CBD Oil for Yorkshire Terriers – How Cannabis Hemp Tincture Can Help Your Yorkie

They are the terror of the dog park.

You can see the giant dogs quake with fear when they show up.

Sure, they look like little dust mops with tiny feet but they can be aggressive little monsters especially if they get away with it once. They are the Yorkshire Terrier and they are either completely loved or completely feared. There is no middle ground with these dogs who are clearly unaware of their itty bitty size.

Even when they are scaring other dogs, don’t you just love them? Don’t you just want to give them the entire world including perfect health? I can help you give them the best health. The world giving is all on you.

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Who is the Yorkshire Terrier?

The breed comes from Yorkshire, an English town but may actually have Scottish roots. It is thought that the first of the Yorkies were smuggled in by Scottish immigrants. Originally much larger than the purse-sized dog we are familiar with, the older breed of terriers were used to hunt down and kill rats. Maybe this is why they still have larger than their size personalities.

Most members of this breed are either very laid back and calm or are super hyper to the point of being nearly manic. They can be okay with older children but tend to be snippy and nippy with younger children. They may also become unnaturally attached to a single person and will become obsessive and jealous over that poor soul to the point of attacking people who come near their person.

When they love you they are kisses and cuddles. When they don’t they are bites and scratches. Do not underestimate them. They may be small but their tempers can be Great Dane sized.

Overall, they are healthy dogs and tend to live a pretty long life. However, there are some serious health risks that you should know about owning a Yorkshire terrier. There are also other special needs that you have to be aware of as well.

Pricey Diets and Grooming Costs

Who is the Yorkshire Terrier

Many of the serious health conditions that face Yorkies are related to the stomach and digestive system in some way. Many of them require special diets to help them stay healthy or to prevent complications from existing problems. Others may be put on a special diet to help them prevent issues with their long silky hair. Proper nutrition is key to keeping the coat shiny and growing properly. A dull coat with a coarse or rough texture can be a signal that something is wrong, health-wise.

Speaking of their coats. Yorkshire terriers require daily brushing so their hair does not mat and tangle. Not to be gross or anything but you are aware that the long bits of hair on either side can drag through dirt, mud and well, let’s just say “other”, right? Think about that next time you pick Poopsi up for her kisses.

All of this adds up to a pretty expensive type of dog to own even when they are perfectly healthy. What happens when they are sick?

Conditions that Commonly Affect Yorkies

Large dogs are at risk for things like dysplasia and degenerative arthritis. These things can happen to small dogs but tend to be at much smaller numbers. For little dogs like the Yorkshire Terriers, the risks seem to be higher for problems with the eyes and the digestive/metabolic system.


More familiar as low blood sugar this malfunction of the endocrine system is pretty common in all small dogs especially the hyperactive ones. Due to an error in messaging, the body is flooded with insulin which can lead to weakness and fatigue, fainting, general weakness and may cause shock or even sudden death. It is important to control this condition with proper diet and close monitoring.

Liver Shunt

This is a hereditary condition that causes the blood flow to the liver to be impaired. It can lead to jaundice, seizures and muscular weakness. A damaged liver can lead to additional and more serious conditions. The liver is the body’s main defense against toxins. If the liver cannot filter harmful substances they can build in the body until the dog is slowly poisoned.

Retinal Dysplasia

Also hereditary, this condition causes the retina to develop incorrectly and can cause blindness and/or retinal detachment.

Legg-Perthes Disease

Unfortunately a fairly common, genetic disease among small dogs like the Yorkshire Terrier, Legg-Perthes Disease can cause problems with walking including pronounced limping and pain. It is a chronic and degenerative disease which means that it gets worse with time. It typically strikes the largest leg bone called the femur and leads to arthritis.

I hate to see a dog suffer, even an ankle biter that thinks he is Cujo.

Do you want to know how to help him out?

Would you like to help stop his pain and suffering?

Do you want him to be back to chasing the neighborhood cats and scaring full grown men?

Of course, you do.

I’m going to let you know the little secret that so many pet owners are already familiar with and loving in just a second.

In fact, maybe I will let the pet owners tell you their story first and then I will share my own plus my recommendation for this all-natural supplement that is nothing short of a miracle.

Stories: How CBD Oil Helped Their Yorkshire Terriers

I fell in love with a little Yorkshire Terrier at a park when I was a child. My mom wouldn’t let me have one for the longest time. On my 16th birthday, she brought a giant box into my room. It squeaked and the box tilted from side to side. I opened it and found the most adorable pair of deep brown eyes staring up at me. I named her Lady and she was such a precious thing. I snuck her into school a few times before we got caught. I took her everywhere with me. I had to leave her behind for my first year of college and I honestly thought I would die. When I got my first apartment the first thing I packed was Lady’s fancy dog bed and her dog dishes. She was coming to live with me. I noticed that she was bumping into things but I thought she just needed to get used to the new place. The vet said she was losing her vision in one eye and that it would cause problems with her depth perception. She was also moping around like she was in pain. I had read about CBD oil so I bought some and gave it to her and the moping stopped. She still has some problems adjusting to the vision loss but she is happy otherwise.

Here we have Victor. Victor is a 10 pound ball of fur and love but he has some issues with his appetite. For some reason, Victor just stopped eating one day. A trip to the vet revealed nothing. There was no physical reason for him not to eat. His teeth were fine. He had no blockages or any other condition. So, Victor’s owners looked for ways to stimulate his appetite somewhat. They needed to make him want to eat so that he didn’t lose too much weight. They used CBD oil and over the course of several days there was a dramatic change in Victor’s appetite and his overall disposition. Not only was he eating his food like normal he was back to scampering all over the house. He even chased a squirrel.

I am Danielle and this is Vixen. She is a 3-year-old Yorkshire Terrier and a pampered princess. I started noticing that she was limping especially in the early morning and whenever it rained. I thought she was too young for arthritis so I took her to the vet. He told me that she had Legg-Perthes Disease and that it was genetic. The pain she must have been feeling was terrible already and he told me that she would start hurting worse as time went on. I needed to do something to help my baby. Pain pills didn’t help and they made her nauseous. I looked for other solutions and even bought her a special dog bed to help her be more comfortable. I found CBD oil kind of by accident. It was worth trying and I am so glad that I did. Not only did it help with some of the pain it helped her keep her appetite and strength up as well.

These people have all found the value of CBD oil for Yorkies and the benefits it gives to their dogs. Are you ready to explore those benefits for your own beloved dog?

Let’s look at Arthritis in Particular.

Whether it is dogs, people or elephants, arthritis affects the joints in the same way and results in the same pain. It starts with inflammation in the joint which may cause nothing but a bit of stiffness at first. Left unchecked, the inflammation continues to damage the joints which leads to pain and deformity. CBD oil helps in two ways.

First, it gives rapid relief to the pain that is felt presently. Even a little reduction in the pain can be welcome but it looks like the pain relief might be more than just a small amount. In fact, many dogs with even advanced arthritis get nearly complete relief after a few doses of CBD oil.  Being able to move without pain can help with other issues like depression and loss of appetite. It is hard to get up and eat a meal when every step is the pain.

Second, it helps prevent arthritis from progressing by stopping the inflammation. Since inflammation is the cause of the damage that causes pain, this means that the pain will either not come back or may be greatly reduced.

Inflammation in the body can cause other damage as well. Nearly every disease and illness is caused when wayward cells called free radicals cause inflammation. Stress, illness and other factors can cause more free radicals to be produced. The more free radicals, the more damage they can cause.

I Have Recommendations – CBD Oil for Yorkshire Terriers

I’m sure that most of you know that this whole thing was leading somewhere and that eventually, we would get there. Well, here we are. I want to tell you about the products that I use in my home for my dogs. It is the same product that I tell my friends and family members to give to their own dogs. This isn’t something that I don’t believe in, you can trust me on that.

If my dogs get it, it is good stuff. That’s the facts, Jack.

The stuff I use comes from a company called King Kanine. Included in the product lines are oils, crunches, a spray and a balm. The crunches are little edible treats made with CBD oil and pure, organic ingredients. The oil, King Kanine Kalm is also organic and comes in three strengths, 75 mg, 150 mg and 300 mg.

The spray and the balm are used topically and are perfect for so many of the conditions that affects are dogs’ paws and skin. Whether they have a case of raw paws or a hot spot, these two products will help them to feel better, super quick.

CBD oil is derived from the hemp plant so it does not contain any psychoactive compounds. Your dog will not be high or stoned, just calmer and happier. It is all-natural and completely safe and better yet, it is completely legal despite some of the scary stories some people are sharing in hopes of keeping you from using this life-enhancing oil.

It is easy to give the oil to your dog. You can do it with the included dropper or you can mix it in with his food. King Kanine Kalm is suspended in red krill oil and is nutritious. No matter how you give it to him, your dog would thank you if he could.

Hemp For Yorkshire Terrierss

CBD Oil for Yorkshire Terriers
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