3 layer Banana Cake for Gerbils and Hamsters – This cake will bring delightness to your gerbil or hamster.
A Guniea Pig’s Dream – This is a great breakfast for your guniea pig.
A Rat’s 2 layer Birthday Cake – This a simple cake to make.
A Recipe for Rats, Mice, Hamsters, and Gerbils – This is a main food that I feed my animals everyday along with many Yogies treats.
A salad for Guinea Pigs – A salad your guinea pig will love
Dinner Deluxe for Guinea Pigs
Gerbil Birthday Cake – A healthy cake for you pets birthday or other special occasions
Guinea pig salad with dressing – Exellent healthy treat for guinea pigs. Only feed ONCE A day!
Little Pet Cookies – Good for hamsters and gerbils.
Munchy Gerbil Salad – Your gerbil will fall in love with this delicious salad!
Nummies – A yummy meal that will aid in keeping the teeth trim.
Rabbit Recipe – A simple recipe for your rabbit
Ratti Patti – This hamburger (no meat included) is great for rats, mice, hamsters, or any kind of rodents.
Rodent Pizzas – You are the chef for this tasty recipe for your hamster, gerbil, rat or other pet rodent. Each rodent will love their pizza.
Rodent Taco – A taco for your little friend.
Salad Roll Up – A great treat for guinea pigs.
Sugar Glider Fruit Feast – A meal for your sugar glider.
Sunflower Salad – Your hamster will love this salad. Mine did!!
The Best Rat Food – This recipie is great if you run out of your regular kind of food.
Tiny Mammal Main Course (TMMC) – The TMMC is a meal for all kinds of rodents!
Veggie Sticks – A treat for you hamster or guinea pig.
Yummy Yummy! – An easy and tasty recipe.

Homemade Rabbit & Rodent Meal Recipes
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