Is CBD Oil an Effective Solution for Cats with Anxiety

This is painful to say…it pains me to see pet experience anxiety. You can immediately spot anxiety in dogs, but it’s hard to notice it with cats.

Cats are viewed as calm and cool animals, unfortunately, most cat owners assume that their cats are fine. If your cat is having anxiety you will it see experience the following signs:

Grooming excessively
Scratching on the floor

Well, the cause of this happening is because of so many reasons such as noises or prolonged separation. And it won’t surprise you to see your cat sleeping more than unusual, eating less or even become seriously aggressive.

Never assume that your cat is doing well, always take your own time to observe changes happening around. The worst part about this is that treating anxiety can be a nightmare.

For that reason, you need to find an effective remedy that calms your cat down. If your cat stays with an anxiety problem for a long time, this may affect their overall health or even make the experience stress.

I know there are lots of conventional medicine that most vets recommend, but you and I know it won’t help a little bit. It may help for a little bit, but it’s not a long-term solution

The Real Solution to Calm Your Cat’s Anxiety

Hemp oil may be a buzzword you have been hearing lately and there’s reason for that.

Not only has it helped humans, but there’s a lot of evidence and studies that support every claim you hear on television or read on the internet.

Phyto cannabinoid-rich (PCR) hemp commonly known as PCP hemp may be the only thing you need to calm your cat’s anxiety.

You may have heard of the compound called THC and wondered if it will negatively affect your cat. No, the hemp plant contains a low level of THC about 0.03%, which means your cat will experience no side effects.

The main role of PCR is to stimulate the endocannabinoid system and it works with receptors in the body. The role of these receptors is to bring balance and make your cat experience therapeutic benefit.

And if you read more research, you will come to believe this claim.

How to Give the Dose?

You can always start with small doses of PCR to see how it affects your pet. If your pet responds positively, you can always adjust the dose.

Just make sure you don’t overdose the supplement, because overdosing may make it lose its effectiveness in the body. You are supposed to give the dose twice a day, in the morning and evening.

Note: before you buy any PCR, you must read the label to find the level of THC, certificate of analysis and method of extraction. These three things will determine if you are getting a quality PCR or not.


If you are a cat owner, monitor your cat often to find out if they have anxiety problems or not. It’s much easier to spot this condition in dogs, but much harder to see in cats. If you suspect anything is trying PCR for cats, it may be the only thing you need to get your happy cat back.

Is CBD Oil is an Effective Solution for Cats with Anxiety
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