A handy Pinecone Snack – Your bird will go nutts
A Pinecone Snack – The traditional pine cone feeder
Avian Lollipops – Birds just love to chew, lick, and nibble these sweet glazed treats, and they are sure to keep your pet entertained for hours.
Bagel Delight – It tastes great and is easy.
Beak Smackin’ Peanut Butter and Honey Squares – My parakeets love it. For larger birds such as conures you may add some small fruit pieces. These treats DO NOT take the place of a daily meal and should only be served 3-4 times a week.
Bird Cupcakes From A Blender – These tasty cupcakes contain sweet potato and fruit purees and call for you to use your pet’s own food, so you can be sure they will be nutritious.
Birdie Bars – This sweet, sticky mixture makes the perfect snack bar for your pet bird.
Biscotti for Birds – This tasty treat uses your pet’s own commercially prepared food to make an appetizing biscotti treat.
Broccoli Pop – Bird seed spread on broccoli.
Conure Delight – My conures love it, especially on those cold winter nights!
Eganna –
Frosted Peanut Butter Carrot Cake – This decadent cake is delicious and perfect for any special occasion.
Fruity Mutie – Your birds will go bonkers over this
Keet & Kiwi The Parakeet`s Fruity Slush – A Tasty Slush Your Parakeets Will Go Crazy Over.
Kikis Little Boat of Paradise – A treat with carrots, peanut butter, and seeds.
Molly`s and Murley`s favorite treat – A sweet treat for you parakeet.
Peanut butter pine – A yummy pine-cone treat for your feathery friends!
Seed Banana O’s – A yummy treat for birds.
Trail Mix Cookies for Birds – These thick, sticky, and chewy cookies are made from real fruit, nuts, peanut butter, and honey.
Waffle Sticks – The recipe was originally designed as a way to use up leftover pancake batter.

Homemade Bird Treats Recipes
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