Amanda’s Grain Mix – A crunchy, tasty, blend of grain just right for horses.
Apple Candles – A treat in an apple
Applesauce Mix – Apple sauce, carrots and oats.
A Sweet Treat – A treat for a horse who will love you for ever
Ben and Paddy Biscuits – A yummy treat for any horse
BJ and PJ’s B-day cake – A birthday cake your horses are bound to love.
Carrot & Apple Num-Num – It’s num-num in your horses tum-tum!

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Carrot Cake – For your horse
Chief Craveable Carrots – A wonderful and inexpensive way to make ordinary carrots even tastier.
Colorful Tasties – These colorful treats are sure to lighten your horse’s spirits!
Dancer’s horsey salad – This salad uses grass, oats, lettuce, apples, and turnips.
Fruit and Vegetables Salad – A great recipe full of vitamins. We highly recomend it, our horses just love it.
Health Food Salad – A delicious healthy salad that your horse is guaranteed to absolutely love!
Healthy Horse – Everything a horse/pony loves all in one treat.
Horse Munchies – A treat with apples, brown sugar, and oatmeal.
Horse Popsicles – A tasty treat to cool your horse down! Very simple!
Horse Smoothy – A great treat or a way to give your horse their meds. and/or brand mash!
Horsey Grub – It a mixture of chaff bran barley and oats.
Horsey Mix – This should be good. Try my other recipes: Apple & Carrot Num-Num and Applesauce Mix!
Justice and Lee’s Homemade Tasty Treats – Cookies for your horse.
Lucky’s and Gypsy’s orange cookies – yummy treat that keeps the flies away and full of vitamins
Mauri the Mare’s Mmmm Molasses Cookies – A healthy tasty cookie for your horse.
Oreos sweet feed treats – My pony loves these (with peppermints)
Sara`s Tasty Treats – An easy tasty treat
Sticky Stuff – Your horses will love it, mine did.

Homemade Horse Treats Recipe
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