How to Choose a Wooden Dog Crate

If you`re looking to buy a wooden dog crate you probably value aesthetics and design above everything else. These crates are probably the most beautiful options you can find on the market and are a great addition to your home as they can even be made with similar materials to your furniture.

Top features in a wooden dog crate

These crates are created to serve multiple purposes. Some of them can even act as coffee tables also. This is why it is important to consider some of their features before any purchase.


With such solid designs, ventilation is among the top features you should be looking for. There are many designs which offer plenty of front, back and lateral ventilation. This are the crates you should be looking for since they increase the comfort of your pet but they also prevent smells and offer and are easy to clean.

Removable trays

Removable trays are indeed one of the best features of wooden dog crates. They make cleaning easier and they save you time also. You can quickly clean them in the bathroom or with the vacuum and place it back into the location in a few minutes.

Fully open door

These types of crates can come with a door which fully open and stay this way. This is a good method to allow your dog to get used to the crate and it creates an open environment for your pet to get in and out at all times.


Since the designs of the wooden dog crates are so versatile and sturdy they can serve multiple functions. Most of them come with a flat top which means you can store your favorite collectibles on the crate. But they can also serve as coffee tables or spaces to keep books, keys or other objects around the house.

The wooden dog crates are the perfect solution if you want a stylish option which can fit in your home and match the furniture. Since they are more expensive than plastic dog crates, you will want to look for a wood and a stain or color which matches your furniture. The good news is that the crates are also much more durable than plastic alternatives. So even if you spend more up front you might actually save finances in the long term.

The various wooden dog crates on the market usually vary in size, weight and design. This is where the size of your dog will come into account. You don`t need the largest crate if you have a small dog. But it is also important to note that the crates are quite heavy and can be hard to move by one person. This is why you need to find a design which works for your needs and if you live alone you might need to keep the crate in a fixed position more often due to its weight. But with such a sturdy and beautiful design, you can`t go wrong with these types of crates.

How to Choose a Wooden Dog Crate
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