The History of CBD – Cannabidiol

CBD is currently becoming more and more popular due to its medicinal properties. This compound from the cannabis plant won’t get you high or buzzed; instead, it can help with a variety of ailments, from seizures and nausea, to pain and anxiety. So, what is the history of this compound? It turns out CBD has a long and rich history with humans.

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How CBD Began

Humans have been cultivating cannabis since 4,000 years BCE. In 1533, scientists and physicians began to study the medical benefits of cannabis. Early Chinese records show that hemp was a primary crop in the country, and techniques of sowing, cultivating, and processing hemp processed rapidly and became very advanced.

Records from 1533 show that King Henry VIII required that for every sixty acres of land, each farmer had to set aside a quarter acre for hemp cultivation. At the same time, in colonial America, it was also required for farmers to grow hemp. The constitution of the United States was actually drafted on hemp paper. In the following centuries, cannabis continued to spread and grow throughout the world and was widely noted for both of its industrial and medicinal effects.

Roger Adams and CBD

Although cannabis has been in use for thousands of years, the medicinal uses of CBD that are seen today are a more recent phenomenon. In 1940, American chemist Roger Adams isolated the CBD compound. He succeeded in extracting the compound, and in being able to study it independently from the rest of the plant.

In the 1950’s, once scientists extracted CBD and could prove that it was a non-psychoactive component of the cannabis plant, the study and subsequent legal battle for CBD began. In 1960, CBD was officially confirmed to be a non-psychoactive constituent of cannabis by Israeli organic chemist Raphael Mechoulam.

CBD Today

Now, almost 6,000 years after the cultivation of cannabis began, CBD is legal in all fifty states of the US, and the FDA has even begun to review CBD’s status as an official and legitimate medicine. Landmark events include 2003, when the United States government patented the first CBD-based patent and used the compound as a neuroprotectant. Under this, the first steps were taken for the FDA to approve CBD for medical use.

Today, companies such as King Kanine and Canna-Pet are manufacturing CBD lines for pets including products like CBD Oil and Hemp Dog Treats. Not only has the compound been able to benefit human beings, but it’s been found to benefit some of our beloved animals as well when it comes to ailments and health conditions. It is now common knowledge that the CBD compound is not psychoactive, and it will not get you high or buzzed; instead, this compound may play an active role in health and wellness, and it’s currently being studied to become its own class of medicine. Humans have always understood the benefits of hemp. Thanks to Roger Adams and the proof that CBD is not psychoactive, CBD has become legal and is being widely utilized throughout the world.

The History of CBD – Cannabidiol
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