. It is important to consider that all of these synthetic hormones are harmful to humans and pets alike. This is why buying organic foods is one of the few methods of ensuring you won`t be doing a detriment to your cat.

Proper nutrition for healthy cats

So what does a cat need to eat? Much like humans, cats should be eating a varied pallet of foods. Meats, vegetables, carbohydrates and fiber play an important role in the health and vitality of the cat.

Some complex food sources offer a combination of ingredients which are beneficial and offer a full range of nutrients. For example, it is not unusual to find a product which contains chicken, potatoes, peas, fat, spinach, carrots, apples and eggs. These types of combinations offer one of the simplest approaches to a balanced diet plan. Together with water, it can represent a good solution for daily nutrition. Potatoes offer a good source of carbohydrates which are considered a great source of energy. This means they are quick to absorb and can be a good energy source to fuel the day. Unlike protein, carbohydrates take a faster time to digest and can be a great combination with meats for a complex meal.

Carrots offer a good source of fiber which is essential for a healthy digestive system. They also come with vitamins and minerals which can boost the immune system. Apples represent a good source of natural sugars and can be an added ingredient for optimum energy levels. Another complex ingredient in natural cat foods is the egg. It is known that the egg comes with one of the most complex proteins you can find and it is also cheaply available. This type of protein is also fast to digest than meat proteins and can represent a good solution for a quick meal even on its own.

The protein in the chicken is the building blocks of muscle and support daily activities as well as brain functions. The proteins are essential to a healthy cat, which in a natural environment focuses almost exclusively on these types of foods.

How is the food made?

The manufacturing of these ingredients into natural organic cat food needs to follow some basic rules. In its most simple form, the food needs to be free of any synthetic chemicals processing. A simple way to prepare these foods is by applying different heat treatments.  This old-school way of processing is still one of the safest methods for long-term use.

Cat food is also subject to purification. So, vegetables, for example, can be a good option for this process even if it limits the influence on the final result. Hydrolysis is another way in which organic foods can offer a complex product. The process basically adds water molecules which can then be separated and made into a powdered food and then added to a final product.

To choose the best natural organic cat food you will need to specifically look for foods under the organic section. The labeled products need to prove they are actually made following these guidelines and this is why it is recommended for the long-term health of your cat. If you`re unsure about the food processing you can always directly ask the manufacturer. These organic companies are usually more than happy to share their experience with the customers since they are focused on quality products. If you want to stay away from preservatives, synthetic hormones or other harmful chemicals you need to start looking for organic products which are superior for the overall health of your cat.

How to Choose the Best Natural Organic Cat Food
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