CBD Oil for Great Danes – How Cannabis Hemp Tincture Can Help

Great Danes belong to the breeding group of working dogs, and their life spans are typically six to ten years. Unfortunately, due to their massive size, they tend to have a shorter life span than many other breeds of dogs. They are lovable, spirited, courageous, and dependable. With a physical and mental combination of excellence, Great Danes have a certain majesty to them that no other breeds quite possess.

Great Danes are also gentle and affectionate, making them the perfect family dog. They love being surrounded by people, and often forget about their size as they try to sit in laps or cuddle on the couch. However, Great Danes are susceptible to many of the health conditions that commonly affect dog breeds. Given their size, they experience many issues over their short lifetimes, including development issues and conditions that occur as they’re puppies. Luckily, CBD is a viable solution for some of these issues, and is an option that may help your dog with their health.

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Background of the Great Dane Breed

Background of the Great Dane Breed

The Great Dane originated in 14th century Germany, as Germans bred Irish Wolfhounds, Mastiffs, and Greyhounds, resulting in a combination of speed, height, and muscle. Great Danes were then used by the Royal Court to hunt deer, bears, and boars, and to protect the royal family as they slept. Hence, Great Danes have always been powerful, yet loving and protective, and are the ultimate gentle giant.

Conditions that Commonly Affect Great Danes

Bone Cancer

Otherwise known as osteosarcoma, bone cancer is very prevalent in dogs such as Great Danes. The first sign is lameness; take your dog to the vet immediately if they aren’t walking, as there’s a chance that something else is wrong. Unfortunately, this is a highly aggressive form of cancer, so early detection is pertinent.

Development Issues

Great Danes can develop incorrectly unless their food is prepared to an exact science. Too many supplements, protein, or calcium may cause them to have development defects. To be safe, you should check with your vet and see which proper nutrients are the ones your Great Dane needs.


When your Great Dane eats too much food or drinks too much water, or they exercise heavily after eating, bloating can occur. Bloating means that air or gas gets caught in the stomach, and then the stomach twists, which disables belching or vomiting. If left untreated, a stomach twist can block the normal blood flow to the heart. This is life-threatening, and it’s crucial that you take your Great Dane to the vet immediately if they are retching without vomiting, acting lethargic after eating, or excessively drooling.

Ear Infection

Due to their big, floppy ears, moisture can easily become trapped within Great Danes’ ears, and they can develop ear infections. They most likely have one if the ear is red or has a funny smell. Ear infections can be prevented by wiping the inside of the ear with a cotton ball and ear cleaning liquid.

Hip Dysplasia

Hip dysplasia is a disease that many large breeds suffer from. This disease occurs when the thighbone doesn’t quite fit with the hip joint. Most of the time, your Great Dane will not show any sign that they are in any pain even though they have hip dysplasia, but you can take X-rays to make sure.

Osteochondritis Dissecans (OCD)

This is a type of inflammation that occurs when bone separates from diseased cartilage, and unfortunately develops when Great Danes are puppies, at six to nine months old. OCD is found in Great Danes who receive too many nutrients when they’re young, so be careful what you feed them. Signs include lameness, a warm or swollen joint, or avoiding putting weight on one certain leg.

Separation Anxiety

Since Great Danes were bred to be loving and loyal pets, they can develop separation anxiety when they aren’t with their families. This is an issue with large breeds because of the destruction they can cause. Signs that your Great Dane has separation anxiety are endless barking, trying to escape, and uncontrolled bowel release.

How can CBD Help Great Danes?

How can CBD Help Great Danes?

Great Danes are big and loving, and it’s troubling when they are affected by these conditions. Luckily, there are many options that their owners can turn to, and this includes CBD oil. CBD is a viable option, and there are several ways that it may help with some of the most common conditions that impact Great Danes.

CBD has powerful anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving effects; if your Great Dane has hip dysplasia, arthritis, or pain in any of their joints, CBD oil may help soothe their discomfort and help them become active and playful again. CBD also helps control appetite and metabolism; using CBD oil may help prevent your dog from getting bloating or torsion in their stomachs. CBD may help regulate their meals and intake.

CBD also blocks serotonin in the brain and can help with anxiety. Since Great Danes suffer greatly from separation anxiety, CBD oil may help with this, and you have a way to soothe your dog’s worries as you leave the house to go to work, or go to school.

Things to Keep in Mind as you Treat your Great Dane with CBD Oil & Treats

While CBD is a viable solution for many dogs, including Great Danes, dogs are more sensitive and require a smaller dosage than humans. Given their size, it can be easy to forget that Great Danes need only a small amount. The exact amount will depend on your Dane’s condition, size, and strength of the oil. CBD is non-toxic and non-psychoactive, so there is no danger of causing an overdose; however, it’s recommended to be careful and to use structure, so take note of how your dog reacts.

If your Great Dane suffers from many of the conditions that tend to impact dogs, CBD is a viable solution. To be clear, it won’t get your dog “buzzed”; CBD is safe and not psychoactive. A lot of research has been conducted involving CBD and its benefits. Not only does it reduce stress, and help your Great Dane when you leave your house, but can also reduce inflammation throughout the body and help with their pain. CBD has been widely accepted as a safe and well-tolerated medicine for both humans and dogs.

CBD Oil for Great Danes
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