Is CBD Oil Approved By Vets? Veterinarian Recommended Cannabis

In the United States, over $32 billion dollars are spent on routine, chronic and emergency veterinarian care for dogs alone. This number includes both the visit to the vet and all medications, prescription and over the counter. Constant developments in treatments that are available are always coming. One of these new treatments is actually a very old one. Cannabis and its numerous benefits have been known for a very long time. The problem with using the oil and other cannabis products for your dog may not always be availability or even with the vet. There are other pressing issues at hand.

What May Prevent a Vet From Suggesting CBD Oil?

The veterinarian must follow strict standards and guidelines which are decided on by the laws in the state he lives in as well as the local area in which he practices when it comes to canine CBD oil. If he is working with a group of doctors he may also have to abide by the rules that were agreed on by the entire practice whether he agrees with them entirely or not.

Every state has different laws regarding products containing cannabis of any kind, even the products that contain CBD derived from hemp and not marijuana. If a veterinarian violates those laws he could be arrested, fined or put in jail. He may also lose his license to practice medicine as well. That would mean his years of school and training and the expense that is associated with them would be wasted.  In the strictest states, the mere mention of these products can result in a criminal investigation.

What Kind of Vet Would Be More Likely to Say Yes to CBD Oil?

What Kind of Vet Would Be More Likely to Say Yes to CBD Oil

Legality aside, there are some vets that are more likely to suggest or recommend CBD oil to pet owners. These are usually the holistic vets or vets that believe they need to treat the whole animal and not just the disease or condition. Vets who are newer to the practice and vets who are independent may also be more willing to make that suggestion than other vets.

It is important that you talk to your vet about your desire to use CBD oil especially if your dog is being treated for something already. Even if your vet is not a fan, he needs to have the entire picture to continue to accurately treat your dog.

Preliminary studies show that CBD oil and edibles can help make traditional treatments work even better. For instance, using CBD oil during chemotherapy can help the drugs deal with cancer while also strengthening the immune system, attacking the tumor and starving it of energy and stimulating the dog’s appetite so that he continues to eat to maintain his strength. It can also make him feel calmer and reduce his pain during and after treatment.

What Kind of Vet is Likely to Disapprove of CBD?

Some old school vets may not be interested in learning about new treatments especially ones they consider to be “hippie” medicine. Some may be concerned about the legality of CBD and may be too worried to even discuss it with their patients.

Sadly, there is another group of veterinarians that are not really in the practice for the dogs but rather only for the money. These vets might be reluctant to suggest anything that would not make money for their practice. If they cannot stock the cannabis-related products on their shelves they are not likely to suggest it.

Instead, they are going to offer lesser quality medicines and supplements that are not going to have as many benefits for your dog. Even worse are the vets that get money from pharmaceutical companies for prescribing certain medications. If you look around and see tons of information about a certain drug and the doctor refuses to consider even discussing another option, he is likely getting some type of benefits. These are not good people and are certainly not good doctors.

Your Rights as a Pet Owner & CBD Oil

Even if your veterinarian disapproves of CBD oil, you still have the right to try it for your pet. In the case of a vet that is very negative about it, you might consider looking for a doctor that listens to your concerns and respects your final decisions, but that is also your call. In the end, doing whatever is right for your dog may be something that other people are going to be unsure about. A dog that is ill or has a chronic condition deserves all of the comfort and relief that you can give him. If that comfort comes from CBD oil, then that should be good enough for everyone.

You always have the right to make the final decision for your pet. You are his voice. You are his advocate. He is counting on you to make your decision and then to stick to it without being dissuaded by someone just because they are a doctor.

Hopes for the Future of CBD Oil with Pets

There is a growing number of vets across the country that are looking for ways to change the current thinking about not only CBD but other cannabis products. Those vets are looking for ways to get new studies about the benefits in the mainstream so that more people can know the truth. They are also looking at ways to change the laws that will not let them prescribe these medicines to their dog owners. In areas where suggestions are possible, there are efforts to expand the knowledge so that more pet owners feel comfortable with trying the oil for their own pets.

As with anything, it is going to be time and effort. It is also going to be a fight against bureaucratic nonsense and corporate greed. Many of the battles being fought to bring CBD treatment forward for dogs is also being fought to give similar treatments to kids and adults with epilepsy, cancer and other conditions. Hopefully, in the very near future, the benefits of this supplement will be recognized.

Is CBD Oil Approved By Vets?
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