The Meiying Wireless Dog Fence Review

Having a dog at home is, without a doubt, the best way to reduce stress. As an owner, you also have a great responsibility to ensure your pet remains safe. There are many ways to keep the dog from chasing a stray animal, follow an unknown scent, or go after a vehicle. The first idea that comes to my mind is fencing. Yes, fencing, but not the physical kind. For the past couple of decades, invisible fencing has become the most reliable way to keep the pet within the house or yard. The biggest advantage of an invisible fence is that we can keep the pet safe and not impinge on its freedom.

There are quite a few wireless dog fence brands in the market, but only a few deliver on their promises. The Meiying Wireless Dog Fence is one of the leading pet containment units that genuinely care about pets. The Meiying Dog Fence is simple, compact, affordable, and effective. Let’s find more about this wireless dog fence system.

Design and durability

The wireless dog fence system comprises of only two main components – the transmitter and the receiver collar.

The transmitter has a power port, on/off power switch and power indicator light on its left side, the (+/-) level adjust panel and a level display screen above it. Place the transmitter in a centralized location, 1.5 meters away from the floor. Metal doors or barriers can disrupt the radio signals emanating from the transmitter; hence do not place the transmitter in a room with metal doors. A single transmitter can support an unlimited number of receivers.

On the face of the receiver, you’ll find an on/off button and LED indicator. The contact points are on the sides. Make sure the contact points touch the dog’s neck when the receiver is fixed to the dog collar. Below the contact points is a small socket that acts as the charging interface. The receiver is powered by a 300 mA Li-ion battery that has 8 hours of working time and 12 hours of standby time.

The dog fence system has a minimum range of 20 meters and a maximum range of 500 meters. Interestingly, the Meiying System comes with 100 adjustable intensity levels. The Meiying can be used on any dog that’s older than 6 months and weighs 8lbs or more.

If the transmitter stops working, due to power failure or any other reason, the receiver will still work for about 12 minutes before shutting down. The Meiying Wireless Dog Fence package includes a transmitter, receiver, two rubber stoppers, two screws, four bark stoppers, a voltage tester, strap, power cord, and an operating guide and user manual.

How it works

The Meiying Wireless Dog Fence acts like any other pet containment unit. Switch the transmitter on by pressing the power button for about 3 seconds. The collar is designed to first issue a sound alert (warning) when the pet crosses the safe zone. If the warning tone doesn’t help, the receiver will deliver a mild static (shock) that’s absolutely harmless. On most occasions, the first static stimulation is enough to force the dog back into the safe zone. But, if the dog doesn’t respond, then the pet containment unit is designed to initiate static stimulation after a short duration.




Compact, Durable, Affordable, and Safe

No smart app

Range: min. 20 meters, max. 500 meters

Comes with 100 adjustable intensity levels

Receiver powered by 300 mA Li-ion battery

The receiver has an auto sleep function


The Meiying Wireless Dog Fence Review
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