CBD Oil for Boxers – How Cannabis Hemp Tincture Can Help

That underbite.

That square, body head.

Those flopped over ears and slightly surprised expression.

Is there any wonder that we love the boxer? Is there any wonder that they love us right back?

Happy dogs that are happiest when they are with people and doing fun things, the boxer is a great addition to any active family but they have their health risks.

But, what if I told you that there is a simple and all-natural supplement that can help keep your boxer even happier and healthier?

Would you try it?

I bet you would.

Boxers are descended from a German dog breed called the bullenbeiser or bull biter and were originally used to hunt the big game animals. When they were brought to the US they came as military dogs because they do look like they could be imposing. Most boxer owners know the real deal though.

Boxers are super energetic and can be a little high strung. If they are going to be living in a house with younger children they have to be well socialized as early as possible or their playful antic could lead to injuries and misunderstandings. They can be too strong for some people if they are not leash trained and while they can be loyal some can get their feelings hurt and wander in search of a better person to love.

That’s how I came to be the surrogate owner of a dog named Queenie. More on that in a minute.

Boxers tend to be super healthy with only a few major health problems. Like other dogs they can quickly become overweight if they are allowed to eat at will. Fed regularly and in proper amounts the bouncy boxer usually keeps himself trim without any need for intervention.

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Boxer Health Issues and Problems

Boxer Health Issues and Problems

Boxers may have some health conditions but are typically healthy overall. They may face cancer, epilepsy and dysplasia but at slightly slower rates than other dog breeds of their size. For boxers, hypothyroidism is a bigger concern. The thyroid gland regulates a number of functions in the body including metabolism and weight control. For boxers, this condition can lead to sudden weight changes  (including gaining or losing substantial amounts of weight without diet changes). You may notice them drinking a lot more water than usual, vomiting and lethargy. The condition can also cause an irregular heart rate which may lead to fainting or dizziness and even may lead to sudden death.

Another risk is Boxer Cardiomyopathy a heart condition that although rare is very serious. It causes changes in the heart muscle which can cause the heart to beat irregularly. The dog may faint, feel overly tired and may die suddenly.

There may not be anything that can be done for some of these conditions but there is something you can use for your boxer if he has other conditions. Boxers tend to be energetic and sometimes that can get them in to trouble especially if they are bored or poorly socialized. Destructive behaviors like digging and chewing can be controlled with games, hidden treats and more frequent exercise but there is one more thing you can add that will help keep your boxer calmer and happier.

I will share that information in just a minute.

Officially, I’ve never had a boxer although I’ve always loved the breed. Unofficially, there was Queenie. She belonged to the town just about as much as she belonged to anyone. No matter what her owners tried to keep her home she was off and rambling, visiting here and there. I moved in and this dog was just my biggest fan right away. She wandered in my yard with me. My new neighbors thought this was my dog.

One night it was storming. I heard a crash and then there was something creeping along my legs in the dark. The smell of wet dog filled the room and this shaking boxer snuggled with me. I went out and found that she had headbutted my front door open and came to find me. For the millionth time I asked her if she remembered that she did not live here.

I know how easy it is to love a boxer. Her facial expressions were hysterical. She just had so much so say, all of the time.

No matter what breed, we love our dogs. We spend millions of dollars per year on food, toys, treats and medicine for them. If you asked a roomful of people to choose between medicine for themselves or their dogs you might be shocked to hear how many would treat their dog first.

I wouldn’t be shocked at all.

What I am going to tell you about dog medications shouldn’t shock you at all.

Not all of them are as great as they should be. In fact, certain types of medications can be downright harmful. Take pain meds for instance. Your dog has pain, you go to the vet and you get a pill to take the pain away. It is logical and it is what most people would be expected to do. No one wants to see their dog suffer.

But, the problem with most of the pain pills they give to dogs is simple: they are toxic even at lower doses. You see, everything goes through the digestive system and is broken down. Stuff that is not food is sent to the liver through the bloodstream. In the liver, harmful chemicals and toxins are filtered out and then sent to the kidneys to be filtered again before they go to the bladder to be eliminated from the body as urine.

It’s a highly effective system but pain pills can overstress the liver and kidneys leading to damage to these organs. Damaged livers and kidneys means a sick and miserable, possibly dying dog.

Sometimes the cure is worth the condition, right?

But, what if you don’t have to give those highly toxic pain pills to your dog to relieve some of the pain he is feeling? What if you were able to give him something all-natural and completely safe instead?

I bet you are shouting, SIGN ME UP!

I bet you are excited.

I bet as soon as I say CBD oil you scratch your head and say “huh?”

That’s right. CBD oil can help relieve pain and can do so many other things for your dog you will wonder why you didn’t start much sooner.  Let’s hear from these folks and then I will tell you more about it.

Stories: How CBD Oil Helped These Boxers

I’m Donna. This is Mitzi. She is 7 years old and was recently hit by a car. Old Mitzi loved to chase them and eventually she caught herself one. She was in pain and the vet gave her pain pills. She struggled to swallow them every time. They made her sick and they made her drowsy all of the time so she was miserable, even more miserable than she was when she got hit by the car. A friend of mine came over with CBD oil that she used for her own dog and told me to try it with Mitzi. A few days of regular use and Mitzi didn’t seem to be as miserable. After she was healed I kept giving it to her and she seems happy. If she is happy, I’m happy.

I am Gerhardt and this is Flocki, named after the very first Boxer in Germany. She is not a champion because she can’t focus on the training it takes to be a show dog but she is a wonderful companion and brings us so much joy here. If she could talk she would be a comedian. She is just that funny. The only problem I have ever had with this lovely dog is how anxious she gets during storms and certain holidays. The neighbors enjoy setting off fireworks for the Fourth of July and several other times of the year. When they get going I can see how upset Flocki is about it.

I tried CBD oil on the recommendation of Flocki’s holistic veterinarian. She said that Flocki’s anxiety could lead to other problems like upset tummy and could even cause her to have heart problems and seizures. The CBD oil was supposed to help the anxiety by making serotonin and some other complicated things that I could not fully remember. But, what I do know is this: Flocki is better now. The youngest neighbor child got his driver’s license and they celebrated with fireworks. Flocki pretty much ignored the entire scene and barely twitched her ear about it.

Meet Dondi.  Dondi is a 2 year old Boxer with a congenital birth defect called spina bifida. Part of the spinal column did not form correctly leading to weak, flaccid muscles in his back legs and some mobility issues. He also has bowel and bladder control problems and is forced to wear a doggy diaper in the house. His family have always carried him outside where he can roll around in the grass but as he has gotten bigger they have started using a doggy wheelchair and wagons to get him from here to there. Dondi uses CBD oil which prevents further damage from inflammation and keeps his appetite stimulated. It also seems to keep him from having problems with depression which is common in some dogs with disabilities.

Is There No Limit to What CBD Oil Can Do for Your Boxer?

Studies have proven that CBD oil is safe with no known toxicity levels. The number of benefits that it has been proven to provide grows longer all of the time. Those benefits include mental, emotional and physical improvements and it also helps systems of the body work better. You can even use CBD oil to help traditional medicine work more effectively so no. There may be no limit to what CBD oil can do.

I know what you are thinking.

If it works that great, why isn’t everyone using it?

The answer to that is pretty simple. The big companies that make the expensive medicines that we use for ourselves and our pets do not want us to use CBD oil even though it is all-natural, organic and safe. They use huge campaigns to make us afraid of it. They want to play up the name “cannabinoid” to conjure up images of pot smoking criminals. That’s right. They want you to be afraid that you are giving pot to your dog.

You’re not.

CBD oil is derived from hemp a member of the same family as marijuana. But hemp has very small amounts of THC which is not even the same type of THC that makes you feel high. You don’t get high from CBD oil. You can’t overdose on it. What you do get is better. Better health. A stronger immune system. A better appetite. Less anxiety. Less depression.


You would think that I would have some recommendations for something I talk so much about. What’s this? Oh yeah. I do!

My CBD Oil Recommendations for Boxers

The name of the company is King Kanine and the product line I like the best is King Kanine Kalm. Available in 3 concentrations ( 75, 150 and 300 mg.) it is simple to give and highly effective for a wide range of health concerns. It is all-natural and certified organic so you know you are not getting harmful pesticides and other chemicals. King Kanine Kalm is suspended in red krill oil which provides Omega 3 fatty acids and other beneficial nutrients as well.

Omega 3 helps treat inflammation caused by free radicals in the body and helps to repair the damage that they can cause as well.

There are other products from this company that I highly recommend as well. If your dog is prone to itching and hot spots, the King Kanine Soothe spray is perfect. It is a gentle, topical spray that will stop the pain and urge to itch almost immediately and may help to heal the areas faster.

Hemp For Boxer

CBD Oil for Boxers
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