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Pet Call System with 2-Way Video Calls, Game Mode and Home Alone Mode

You may not realize, but all pets, both dogs and cats, do miss you when you’re not in the house. With the launch of PetChatz PawCall, the need for your pet to withhold affection till you get home is over. This revolutionary gadget allows the pet to call you.

Yes, you heard it right. By just pressing a button, your pet can call and even have a video chat with you. The device also provides a two-way call and chat facility, which allows the pet owner to check if the dog or cat is okay. Let’s find out more about this innovative product.

petchatz review

Your Pet is Calling! — Description of the PetChatz PawCall

The PetChatz PawCall device lets your dog or cat call you, see you, and play with you. An owner’s voice and face can have a profound impact on a pet’s mood. When your pet is alone and lonely at home it misses you the most and yearns to hear and see you. With PetChatz PawCall you’re just a push of a button away. Keep in mind that the PetChatz PawCall comes with just the call button. To avail the video chat functionality you’ll have to buy the PetChatz HD.

There are two important elements of this gadget. The PawCall button and the PetChatz app. The 3 x 4-inch button has an adhesive on its back. It can be fixed on the floor or on a wall. The PawCall button is made of a durable material; hence no amount of pressing or pressure can damage the device.

Reasons to Buy the Petchatz PawCall for Dog and Cat Communication and Entertainment at Home

You retain the power to decide when the pet can call you. On the PetChatz app, you can program the time the dog or cat can call. When it’s time to call, the button will blink. Your dog or cat pressing the PawCall button will start the communication process. On the app, you’ll receive the message that your pet wants to chat with you.

Apart from the call mode, the PawCall also comes with a game mode. When the device is set in the game mode, the pet gets a treat every time the blinking button is pressed.

As stated above, you can add a visual element or the power of sight to this pet calling system by connecting the PawCall with PetChatz HD. Using bluetooth both PawCall and PetChatz can be connected effortlessly.

The functioning of the PawCall button can be configured, monitored, and adjusted with the app. The app can be installed on the computer, tablet, or smartphones.

The makers of this fantastic pet device are giving the pet owners unlimited call and chat time per day. You can chat with your pet any number of times.

To keep the pet entertained and occupied, the PawCall gadget has a third function called the Home Alone Enrichment function. This mode uses touch puzzles and other games to relax and entertain the pet.

petchatz reviews

Specs and Features of the Petchatz PawCall Video Chat Product

For a pet, be it dog or cat, the PawCall system is something to play with like any other toy. It’s great fun for the pet and the pet owner to train the pet to use the PawCall system.

The PawCall System makes it easy for the pet owner to get it set up and introduce the cat or dog to the system. They provide

  • 1 x PawCall Button
  • Training videos
  • Set up video
  • User Manual
  • Bluetooth connector
  • Call Mode, Game Mode, and Home Alone Enrichment Mode

Simply Pets PetChatz Review — The PawCall PetChatz Video and Game System Pros and Cons



Durable and easy to use

PawCall package doesn’t include PetChatz HD

Three modes – Call, Game, and Home Alone Enrichment modes

Uses Bluetooth to connect with PetChatz HD

Very useful PetChatz app

Unlimited chat time

Training video, setup video, and user manual


The PetChatz PawCall Review 2019
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