CBD Side Effects for Pets – Does Cannabis Hemp Oil Have Any Negative Effects?

Whenever you decide to start giving your pet any type of new supplement, it is always a good practice to research any of the potential side effects that may come along with that new supplement.  While CBD is extremely safe for your pet and is 100% non-toxic, it does all come from the same exact plant that people often smoke to get high, the cannabis plant. So the big question is, how safe is CBD for your pet and does it come along with any side effects that may harm them?  But before we can answer this question, you must first understand what it is that CBD is all about.

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CBD Explained

CBD, also referred to as a Cannabidiol, is a completely natural compound that is extracted from the cannabis plant.  CBD is actually the cannabinoid that is most abundant within the plant. These cannabinoids, once ingested, will then interact with your pet’s endocannabinoid system, and have a wide range of different therapeutic effects on them.

The ECS (endocannabinoid system), is responsible for your body’s ability to maintain its homeostasis.  This means that your pet’s ECS is what keeps them in a balanced, natural condition. Studies have shown that when CBD is introduced to your pet’s ECS, it will help to support that balance.  All CBD is considered to be non-toxic, safe, and this particular cannabinoid only contains minimal amounts of THC, so won’t get your pet ‘high’.

When it comes to CBD for your pets, there are many different forms available.  You can use CBD oil drops that are easily added to your pet’s food or water, and can even be administered orally.  Then you have CBD pet treats that have already been infused with a certain amount of CBD. These can easily be given as a regular pet treat.  Finally, you have CBD capsules that are easy for traveling with, and can quickly be administered and come in very accurate doses.

Benefits of CBD for Your Pets

As of late, there has been a lot of research that has been done on the effects that CBD has on animals.  While the research is ongoing, all of the results so far suggest that any form of CBD is a useful treatment that can aid in a range of different ailments.  In fact, some of the ailments that CBD works best to treat include:

  • Anxiety
  • Allergies
  • Chronic Pain
  • Tumors and Cancer
  • Arthritis
  • Loss of Appetite
  • Hip Dysplasia
  • Digestive Issues
  • Inflammation
  • Inflammatory Bowel Disease
  • Pain Relief
  • Mobility Problems
  • Join Pain Relief
  • Seizures
  • Pancreatitis
  • Skin Conditions
  • Epilepsy

The main reason that most pet owners prefer to use CBD as their main form of treatment is because CBD is a completely naturally occurring product.  

Is CBD Safe for Your Pet?

CBD as a treatment and health supplement for your pet is considered to be very safe.  There have been extensive testing done and the benefits definitely outweigh any negative side effects that may occur.  While there is no official FDA suggestion in regards to CBD, there is also no evidence pointing to CBD as being harmful for your pets, or even you.

Can my Pet Overdose With CBD?

While many think that anything having to do with cannabis will get you or your pet high, this is inaccurate.  In fact, CBD is not psychoactive at all. This means that it will not cause your pet any kind of high. Since it is all natural and non-toxic, there is no chance of your pet overdosing while they are using CBD.  

With that being said, as with any type of supplement, you will eventually get to a point where administering even more CBD will produce no more beneficial effects. This means that you should always start by giving your pets smaller doses of CBD at first, and then monitor how they react and the effects that it has on them before you increase the dosage to a higher one.

Side Effects of CBD

While many studies have identified all of the health benefits of incorporating CBD, these same studies have also revealed that CBD has no serious risks or side effects associated with it either.  There are some side effects, however. They are only minor and will not have a huge impact on your pet. Some of them include:

  • Dry Mouth – CBD can cause your pet to experience dry mouth.  It has been proven that CBD does have an affect on your pet’s ability to produce saliva.  Just be sure that your pet has access to plenty of water when taking CBD products and treatments.
  • Lowers Blood Pressure – With the higher doses of CBD, there is a chance that it can temporarily cause a drop in your pet’s blood pressure.  While it is considered to be a small drop, there is a chance that it can give your pet a light-headed feeling.
  • Drowsiness – If your dog suffers from panic and anxiety, CBD is a great treatment option.  CBD has a natural calming effect, which can also cause a feeling of drowsiness in your pet.  This is more common with higher doses of CBD however.
  • Inhibition of Drug Metabolism – With higher doses of CBD, it has been reported that there is an increased chance of in habiting your pet’s liver enzymes.  All this would do is interfere with your pet’s metabolism of certain drugs. So if your pet is already on some other type of medication, it is best to speak with your veterinarian before you start giving them anything containing CBD.

When you do go to purchase CBD products for your pet, be sure to ask yourself the following questions:

  • Is this organic?
  • What is the lab analysis saying?
  • Is this product too cheap?

By asking yourself these three questions, you will be ensuring that you do only get a quality product that your pets will love.

Incorporating CBD products into your pet’s daily nutritional regimen is a great idea to help keep them healthy, as well as to help treat certain symptoms and ailments.  Just be sure that you always consult with your veterinarian prior to getting started to make sure your pet stays safe.

CBD Side Effects for Pets
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